7. Reiki Chronicles

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“Everything Around Me Just Felt Good.”

Aura is an energy field surrounding a body. Every living being has an Aura. To many people, the Aura Cleansing may sound mysterious,  although it should be a part of our daily cleaning routines like the shower or brushing the teeth.

Because each living being is connected to its surroundings, even plants and animals, the energy field can be influenced negatively by the environment and becomes blocked.

Our Aura can also harbor the energies of undesirable thought-forms such as negative self-talk and self-images, and negative unprocessed emotions. Also, drugs or even food can also influence the Aura negatively.

The Aura Cleansing removes all negativity, toxic influences, and blockages, and the energy can flow free again.

Image: Pixabay, Ideal Aura Image around the Human Body

If we allow the blocks to remain in the energy field, the Aura becomes weakened. As a result, susceptibility to negative energies develops; more negative energies become attached to the Aura, making us feeling tired, fatigue and depressive moods arise. We feel oppressed or exhausted. The Aura Cleansing brings us back to more vibrant, balanced and happy ourselves.

There are several methods of Aura Cleansing. The cleansing can be done in 1-in1-session by sweeping the Aura by hands, but also a remote cleaning is possible.

Both methods should be done by a Practitioner. Generally, no more than two layers of the aura should be cleaned in one session or day.

During the healing process of Reiki Distant Healing described in Dennis’ protocols, I added the Aura Cleansing following a few sessions that included the Chakra Cleansing. The cleansing was done with Light and amplified by the acceptance and willingness to absorb each quantum of Healing by Dennis. Please, click here to learn more about Dennis Darragh.

Dennis’ message 7-20-19: “Today was a completely different experience altogether a lot of it had to do with me. I just couldn’t find the right place during the chakra cleansing. I was interrupted which aggravated me and made it hard to connect. I don’t know if you felt the struggle going on but I was interrupted again, and was screaming we got cows to the point it was almost comical, I never did find the calm or the blue I do believe it was from the interruptions.”

My response 7-22-19: “Hey Captain Trike!! I’m sorry to hear. Distractions are for sure not beneficial. However, I think the main reason was my delay. I apologize for that! Last night I could not fall asleep for a long time. It was around 2 or 2:30 am when I finally did. I slept in and woke up at 5:15 am. I didn’t hear the alarm at all, and started to channel at 5:20 am.

I did the Chakra and the Aura cleansing. But we will redo it for you need to do your part.

Please, let me know if you can tomorrow at 11 am as usual. If not tomorrow, Tuesday?

Sending much Love, Light, and Healing to you and your loved ones! Aloha, Jenna”

Dennis’ Protocol 7-22-19: “Amazing! Truly a different experience. I went and laid down a few minutes early to breathe. During the Chakra Cleansing, I had the vision in and out. I was breathing and the vision I was getting was the same vision of me silhouetted and it was all smoking no flames.

Image: Pixabay, Cleansing out Gray Smoke

It came and went as my normal focus battle ensued. I called out about the cows several times and they were there in the vision spinning in the tornado but smoking not burning like the last time. Thoughts of smoke being the product of fire entered my mind and I thought about fire. I have been to war with fire.

I was a volunteer fireman as a young man and worked as a paid fireman for 2 years during my separation from my father’s business for 4 years. Fire is nature’s way of removing or maybe you could say culling life and making way for rebirth and growth. And then I realized I was in analytic mode my eyes popped open it was already 11:20.

Then I was trying to feel the Reiki energy and find the calm and peace and it felt different. It was still a chore to focus and I was in and out of the calm and using the cows or the stop sign to slow things down. I got really close a couple times and lost it right at the moment I felt I was about to drift. I decided to let the cows fly LOL and when I didn’t try to force it. I immediately fell into a downward drift that felt like a good thing like I was descending in the ocean as I do when I am scuba diving and my vision was the reef coming into view as I descended which always is a beautiful thing to me and a happy place.

Image: Pixabay, Ripple Effect of the Cleansing

I just kept drifting and was good. Everything around me just felt good. But I started to think again and I reached out, crazy but I really reached out with my arms and felt for the energy and It was like a, I dunno, I sort of demanded to feel it and it was there and then I was sitting up and I was tingling all over like the first session we had. Then I am not sure how long I sat there but before I knew I was up it was 1:04. I was feeling good, energized and happy.

And I immediately was trying to figure all of it out and I said to myself, you don’t need to understand all of it now, maybe never, maybe I will understand it someday but for now, I am grateful it is happening. I need to feel the healing energy and be grateful and accept it to make a true difference in my being physically and mentally. Hmmmmm I see a common thread and am aware ~~~ grateful.

The Secret! Hmmmmmmmmmm

I actually feel better physically. I am working out regularly and have lost 20 pounds since the stent was put it the first week of April.

Normally, I would be medicating heavily due to all the physical movement and I am using less THC due to the mandatory government requirements at the moment which I would think would be making my pain level rise. But I am managing it well and the only thing I can attribute that too is the Reiki and my desire in combination with your desire to heal and it is all coming together.

PHEW I am truly amazed Thank YOU”

My message 7-24-19: “Just read your update! Awesome! Sending you back goosebumps!

You utilize all I send and make huge progress! Huge steps, Dennis!

I’m working with the intention of erasing or healing the root cause of all your symptoms in all your energy bodies, and relationships. Business is also a relationship.

I’m amazed at how great you are! Awesome job! So grateful we are CONNECTED and have this experience together!

One idea: if you need my assistance during the day (my day, have to be awake I guess) then think of Reiki and call me by your heart. I will send you DKM (Dai Ko Myo) the Master Symbol. It includes everything and does everything. I felt immediately attracted to it when I started with Reiki symbols. I learned it before I was allowed to use it 🙂

I do this already. Sometimes when I think of you I feel to send you Reiki and do it.

See you tomorrow at 11 am (for me at 5 am)!

Sending much Love, Light and Healing your way! Aloha, Jenna”


I hope you enjoyed this part of the Reiki Chronicles and are ready for more. There will be more 🙂 I hope you greatly benefitted from it!

I would love to read your comment under the post! Please, also if you have any questions or would like my support, let me know!! I’m there for you!

Sending much Love, Light and Healing Energy your way!

Aloha, Jenna




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