Growing Myself!

  My Money Blueprint – Insights About Attracting Money and Abundance, Part III The Self-Growth became very important to me in the last 25 years. Before that, I quite often thought about finding a psychologist and talk. But I never did. There wasn’t any pressure to do it, even though I felt that something is […]

Let’s Talk About My Money Blueprint

    My Money Blueprint – Insights About Attracting Money and Abundance, Part II In Colette’s book money was the central topic. So I started to analyze my values including my experiences, especially with the focus on money. Yes. I could see it very clearly. Money was never really an issue for me. Why? I […]

Learn From Excellence!

Model Skills From Interesting People! Modeling is the primary discipline of neuro-linguistic programming (Short: NLP). If you look at the history of the NLP on the previous blog, you can see that all these strategies and techniques have emerged from observing and imitation of the outstanding people. The main principles are: Watch and understand why […]

Utilize NLP For Self-Growth

Brief Introduction To Neuro-linguistic Programming   Neuro-linguistic Programming – or short NLP – was developed in the 1970s, mainly by Richard Bandler and John Grinder at the University of California. The starting point was developing a method that would help to improve personal development and social communication in an easy, fast and profound way. The […]

The Missing Link, The Best Brainwave Entrainment And Meditation Program

The Missing Link Works Holistically   In the first part of this blog, I shared with you my story of missing a link in my life, until The Missing Link, the best-tailored brainwave entrainment and meditation program on the market, suddenly showed up in my life. Coincidence? No. There is no such thing as a […]

Are You Missing a Link For Your Great Breakthrough?

Here You Will Find It! The Meditation Program, “The Missing Link”     Missing Something On My Journey – Prolog to The Missing Link Have you ever felt or thought that you miss something significant, something very special that you need to understand, to move on, to be able to climb up the next level […]