Learn from Excellence!

  Model Skills from Interesting People! Modeling is the primary discipline of neuro-linguistic programming (Short: NLP). If you look at the history of the NLP on the previous blog, you can see that all these strategies and techniques have emerged from observing and imitation of the outstanding people. The main principles are: Watch and understand […]

Utilize NLP for Self-Growth

  Brief Introduction to Neuro-linguistic Programming Neuro-linguistic Programming – or short NLP – was developed in the 1970s, mainly by Richard Bandler and John Grinder at the University of California. The starting point was developing a method that would help to improve personal development and social communication in an easy, fast and profound way. The […]

What-if-Wonder – Manifest Your Desires, Solve Your Problems

  Experiment with the What-if-Technique Do you wonder sometimes how you or your life would change if you would have certain things, abilities or skills, or if you would do certain things in a certain way? How would it be? What would change? You can transform your wondering into a technique. Neuro-linguistic programming known as […]

Zen12! Complete Your Meditation In 12 Minutes a Day!

  Miraculous Brainwave Meditation Program For A Busy Life My interest in the meditation woke up when I was a teenager but it took me years to start to meditate on a regular basis and to benefit more from the meditation. In the meanwhile I became a passionate meditator and learned and used different meditation […]

Best Self Healing Techniques For You: Heal Yourself!

  Best Self Healing Techniques For You: Heal Yourself: The Fast Track Did you ever think about healing yourself naturally? Simply healing yourself sitting in your armchair or recumbent on the sofa? It is possible for you to start your self-healing right now! What do you need for it? You need a quiet place where […]