Heal Yourself, Heal the World with Reiki!

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Reiki Is Universal and Present at all Time

Reiki is a non-physical and ubiquitous energy that has the power to influence our lives and to heal. It is known and used for many thousands of years. I Japanese it is called Ki. In China, this universal energy is called Chi, by several Asian Cultures Prana and in our western World the Holy Spirit. We all carry it in our bodies and are able to use it.

Image: Pixabay, Reiki

Rei means Universal, present at all time, everywhere as spiritual consciousness, omniscient wisdom from God.

Ki means Life Force, the vital energy that gives life to all living beings that can be activated for the purpose of healing.

Reiki is a very old healing art and the way we know it was developed by Dr. med. Mikao Usui – a scholar and Buddhist monk from Japan. He has rediscovered and prepared Reiki in a way that made it available to all of us as a gentle and very effective energy healing method.

Very briefly, Reiki can be seen as a natural relaxation method that harmonizes the overall energy balance in our energetic bodies and our physical bodies. Reiki means “life energy” and is usually practiced by the laying on of hands or by distance healing.

Reiki restores balance, strengthens and regenerates your body at all levels, leading to a physical, mental, emotional and mental balance. In this way, stress and, as a consequence, blockages in the body and the entire energy system are dissolved and the own self-healing processes are stimulated. The body can be self-healing and balance between body, mind, and soul.

Image: Pixabay, Reiki Symbols


What Does Weaken the Reiki Energy?

There are ten main things which weaken the Reiki Energy in us:

1 Too much alcohol

2 A poor diet

3 Lack of exercise

4 Drugs

5 Tobacco

6 Negative Habits

7 Stress

8 Poor breathing

9 Lack of sleep and rest

10 Negative psychic activity

Learning and applying Reiki you would regain the ability to heal yourself, gain more wisdom and living a more happy and successful life.


How Does Reiki Work?

You can imagine the Reiki energy as a beautiful deep blue water. If you pour water on a surface with holes and cracks, the water will automatically find its way into all those holes and cracks and fill them. Excess water will flow away on the sides. That’s the way it is with Reiki. Reiki finds the holes, cracks, and blockages – stress, tension, emotional trauma, etc., and gently flows in during the treatment until it fills in all holes and tears and heals.

Image: pexels-photo, by Gabriel Peter


The Success of Reiki Treatment is in Your Hands

The success of the Reiki treatment lies in the connection and cooperation between the Reiki practitioner and the Reiki recipient. The Reiki Practitioner is trained and able to direct the Reiki energy to where it is needed. He or she has a deep intention to help you with your health problems and/or other things. The task of the recipient is to have a sound intention to use the Reiki energy effectively and to heal.


Through the consciousness work! The thoughts and feelings are very closely linked and they determine who we are and how we feel. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to how you think and how you feel, especially during the treatment, but of course, best is to do it every time!

Image: Pixabay, Reiki Universal Life Force


If you can take the wind out of the sails of your fears, you get more rest and in this calmness lies the power. As Buddha said: “We are what we think.” Words have a tremendous power that we should not underestimate, whether you speak to somebody or say to yourself in thought.

Reiki is used as a holistic healing method, but also as a complementary method. Western medicine has finally discovered Reiki and uses it to heal stress, burn out, depression, energy, and listlessness, as well as mental and physical illnesses.
But important! Reiki does not replace a doctor’s visit!

What Can You Do with Reiki?

I learned Reiki in 2017 in a great online course. If you want to use Reiki for healing others I recommend this way of learning Reiki only if you already work as a practitioner or coach and have already gained a lot of experience with clients. If you want to use Reiki for self-healing, it is a GREAT way to learn, apply and practice it until you are ready to work with clients.
I had added Reiki to my coaching and hypnosis-coaching practice with Ho’oponopono and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and I absolutely love it !!

Image: by Nikki Zalewski, dreamstime.com

Reiki has changed my life already and it is continuing doing so. In the first year (Level 1) I practiced Reiki exclusively on myself and plants, with good success. I also learned to harmonize and heal inanimate things.

Perhaps my greatest achievement regarding applying Reiki was the restoration of my computer, which was given up by the computer experts and returned to me, broken. After two Reiki treatments on my computer, my computer has been running smoothly for almost two years. But I had also put my hands on broken vehicles and thereby supported my husband in car repairs.

Reiki can be used practically for everything, not just for healing. You can also work on your dreams, goals, tasks, problems and much more with Reiki. There are no limits! Use your imagination!

Where Can You learn Reiki? The Free Reiki Course

I highly recommend the course I attended myself: Free Reiki Course, where you can learn everything important about Reiki and how to use it. You can learn at your own pace to use Reiki. The course consists of three parts: Level 1, Level 2 and Reiki Master Level and is free. You only pay for the certificate if you want to own one. For a donation (or free) you will also receive attunements by long-distance Reiki. An entire Reiki library is to have under $ 100 and could be a great foundation for your entire home Reiki School.

Image: Free Reiki Course

In the following part of the blog, I like to introduce to you a Reiki Case Study. It is a Reiki long-term treatment that is progressing for about two and a half months. The recipient is a good friend of mine, Dennis Darragh. Thank you very much, Dennis, for our healing work together and your permission to publish your results!

Btw, Dennis is a really awesome guy who healed his cancer and is now healing his life or the parts of it that don’t work nicely yet. Please, read Dennis’ story here.

All descriptions of the Reiki treatment process are coming from Dennis’ hand. They are original and completely unedited as they flow out of Dennis’ inner just after the Reiki session. Please, click here to continue to read.

I hope you became curious and look forward to the next Reiki blog!

Sending much Love, Light and Healing your way!
Aloha, Jenna




4 thoughts on “Heal Yourself, Heal the World with Reiki!

  1. Jenna, I really liked reading your article about Reiki and you also have covered everything which needs to be said to know what Reiki is and to be intrigued to even learn Reiki and how it can be allied.

    I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and have learned about Reiki since 1996 and my personal experience with it since then is amazing, to say the least, personal and as a practitioner. I even could help a friend with an illness living in another country, so yes, Distance Reiki also does work.

    The only point I do disagree in your article is how Reiki can be learned and doing it online is not the way to go.
    I know, nowadays people do see things differently but for any hands on healing method the in class experience is essential and it can never be fully replaced in an online course.

    I respect everyone’s point of view to do what they think is best and this is ok.

    Thank you, Jenna, for this wonderful review on Reiki and we can so much do with it for ourselves, families and for the environment.

    Namaste, Sylvia

    • Thank you very much, Sylvia, for stopping by and reading! I’m aware of how much experience you have!!! And I really appreciate your opinion!!
      I would not recommend to a layperson to learn Reiki online. However, if one is a health practitioner or coach, and there is a lot of healing experience, I recommend to learn Reiki in the Free-Reiki-Course that I attended myself. For me, the Course turned out really well, and I already benefited greatly from Reiki.

      Everybody is carrying the Reiki-Seed in oneself. If there is an intent to learn it, and on the other side, if there is a Reiki Master Teacher and his or her intent to spread Reiki all over the world, who or what can block it?
      Especially for self-healing oneself – what is a GREAT thing to do -, it is better to learn Reiki online, then no Reiki at all!

      Sending much Love and Light and Healing your way!
      Aloha, Jenna

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