1. Healing Yourself!

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Example of a Reiki Distant Healing – Part I

I would like to share with you an amazing Reiki case-study, an example of how important the reconciliation between the Reiki practitioner and the Reiki recipient is, and in particular the self-healing intention of the recipient.

The Reiki Practitioner channels and sends Reiki – the medicine – with the focus on the best result for the recipient. However, the recipient must take the medicine, observe its effects and influence the results to their best.

A few months ago, I began with the Reiki treatment on a good friend, who was hit hard for health and at the same time completely unexpectedly his business went down up to 75%. His life went upside down. The situation was so bad that it almost could not get worse. If you want to learn more about Dennis’ story, continue on here.

I had just finished my Reiki Master training, but I dared and offered him a Reiki distance healing for the situation sounded really bad. My friend was not very familiar with energy healing modalities, but in that extraordinary situation, he was ready to grab any straw so as not to sink.

Image: Pixabay, Nature-Reiki

Find out how Dennis fared in each Reiki session!

You can really be amazed at what he has made of our Reiki sessions and how he has successively changed his life.

The following messages are the original messages we exchanged. My messages are shortened a bit focusing on the Reiki treatment. Enjoy Dennis’ completely unedited witness on his Reiki experience that he wrote down just after his session. Read here how it started:


Information Required to Send Distant Reiki Healing

My Message: “Aloha Dennis!!

How are you doing??

We talked about Reiki sessions and now could be the time for you to start. If you like.

For the Distant Healing, I need the following information:

Your full name and date of birth,

The address where you would be at the time of Distant Healing.

Your preferred time in the morning and evening where you could have 30 up to 45 minutes undisturbed time relaxing.

After you sent me the information, I will send you some instruction to follow.

Also will give you feedback after the session and probably some suggestions on what you can do to get better and better.

Sending you much Love and Light! Aloha, Jenna”


Dennis’ Response: The Reiki sounds great. I certainly feel as though I need something!

We talking Hawaii time or Florida time LOL I can do it almost any day as I make my own schedule. You are 6 hours behind me right? 6 am your time would be 11 am here then 11 at night is 6 there ??? Does it need to be 12 hrs apart???

You are right on time this time LOL

onward n upward”

The following day I received the information for the Reiki Session but we did not have scheduled our Reiki date yet. However, I had the intense feeling that it was urgent and decided to send Reiki without a scheduled appointment with Dennis.


Image by Nikki Zalewski, dreamstime.com

How Do You Get the Best Benefit from Reiki?

My message: “Aloha Dennis!
I sent you Reiki on Sunday morning 5 am cause you needed it urgently and Reiki sent is always working if there is a willingness to receive and heal, even though you didn’t lay down to absorb more of it. It was good you just let go “all that” for a while.

I will send you a one-on-one Reiki tomorrow morning at 5 am, your time at 11 am. Please, drink before and after a glass of water, and spend 30 minutes lying or sitting comfortably – choose what works better for you. You can keep your mind busy imagining healing (golden, fade yellow or blue) light around and insight of you. Choose a good place for the healing session without much light.

You may or may not see colors showing up on their own and have some sensations. Both ways are fine.
After this session, I will set up the Reiki Distant Healing for you that you will receive for the next four days after tomorrow (5-28th till 6-1st) in the morning and evening.

Please, send me your preferred time for it to set up and send at your time. In the current situation going on with your business, I would suggest picking your time just after you wake up and before you go to bed. It is fine if you fall asleep during the session.

Please, watch out for positive changes in the next days. Expect to improve your health and clearing of the situation and things getting better. It would be great you keep a notebook and write down 5 or more positive, uplifting and good experiences, feeling or thoughts every evening related to your health and the current situation.

Please, let me know how are you doing.

Please, let me also know if you wish any adjustments for the Reiki Sessions.

Sending Love and Light from Hawaii!

Have a beautiful holiday! Aloha, Jenna”


Image: Pixabay, Chakra


Dennis’ response: “Aloha and awesome
This was an amazing experience. I did feel an overwhelming of calm and I was prone and drifting in my mind trying to imagine the Big Blue. That is the ocean when it is calm. Then I felt that my hands were going numb and I realized that my whole body was feeling a sensation of tingling like if an extremity goes to sleep. I am not sure how long the feeling lasted but I then like all of a sudden it was gone and it was easy to be calm and drift then I felt awake and I was 40 minutes into it.

Right now I feel somewhat energized and hungry. LOL I haven’t medicated since 8 am so it’s not the munchies LOL
Thank you so much! So that time is great 11 and 11 my time. 5 and 5 yours! If that’s good for you! 

My mind was racing a few times as it usually does when it’s quiet but I did have thoughts of my kids and grandkids and then just how lucky I really am especially with Shirley who I only met 3 yrs ago!

My physical pain level was a little less after the session too. I had some good exercise this morning at cardiac rehab, lol. I am having more muscle pain at the moment as I had to cut down on the CBD due to an interaction with the Brilinta I am taking for the stent. 

I also wanted to tell you that backtracked in my mind to 11 am Sunday. I dio remember getting that feeling of calm. I was traveling in a car thru the forest in north Florida at 11 am Sunday NICE!
Thank you,
onward n upward”

This was the first Reiki session with Dennis. More astounding sessions will follow. I hope you became even more curious and look forward to the next Reiki blog with Dennis!

Sending much Love, Light and Healing your way!
Aloha, Jenna




10 thoughts on “1. Healing Yourself!

  1. Aloha my friend. I am truly thankful for you and the Reiki you have allowed me to accept and change my life! I now have a true idea of my path to happiness and I am so grateful that you are my guide!

    Light and love will bring us the true JOY!

    onward n upward

    • Aloha dear friend!
      Thank you so very much! This means a lot, a lot to me! I’m very thankful for you to have accepted my hand! But the healing, you do perform yourself!
      Never forget it! You are a great Healer!
      I have my practice session soon, need to prepare. But will send you an email and we will meet tomorrow?! Looking forward to our next session!
      Light and Love you sent arrived was strongly felt and gratefully absorbed! With goosebumps and tears. Thank you!
      Sending much Love and Light, and Healing to you and your loved ones!
      Aloha, Jenna

  2. Hi Jenna,
    I was waiting for the opportunity to present itself so I could personally thank you for the positive influence you’ve had in Dennis’ life, and by extension to mine.
    Thank you for all your light and love.

    • Aloha Shirley!
      Thank you so much! Beautiful! Tears of joy!
      Yes! I will send more! It is unlimited!!

      Sending much Love, Light and Healing your way, Shirley!
      Aloha, Jenna

  3. Dearest Jenna, thank you for sharing this experience through Dennis and the showing people how healing through energy by acceptance works.

    Through your experience, I was able to feel my own experiences all though I don’t use Reiki. The tingling sensation in the hands and the feeling of wellbeing and the blow of energy that moves through the body and the colours that move through the third eye. Visualization through mediation.

    Although I haven’t taken any courses on energy healing I am a great believer that energy is a spiritual gift that is a gift from the heavens from the time of the creation. We can see this throughout creation itself as we are spiritual beings before made physical and all the in-between is for our benefit so that we can move forward. to a better understanding of truth and love. Two very powerful words that hold the meaning of all words and is for all creation to find their own pathways.

    Not one of us is the same each has there own gifts and it is up to us to find them and we are drowning from in many different directions.

    I am very happy for you that you have found your own direction through caring and sharing.

    always a better way Love and HIG’s Linda

    • Aloha and thank you very much dearest Linda for taking time for reading and commenting! I appreciate it! Your comment is so profound that I don’t really feel to add anything to it than to say YES, so it is.
      Reiki Energy is all around us, always. It is the same Energy that Jesus used to heal. This Energy may have different names in different cultures. But it is still the same energy.
      My desire and also my goal that I want to fulfill with Reiki Chronicles is to spread this knowledge, to make people aware how simple it is to learn it and to use it, to help oneself, to help others, to help our world, or more precisely, our society to become more in alignment with God, the Creation of the Universe and the purpose of all existence. All you need is to love and to look for the truth.
      I’m very grateful to have met Dennis and to have had the courage just after my Attunements to the Reiki Master to offer him Reiki Distant Healing! This process is extremely beneficial for both of us. I learned tons and did things I did not know I was able to do, and I’m aware that the journey just started. Right, dear friend? 🙂
      Talk to you more soon! Keeping you in my heart.
      Sending you Love and Light!
      Aloha, Live up to YOU, HIG’s, Jenna

  4. Good Morning Jenna,

    First of all congratulations on finishing your Reiki Master training. I admire you to immediately offer long-distance treatment to your friend even if this friend was not familiar with Reiki and probably very skeptical. But as you said being desperate one will try anything to come out of a negative sistuation.

    Interesting to read your conversation with Dennis and what kind of sensations he felt.

    There are many amazing things available in our world one only needs an open mind. It sounds as if this first session already helped Dennis.

    With a Hug from the South.
    Regards, Taetske

    • Aloha Taetske!
      Thank you very much, dear friend! I appreciate it a lot!
      Thank you, yes, this was something. I first off thought that those shoes could be too big for me. But then the healing was happening. The most apparent and maybe measurable result of the Reiki Distant Treatment is the decreasing of pain. Dennis is more or less painless since the beginning of the treatment. But there are so many beautiful changes in both of us, so much growth. When we started, it seemed impossible what is now an astounding reality. Deeply grateful for that!
      Thank you for taking time and reading and commenting on my post!
      Sending much Love and Light your way for all you need and desire!
      Aloha, Jenna

  5. Dearest Jenna,

    I just want to take a moment on what you said about Jesus. Although it is true that his healing has much to do with energy. But we can’t define his energy with the gifts of the Holy Spirit otherwise we are placing ourselves in his place.

    We must remember that his energy was from the highest because he was 1/2 human and 1/2 God being as his father was God the Father of all creation.

    We are gifted with healing from the beginning of time it is within us we do this through Faith. It was through faith in the son that healing took place.

    In so having the faith it was within him that healing tool place. This is his teaching having faith that he is the only begotten son of the Father that was born for this purpose.

    There is none other but yes there is a form of energy that has a direct influence on us and it has many names and many forms otherwise we would not be able to feel or do what we do.

    Within one’s self is the answer and having the faith will carry us a long way. Bless you, because I believe you have this faith and have blessings bestowed upon you.

    There will come a day and a time that all will be revealed and I wait with great gladness in my heart for that day. I also give thanks for his teachings and guidance with his Love and care, all is possible. There is still much to learn and understand As always dear heart Linda

    • Aloha dearest Linda!
      Thank you so much for your beautiful and so important comment! Thank you very much for believing in me for it is extremely precious to me!
      I was raised in the Catholic faith and experienced my Communion with 9, but later, as about 16 years old teenager, I have chosen to leave the Church for the truth and the purity I was looking for I haven’t found there. Jesus was the only model for me at that time, being at the age of about 12, 13. Just now, answering your comment, I again become aware that I did what he told us to do: I built the Temple of God in my heart and I did everything to find the Truth, Love, and God everywhere, doesn’t matter what. I ran in lots of troubles because of that. My life was most of the time chaotic and full of challenges. But that is OK. I grew a lot 🙂 and this made me who I am as a human, as a person. However, behind that mask of cells and tissues, habits and beliefs, which are reflections of the illusion of our three-dimensional world, there is the Eternity, there is the One, only one God.
      Deep in my heart, I know that we all are the same and that we all One. The only distinction I would make is how far we are in our growth? Where are we on our path of being? How do we use God’s gift of Free Will?
      Yes, Linda, the faith is essential for healing, a pure intention, and faith that healing will happen!
      God had surrounded us by the healing energy and all we need to do is to access it. There are different names for this energy, Chi, Prana, Reiki, and others, but however we define them, they are all the Breath of God.
      Thank you, dearest friend, for have made me contemplate on your thoughts. I grew. I feel deeply grateful!
      Sending you much Love, and Light and heartfelt hugs!
      Aloha, Jenna

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