Breathe! With Pika Pika Never Go Crazy Again!

Overwhelmed and Stressed Out? Do Pika Pika! Did you ever experience such days that drive you crazy? I bet you did! People, things and situations seem to have conspired against you? And you accelerate your actions to get the mess clean up again, and … the mess gets even worse? And maybe you are feeling […]

How Do You Master Your Mood? – Technique 3, EFT

Tapping into Freedom and Peacefulness There are different ways to stimulate your mood, and you are free to choose whatever works the best for you. We are actually doing it all the time, making decisions all day long. Unfortunately, most of the time we stimulate our mood negatively, and depending on the situation the result […]

Rocket Your Mood With Gratitude! – Technique 2

What Makes You Feel Good? What do you think what are the main reasons why many people cannot enjoy their life in full? I mean “average normal” people with their “average normal” lives, like Mary, the example in the first part of these series, who has chosen depressive moods to retreat from the stress of […]

How Do You Master Your Mood? Brief Introduction

Opportunities vs. Temptations Our life in the 21st century offers us unlimited opportunities and options to choose from and create the life we desire. It seems men, and women never were more independent to decide and choose whatever they want to do in their life, whoever they want to become, wherever they want to go. […]