8. Reiki Chronicles

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“Gratitude in My Heart and Goosebumps on My Skin”

Dear reader, thank you for being here (again)! In the following blog, you can be a witness of how Reiki Distant Healing treatment work in the mind of a Reiki recipient.

In both of the sessions, I implemented the Chakra and Aura Cleansing. The method was Light Visualization and sweeping out of blockages and energy barriers out of Chakras and outer energy layers of the Aura on my side and Pika Pika Breathing on Dennis’ side.

Thanks to Dennis, who is the author of the Reiki protocols, which are written down after every session when the memory is still fresh and full of details, for his willingness to share his Reiki experience with the world. You can discover a healing process in the neurological circuits and release of stresses, tensions, old, unsupportive energies and stuck energies how it worked out for Dennis. Click here if you want to learn more about Dennis.

The protocols are completely authentic and unedited. I slightly changed the structure of the paragraphs for better and easier reading.

Image: Pixabay, Reiki Energy

Dennis’ message 7-24-19: “You are AWESOME!

I will be receiving yay!

I also have been playing frequencies on the main tv (youtube) cleansing ones and healing ones all night and almost always if the tv isn’t being watched. got any thoughts on that!

Should I look up that symbol and add to my vision somehow? Or wait?

TTYL busy busy! onward n upward”

My response 7-24-19: “:-) 🙂 🙂 Thank you, Dennis! How was for you yesterday?

If you have time tomorrow, our usual time, then I suggest doing aura cleansing. Your job, like by Pika Pika, you can do Pika Pika, breathe in the Golden Light, fill up your body with this Light, let It extend behind the boundaries of your body. Do this for about 10 minutes.

Let me know if we can do this tomorrow.

In attach the Dai Ko Myo. Place it where you spend most of your time: bedroom, desk … and so on. You can fold it and keep it in your pocket.

Image: Pixabay, Dai Ko Myo – the Reiki Master Symbol

Great, you use the frequencies! You can also use the first month of The Missing Link. I sent it to you, it is free and you will have two great audios with deep alpha brainwaves. You can use it when we are not dated for Reiki 😉

Now tell me, do we have a date tomorrow?

I received all Love, Light and Energy you sent! Thank you!!

Sending much Love, Light, and Healing to you and your loved ones! Aloha dear friend! Jenna”

Dennis’ Reiki protocol 7-25-19

“Today was totally different all together. I will admit that I was stressed when I walked in to the room from a class I was teaching where the students just weren’t getting it and being disrespectful (live class with old persons, free, lol). Anyway, it was really easy to fall into the cleansing the chakra deal and doing the Pika Pika breathing amazingly enough I fell right in and I tried for the white light and everything like you said. And it happened I still had the vision of the silhouette moving away from me which I’m assuming is me because I can control the extremities and stuff it’s really funny. And this time the individual became a group slowly but all of a sudden liket and then I felt like the light was all around me and I was calm really easy, And then the light started to Glow like you said to try to Envision it around me and it did and then the whole Vision just kind of melted away glowing. When I opened my eyes I was 13 minutes into the day  I never had to call for the cows in the sky or stop signs or nothing!

The Reiki was different all together. This was a major struggle to try to get to a place where I could just drift and now my vision is always moving in this exercise I don’t know if you can understand what I mean but moving as that it’s alive the color the texture alive with energy, and then pops out of my mind as it just goes to other thoughts and I’ve got to stop it somehow and focus, and I get back to the calm and stay there and I feel it and then boom on the way “WE GOT COWS” LOL

Image: Spreadshirtmedia.com Cows in the Twister, edited by JF

I was in and out of that for close to an hour and never saw water this time just the baby blue electrical energy but I was still Refreshed and energized when I got done. And, I thank the universe and you and my true love Shirley and my baby dog Caitlyn for everything that everybody is doing for me. As I write this there’s tears in my eyes, Gratitude in my heart and definitely Goosebumps on my skin. All the best reasons to try to be a better person every moment of every day!”

Dennis’ Reiki protocol 7-30-19

“Wow today was another different and amazing experience.

I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do in the beginning for cleansing or whether you were going to do that or not but I figured I’d roll with it and in the beginning I tried to vision my image and the breathing and the smoke, and I was there and it was the same vision of the silhouette of me I don’t know how I know it’s me but the smoke was leaving me and it was pulsating with my breath, and I noticed that I could tell that it was dark near my feet coming out and then higher up in my body it was whiter smoke, cleaner and all around me the ground was smoking, more to the dark side and I could control it all with my breath; the amount of smoke,

And it truly felt like a cleansing experience. I was popping in and out and at one point I moved my vision to more like what I do with Pika Pika breathing with the light entering the top of my body and leaving at the bottom filling me with energy and this time my whole Vision turned to Bright Light around the silhouette of me but there was still smoking ground and smoldering coming out of my hands and extremities but the light was there, and as I breathed I could control the light which I feel is the energy as it comes and it goes with my breath. This was easier to stay with for me as it felt good!

Nowadays with my introspective knowledge with all the counseling going on at the same time with the Reiki and it’s truly amazing me that it’s all over flowing with the same feelings and same ideas and everything is all connected and I digress~~~~~~~~

I felt the change in the energy and it was time to accept the Reiki. I tried to go for the calm and the drift and I struggled in and out several times even using the verbal “we got cows” to stop my brain from spinning but I would get there almost every time I could feel the calm. I could feel the energy and then it would pop out my mind would be spinning with a couple different thought processes at once before I could catch it and then I could feel like I could just gain control and push myself back to the calm and today I was having trouble analyzing everything.

Each time I was going away from my calm and drift and starting to think I would start analyzing what I was thinking about what I was doing I would tell myself to stop. Mentally I could just go back to the calm and drift. I made a mental decision to allow myself to think and try to be near the calm I had a great big realization that I’m trying to control everything and the whole idea is for me to release control and accept and be grateful and that’s where I want to be!

Image: Pixabay, Down

I thought about how I’m trying to push my energy toward the positive things in my life and want to think about those as opposed to the negative things. It transfers to the Reiki by learning to accept the energy and love and not being worried about the struggle to find the calm. The calm and energy are there. I just have to learn to be open and accept. I found myself actually smiling and everything moved forward and it was easier to focus on the Love light and energy coming than to focus on the struggle.

It became apparent that I need to release the responsibility for everything! I have such inbred guilt that I feel I’m responsible for everything that happens to everybody. I have to accept the good things in life as being the important things and my focus needs to be on that. With that in mind it carried me out to the Drift.

The vision was no longer blue it was white light and it was alive just like the blue but it actually pulsated with my breath for some reason I field the Dai KO Myo and it came into my vision. I guess because I read it I immediately reached up and started tracing it in my vision and I really didn’t know what it looked like. I have an idea and I had placed it in my mind as a vision.

I was actually physically tracing it in the vision with my hands and my hands were up in the air and then it I kind of chuckled it how good it looked when I realized I knew I didn’t know exactly what the symbol was but I knew what it looked like. In my subconscious, I guess I started drawing circles. I found myself just making circles with my finger out there, and it was great, it was like I was winding up the energy it was like a generator the white light was everywhere I could feel it everywhere I could reach up with my hands when I stopped tracing the circles and I could feel it tingling in the ends of my fingers it was amazing.

I popped up, and was energized and knew I had to spout this out talking to the computer. Then I’ll go back and edit it so that it’s not so bad a mess and see if Mister Google here understands my language. I am so thankful and grateful for your light and love that I accept it I want it I need it I’m using it I’m returning it to you in a big bright package of love!

I am trying to be the person my dog thinks I am! Lol

We are gonna start a BIKE GANG calling it POOP (plenty of old people)!


I hope you enjoyed this part of Reiki Chronicles and have benefitted from the insights Dennis gained through his Reiki experience. I would love to read your comment under the post!

Please, let me know if you have any questions or if you like me to support you.

Sending lots of Love and Light your way! Aloha, Jenna



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