15. Reiki Chronicles

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“I Felt Great! Happy and Energized!”

Dear Reader! Thank you for your patience, waiting and for being back here again with me, and the Reiki Chronicles.

Different happenings and life challenges have kept me away from posting for a while. Some of them are still unresolved and need my attention. In a meanwhile, I finished the course Energy Healing by Ahtayaa and received the certification. Click here to get more information.

The exam and the certification of the MAP Coaching training await me in a few weeks. However, you, dear Reader waited already long enough for the next part of the Reiki Chronicles to come. And here it is.

In this part Dennis will share his Reiki experiences of August 21st. Please, pay attention to all the beautiful changes that are taking place in Dennis and in his experience of outer life.

If you are new to Reiki Chronicles, please go to the first introductory part. Please, click here if you want to learn more about Dennis.

Reiki Chronicles are based on real Reiki Distant Healing treatment that takes place since May 2019. I include also the email communication between us for the reflection of the Reiki process and effects is a part of the healing process.

Dennis, who is the Reiki recipient, is streaming his experience after a session in a Reiki protocol. The protocols are completely authentic and unedited. Here and there, I made some changes in the setting of the paragraphs for better and easier reading. Enjoy!

My message to Dennis from August 20th, 2019

“Aloha Dennis!

I just finished my training practice session that went awesome, btw, and ate. Crazy morning. Could not log into the router and hadn’t any internet. Went online just 40 minutes before the session started. I hope, you still get my message to read.

I suggest the Chakra and Aura Cleansing for the next three days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) our usual time and then we go from there.

Will write more tomorrow.

Sending much Love, Light and Healing your way! Aloha, Jenna”


Image: Pixabay, The Cleansing

Dennis’ answer from August 20th, 2019

“I am up late and just got this email now.

I am happy with doing more Reiki!

Anytime and now I almost feel ANYWHERE.

The article is great. I am trying to share it and spike some interest!

Wed Thurs Fri sounds great!

I am going to try and share your article across Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and anywhere else I can!

Lots of love light and thankfulness from here to you!

Onward n upward”

My answer to Dennis message from August 20th, 2019

“Wonderful having your answer right now. I just finished reading in your google sheet! AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME!

Feel so much gratitude! Don’t know what to say more right now! Beautiful, dear friend!!!!

See you tomorrow morning! Aloha, dear friend!

Sending much Love, Light and Healing your way!! Jenna”

Dennis’ answer from August 20th, 2019

“We’re connected.” (Including an image of Dennis and his dog)

My message to Dennis after reading the updated protocols from August 21st, 2019

“Big smile! Aloha Dennis!

Thank you for the image. You two look beautiful! J It was a long healing walking meditation you did!! Wonderful!

I hope your feet are fine and of course Caithlyn’s! I can imagen she restored pretty fast. She is beautiful!

I’m evolving in my training. Both Energy Healer and MAP (Manifesting All Possibilities) here you can have a look.

MAP Coaching is what we could do too, soon. I need more practice and I need to progress more with the content, but soon. Maybe in two/three more weeks. This method is truly amazing! And the most amazing thing is that I have more or less the entire background of knowledge for this method.

I’m very grateful and happy that you are doing great!! And proud of you! Very proud!

Thank you for sharing my post! The second post is actually our post and all of them that will follow. I think it could be five or six of them additionally. The blog series becomes a documentation of a Reiki Healing Process. I think this is unique online. I for sure didn’t run in any first-hand descriptions of how Reiki works and what happens during the session by the recipient. So, we are creating here something very special, Dennis!

I still didn’t say thank you for your wonderful package! THANK YOU, Dennis!! Super happy about it. I let Jeff finish using the mixture with the lower concentration and the next mixture will be with the higher concentration. The spots get better. But as soon he becomes lazier with applying, the comeback or a lot of the dark-colored skin comes back.

The t-shirt is huge. It is too large for him. But I will use it to sleep when it gets colder. I love the color. And I love it cause it comes from you!

I will see you tomorrow morning, our usual time. Looking forward to it!

Sending Love, Light and Healing your way! Aloha, Jenna”

Dennis’ protocol from Wednesday 8/21/2019

“I was a couple minutes late today but it didn’t matter because I was ready. I had just come back from riding my bicycle in the beautiful sunshine today. It’s not overly humid today and everything is really green and alive because it’s been raining a lot and now the sun is shining brightly!

Image: Pixabay, Lightness

I laid down and started breathing slowly and it was easy to visualize my cleansing. Today my vision WAS Mother Mary facing me with the same position that the silhouette always had arms at the side, hands open, feet spread apart a little bit. There was no smoke today in my vision from Mother Mary. Everything was hazy though.

“She was standing right in front of me” and with that thought the music started

Let It Be let it be

whisper words of wisdom

let it be let it be

She was standing on the beach in front of an ocean of light, it was either a sunset or a sunrise going on on the horizon, and the sky was filled with clouds and gray and was alive. The song was drifting and so was I. The feeling was like, it’s hard to explain, acceptance, Joy, satisfaction, I’m not sure. Then it was like the wind came up and the haze moved away from the vision and everything was clear and then it just faded away with the music and I was in the Reiki.

It was the same but different just like the cleansing it was hazy and cloudy, the light was subdued it was white and there was no color but I could still hear the music faintly in the background. My mind started a fly with thoughts of business, relationships, love, parents, children and I had to call out that we have cows We Got Cows! Which immediately brought everything to an end! I chuckled in my mind and my hands went to my face I realized I didn’t have the kerchief on so I immediately went for it and put it on and focused on the good that I get from Reiki and the Universe!

I dropped into it easily it was dark and the light was a pinpoint growing with my breath. Each inhalation brought brighter and brighter light in the center of my vision filling the void but as I exhaled it went away. I started breathing heavier and the light got better, bigger and brighter and my initial thought was that I can control it so I can get it!

Image: Pixabay, Raining Light

Then reality set in and I realized that I didn’t want to control it I wanted to accept it. At the same time I was having that mental realization I took a really deep breath and the light exploded into that Vision that I have all the time the bluish Vision filled with raining light. It was amazing and the music played in the background the Beatles Let It Be and then as quick as it was there it faded away and then that song The Beat Goes On came on and I can’t even remember who played that.

I just let it be and the song played~~And The Beat Goes On ~~ Drums keep pounding a rhythm to my brain and the Beat Goes on.~~ Somewhere along the line it faded out and Let it Be came back in. All the time the vision was not changing at all. Raining light through the blue! Not sure how long it lasted but I I felt great! Happy and energized. I am going to go back outside to enjoy the nature and ground and be thankful and grateful for what I have at the present moment! I thank the Divine mother, I thank the spirit of Jesus Christ, I thank the universe for allowing me to connect to myself, I THANK my ShirlTheGirl and I thank Jenna for opening my mind!”


I hope you enjoyed this part of Reiki Chronicles and benefited greatly from it! Please, let me know if you have any questions. You can post them below or send me a message.

Please, let me know if you would like my assistance.

Sending much Love and Light your way!

Aloha, Jenna



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