9. Reiki Chronicles

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“I Feel Great Today Emotionally Physically and Spiritually, Totally Connected, Energized and Confident!”

The Usui Reiki Dai Ko Myo symbol is known as the “Master Symbol.” It is the strongest symbol in Usui Reiki that can only be used by the Reiki Master. The power of the Reiki Master Symbol combines the power of all other Usui Reiki symbols: Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

Dai Ko Myo is the symbol with the highest vibration and has the most transformational power on the spiritual level. This symbol helps to increase the healing of the soul as the energies are sent to the more subtle layers of the aura and upper chakras. When the spiritual soul is healed, the mental and physical soul is also automatically healed.

The Dai Ko Myo symbol helps to heal our karma. It is also known as the “all-purpose healing” symbol and symbol of empowerment. This Reiki symbol stands for everything that Reiki means, first of all, the unconditional love. Reiki students at all levels receive the “Master Symbol” from their Reiki Master during the Attunements to Reiki.

Image: Pixabay, Dai Ko Myo – the Reiki Master Symbol

The energy of Dai Ko Myo can point the way to inner mastery and help to become “bright (shining) person.”

The strongest topics of the DAI KO MYO are:

  • inner mastery
  • Strengthening of the flow
  • Finding the true nature

The Master Symbol has several meanings. The most common is the “big shining light”. Another translation means “great all-encompassing universe, appearing on or through me.” In Zen, it is the symbol of the nature of Buddha in one’s self and the states of enlightenment.

Dai Ko Myo is one of the strongest symbols in our three-dimensional world of connecting to the Universal Life Force and kindling our yearning for silence.

It is the central mantra and master symbol of Reiki. It is revealed to Reiki students only at the initiation of the third degree.

The symbol Dai Ko Myo is the heart of Reiki. The Master symbol creates an opening to our own inner master, our true nature. The attempt to describe the meaning and operation of the Reiki master symbol Dai Ko Myo must remain imperfect, as it is intellectually incomprehensible. However, it is certainly true: it is the big, shining light.

Enjoy the following protocols of Reiki Distant Healing written down by Dennis Darragh. Click here to learn more about Dennis.

As usual, his Reiki experience is recorded in those protocols which are written down after the session. They are completely authentic and not edited. The only change I made is creating a few more paragraphs for an easier reading.

This time you can learn more about one more extraordinary Reiki experience. Please click here if you want to go back to the prior post.

My message to Dennis 7-26-19:

“Thank you for your suggestion, Dennis. So we will do: We do first the chakra cleansing. You do your job for ten minutes. Then take about two minutes for breathing. Breathe deeply in your belly, exhale slowly with a sound ahhhhhhh. Let all that old unsupportive stuff go. Ask an element (you can ask more than one) to transform all those energies into Light. You can choose from Water, Wood, Fire, Air (Wind), Metal, Earth. Say thank you.

Image: Pixabay, Open Your Heart

Then do the Pika Pika with Light penetrating your body, every cell, and space in between. Extend the light over the boundaries of your body, about 10, 15 inches. Do the best you can visualizing, but don’t worry if the Light doesn’t show up as you maybe desire. Welcome it how it is, know in your heart it is there and cleanses your energies. Do this for 5 – 10 minutes. Say thank you.

Breathe normally and do whatever you do when I send you Reiki Energy. This is great.

It doesn’t surprise me you recognized Dai Ko Myo Symbol. What came by me when I read the sentence was, getting goosebumps like right now while I’m writing it, you know it from your prior life.

Yes! Wonderful!!

Sending much Love, Light, and Healing!

See you tomorrow at 11 am, for me at 5 am. Aloha, Jenna”

Dennis‘ message on 7-31-19

“??? yoho a pirates life fer me ?


the doc is updated

get ready LOL maybe you should get comfortable before you read it LOL

?? It’s all good , wonderful, deep, on the verge of unbelievable LOL but it’s ME! and YOU and the universe in connection! WHOA IS ALL I CAN SAY!

onward n upward with positive direction forward to the acceptance of life as the most beautiful productive thing that i can manage to imagine!


opps I been like this all day”

Reiki protocol 7/31/2019:

“Another amazing experience first time ever

I laid down early and was happy because of you telling me I was doing things right. During the cleansing I fell right into that. I believe it was because of the whole change that’s taking place. The vision was the same, the silhouette of me kind of moving away but never getting farther away the smoke on the ground an the smoke coming from my extremities.

I’m trying to be more positive so I try to focus on good, try to focus on the light so as I was breathing my mind was wandering and I was focusing on the light and I think it slowly changed to being brighter and lighter. I still had the smoke but the whole Vision became brighter. It was nice.

Today I also decided to put a kerchief over my eyes to block out more of the sensory stuff. My hand went to my face as I felt a tickle on my nose and it moved kerchief and there was light coming in the bottom so I picked it up and looked out of the clock and it was 11:18  amazing

Going into the Reiki was different too. Easier.  I had memorized the Dai KO Myo symbol and I thought of it as I was looking for the blue in the calm and there it was, nice shiny black against the blue background and it was alive to just like the background the blue faded in and out and the Dai KO Myo symbol moved but didn’t move. Like it was like alive like the rest of the vision and I could feel calm but energized.

Image: Pixabay, The Cleansing Wave

I focused on the light again and had it good because I usually am struggling with my brain the thoughts flying, calling for the cows and stop signs and all kinds of stuff to get me to focus so instead I was just trying to focus on the light and the good and acceptance and healing. And it was easier.  It lasted longer too and I wasn’t struggling.   Lightning up like during the cleansing then breaking in to like rain during the blue like the light was pouring down on me little tiny pieces of light coming through the universe to me and I felt it I was drifting  I heard the Beatles song in the background.  Let It Be  ?????

I was trying to remember the lyrics but I was like all I could remember was let it be let it be and then I remembered Mother Mary, I remembered Times of Trouble, let it be let it be, I couldn’t put it all together but I could get the tune though; it was amazing. Then my vision morphed to those fleeting memory deals again and this time it wasn’t Jesus it was Mother Mary the kind of statue of Mother Mary that I relate to after 13 years of Catholic Education blue gown with a white headdress still covering her head and all that and then my parents came through just happy images of my parents I could feel myself smiling! I chuckled out loud about the whole thing and touched my face again with my hand and moved the kerchief and saw a light so I picked it up and it was after 12 o clock  wowza

I sat up and Caitlin was next to the bed sitting up looking at me. Normally when she’s in the room with me like that she’s dead asleep when I get up. I took a big Swig of water and stood up and I don’t think my feet were even touching the floor. I strolled out and there was a customer waiting for me that had questions that Shirley couldn’t answer so I immediately had to take care of that. She had YouTube on so I asked her to find Let It Be with the lyrics and took care of the customer.

This is the link to the video she picked out!

Please stop here and watch the video then go on to the next page


I started crying when I saw the background. raining sparkling light on a purple background when I heard the song in my brain my vision was the raining light with the God only knows what shade of blue background light blue. I was aghast and happy as a pig in a you know what pile. I am truly amazed about the connections.  How I’m feeling the universe  and the  energy.

Image: Pixabay, Heart Chakra

let it be let it be in times of trouble.



Then after crying and rejoicing and celebrating with Shirley I had to break away before I wrote this an do something. I have created a giant mess in the house (my mother used to call me pig pen. I don’t know if you’re old enough or even had those comics in Europe but pigpen was a character in a comic strip when I was a kid a tornado around him of dirt and Smoke and Things flying around and he had no control of it brought the mess with him lol )

She was joking of course, I know she loved me she was always there for me as a child and as an adult to the day she died.

LOL I digress because I’m thinking not streaming lol. Anyway I was organizing my photographs and videos from my past so that I can use them on this new patreon site. In the closet I find 3 pieces of luggage and carry them out to the living room. I Ask Shirley if they are hers or Vins? (the guy who was renting the room and recently moved to Ecuador) They were Vins, he obviously left them because he couldn’t use them and there was stuff in there. So’s I opens it! I pulls out a sheet of paper thats TYPED and the TITLE is LET IT BE

OMG more joyous amazement glorious happy feelings of love light and just sheer content with everything. Grateful flowing thankfulness! Tears of happiness and tingling all over!

I’m not sure if I have ever felt like that before!

I’m going to return for my photo albums and I have 300 episodes of my 1 hour TV show I did in the 90s and I have 18 boxes of slides from the 80s and 7 albums with over a thousand pictures in each one. and have a glorious Cry ~~~~ tears of joy!”

My message to Dennis 7-31-19:

“Your progress with Reiki is astounding!! I read with goosebumps all over! So proud of you, dear friend!

I need to continue my post series about my journey to Hawaii but maybe next week I will start with a post series about Reiki promoting the Reiki course I did and providing an example of Distant Reiki Healing – if you ok with that – with you. I would use your descriptions of your sessions, correct only the typos, and leave completely your original sound. I could use it anonymously, use your first or the entire name, however it is fine with you.

I would post it also on fb on the group page of the Free Reiki Course. This could maybe bring a nice push for your CBD business as well …

Let me know what you think.

Have fun making crazy sounds and yelling pirate stuff!! Haha! You are an awesome being and a good friend, Dennis!

Grateful, our ways crossed. Anyway, this was planned long ago J Wasn’t it?

All beautiful energy, Love and Light from you and your family arrived and it is gratefully received and absorbed! Thank you!

Thank you for the goosebumps!!

Absorb all Reiki sent. Use the Reiki sent after you wake up and go to bed. And next week, on Tuesday or Wednesday, depends how you can, we will repeat the chakra and aura cleansing on two days and then continue with “regular” Reiki.

Let me know what do you think?

Sending much Love, Light and Healing for you and your loved ones! Aloha, Jenna”


I hope you enjoyed this part of the Reiki Chronicles and benefitted from it.

I would love to learn about your opinion, so please, please leave a comment below. Please, contact me if you have any questions or need my assistance. Thank you!

Sending lots of Love and Light your way!

Aloha, Jenna



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