How Did I Manifest My Life?

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My Money Blueprint – Insights About Attracting Money and Abundance, Part I

Dr. Jenna Foster

Welcome to the beginning of your new life! It will start with this blog series that will give you two things for sure: A key to a secret lock within you to unlock your awesomeness in every area of your life, and a beautiful strong spark of enthusiasm and motivation to unfold and to enjoy a bright flame burning for your new creation.

The only thing you need to do, is, to decide whether you stay in what you know or think you know – your comfort zone – or you go beyond your comfort zone and change your life.

Every accomplishment starts with a desire and a fuel to fulfill it. I’m very happy to see you here and invite you to join me on the journey to the fundamentals of my creation of money and abundance.

The following blog is the first part of an article series focusing on my particular way of manifesting money and abundance. This series reflects my insights and findings while working with the book by Colette Streicher, “Abundance On Demand.”

A Very Important Message

About two weeks ago, a very special friend, Linda Frankson, sent me an e-book and asked me to read it and tell her what I think. Her message sounded urgent and exciting. She told me that she had swallowed down the book in just one night. I felt and knew that this meant something.

Image: Pixabay

But wouldn’t it have been Linda, and wouldn’t she have made her message so urgently, I would probably have saved the e-book copy in a folder and forgot about it for a while. There is so much going on in my life right now that sometimes it is hard for me to decide what is really the most important thing to do right now.

Fortunately, Linda’s message kind of dragged me into this book. So I started to scroll through it right away, checking its structure and how long it was. I wondered: How much time would cost to read it? Did I really have that time to read it right now? I hesitated.

First off, I thought that the “Abundance On Demand” was one more of the numerous free e-books you can find online about of how to manifest things using the Law Of Attraction. Because the book was longer than about 20, 25 pages, – what the length of those books usually is – I decided to give it a shot and see if it is worth to continue reading.

My first impression of the book was that it was fun to read and that it was written very openly, friendly and with much care. I felt invited to continue. Moreover, I became curious. I noticed that the book was capturing me more and more.

Already after the first 16 pages, I understood how I manifested the money flow in my life, my entire significant experiences and my teachings. I understood that, yes, I inherited programs from my family and from society. However, I could also see very clearly that I programmed myself to think, feel and act in a certain way. In addition, I did not only manifest it this way because of my learning and my experiences! My learning and my experiences were shaped in a certain way because I did program myself in this way.

Image: Pixabay

My Most Unexpected Finding

The really crazy thing was, to suddenly understand that the values I have chosen for my life and on which I oriented myself pretty much, in fact, were limiting my ability to create a serious and constant money flow in a very significant way.

And of course, without money, many things are not so easy to access. Right?

So, let us talk about money! Or, how much effort I put into discouraging money to come into my hands.

If you wonder, why I wondered so much about my sudden shortcut in the understanding of my patterns, then I will tell you that I’m working on myself very intensely for about 25 years. I’m a life coach, a long-term meditator and educated in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) for about seven years. For about one year I assisted in the framework of Systemic Family Constellation and watched many different patterns unfolding during those sessions. I’m also certified as a hypnotist and hypnosis coach and understand and use the hypnotic language after Milton Erickson.

All of those educational programs have trained me in mindfulness, being in touch with myself, being sensitive what I think and feel, how I use my language, and what frequencies of energy I’m catching from and radiating into my environment.

Each of those pieces of training asks you to work hard on yourself, up to 80 percent of the learning is about yourself. You get a chance to understand how you create your day after day experiences. And, you learn how to improve wherever you desire improvement. You also need to clean out your old luggage and to purify yourself to support clients by their own issues and not working on your own hidden agendas.

Yes, I thought I did my homework well. But did I really my homework regarding the abundance of money in my life?
The first stroke came from for me an unexpected direction, from Toni Robins. I never worked with Toni Robins approach, and there it was where it started to be very interesting for me.

Analyzing his treasure of experiences as a coach, Toni Robins extracted a handful of values that are focusing on and that are representing the basic needs of each person.


Image: Pixabay

Five Values and Their Ranking

The values are a certainty, uncertainty, variety, love and connection, and significance. How the values are ranked, is completely individual and depends on the experiences and preferences of a single person.

I started to do the process to find out what my values are and how their order looks like. I didn’t expect any really new or interesting findings for in my NLP training I worked through all of my values several times. But I should become surprised. Looking at these values, especially from the perspective of attracting money created one “aha” after another.
The biggest surprise was that I never really analyzed my values and my creating patterns in relation to money.
Money was never important to me.

Image: Pixabay

Have you become curious? I hope so! I also hope you enjoyed the first piece of my process! The next one will come next week. Click here to continue to read. Please, let me know what you think about it. And maybe you like to try? In every case, please take a couple of minutes and give me feedback on what do you think right now, and if you already have some interesting finding regarding your own creation!
If you have any questions, please, write them down and send them also! I would love to support you on your way!

Sending much Love and Light to you!
Aloha, Jenna





Live up to you!





6 thoughts on “How Did I Manifest My Life?

  1. Hi Jenna you can count me in on this journey of yours.
    What a fascinating concept. Lately I have listened to Dandapani on how to focus and get on the same level as the vibrations to help you manifest, and are trying it so. This will fit in perfectly.
    For many years I have this believe and feeling something big is going to happen and it will not go away, though there are no signs of anything. Now I realize it is me blocking it and you might be holding the key to unlock it.
    Can’t wait for the next step!

    • This is wonderful, Stella, and I’m more than happy to hear that!!! Yes, it is all about mind and about feelings and about their vibration. And you are also right that something big is gonna happen. Stick with me. Today, I will release the third part about my money blueprint – the series becomes a little longer than I thought but it is really worth to go a little deeper into it. After that, I will move on to the manifesting part. Yes, Stella! We ourselves are the person who is limiting herself. As soon as we stop doing it, magic will happen. Yes, absolutely! I’m holding the key! Since last Fall I was melting together what I learned so far and planned to transform it into training about manifesting using the power of feelings. Two weeks ago Colette’s book was sent to me by a friend. And I started to read it and I knew, I found it. This process is true.

      There is a second part online. Please, give me an hour to release the third part.
      Sending you much Love and Light!
      Aloha from Hawaii!

  2. Good Morning Dear Jenna,

    So kind to let your reader participate in your life. It is a very interesting life journey and I see you are walking a brilliant path.

    Books can have something magical, they cross your way when you need direction and information. You will be a blessing to many people.

    Your friend in the south of Spain,


    • Thank you so much, Taetske, dear friend!!
      Thank you for your kind words! I’m very grateful and really appreciate your time and your opinion! I feel blessed with all the guidance and help I receive on this amazing journey, and 🙂 yes, I’m looking forward to my next steps …
      Sending lots of Love, Light, and Healing to you guys, to the south of Spain!
      Aloha from Hawaii! Jenna

  3. Dearest, Jenna,
    I love how you acknowledge others on your pathway. In doing so you have created for yourself a true pathway. Loving others is a very special blessing in itself.
    I wish you much success in all that you will achieve. I wish you many more blessings that will bring gratification to your new-found self.
    Your friend always Linda

    • Thank you very much for your kind words, dearest Linda, my friend! It means a lot a lot to me!
      God bless you and your beautiful work! May the Universe provide you with whatever you need and desire!
      Sending Love and Light and many HIG’s!
      Aloha, Jenna

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