Gain More Self-esteem Resting On The Couch!

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Do You Wish More Self-esteem?


Do you wish more self-esteem? To improve your self-esteem is actually very easy if you really committed to it.

All you need to do, is, to know and to be sure that your self-esteem gets better and better.

It is about your mindset.


Affirmations For More Self-esteem

To strengths your self-esteem you can use affirmations. Here only the same examples. Please, create your own specific affirmations. If an expression seems to you too strong or it feels like lying, e.g. I’m safe. You can say: I’m willing to feel safe. But make sure, you are really WILLING!


Image: Jenna Foster, Peacefulness at Loch Lynn in Scotland


I’m willing to be happy and successful.
I’m willing to change myself.
I’m willing to forgive myself. I’m willing to forgive others and to understand their motives.
I make my own choices, and I’m happy with them.
I receive everything I need and desire.
I’m safe.

I let go.

The affirmations honestly thought and repeated daily, at least in the morning and evening are very powerful and will bring you results. This could be the first step.


Let Us Do The Self Hypnosis Together!

As a further step, I would love to invite you to do self-hypnosis. It is a powerful mental method you can apply yourself. It doesn’t cost you anything else than to read my instructions and take action! Is it asked too much?



First off, read the instructions: Step 1-4.

If you never did self-hypnosis before, please, read my prior posts about the background of self-hypnosis and how to use self-hypnosis and apply that exercise first off. Below you will find a short version of the self-hypnosis technique. Farther below you will find a suggestion text to improve your self-esteem.

Please, read the text out loud to you recording your voice. You can also ask a family member or a person you trust to read that text to you when you are in a light trance.

Step-by-step Self Hypnosis

Sit down somewhere comfortable, and if you like, you can play in gentle relaxing music in the background. Maybe you’ll take a few deep breaths first off, buckle and stretch, yawn a few times and just make sure you’re completely okay.

Done? Great job!

Image: Valeria Moreiro


Now you are ready to begin. Find a position where it’s easy for you to relax and go inward. Please, apply the following 4 Steps.

1st step
Please, rest your eyes on an object or a place in the room.
Please, express your current perceptions to yourself. Tell yourself what you perceive. Altogether, you will need 5 different objects you refer to.

Please, use different senses to describe your perceptions of what you, see, what you hear and what you feel.

An example:

“I see the painting there on the wall, I see the chair in the corner, I see the patterns on the wallpaper, I see the window out of the corner of my eye and I see my hands resting on my thighs.”


“I hear voices of children outside, I hear the music in the background, I hear the clink of the heater and I hear my own voice talking to me. I hear my own breath. I hear the beating of my heart, the rustle of clothes when I move.”

“I feel my feet on the floor; I feel the contact my body has with the pad, I feel the weight of my hands on my thighs, I feel the gentle movements that my breath creates in the chest and in my stomach, and I feel that the breath blows through the nostrils like a light, pleasant breeze.”

After each sequence of 5 statements, you can attach a suggestion to help you relax.

For example:
“And I allow myself to go deeper and deeper inside.”
“And I allow myself to relax more and more.”
“And I start to sink lower and lower in my self-hypnosis.”
“And I enjoy it more and more to sink deeply and let go.”
“And I enjoy it more and more.”
“And I let more and more going on.”
And so on.

2nd step
In the next round, you go through the three sensory channels again (see, hear and feel), but this time you will name only 4 things that you currently perceive. After each sense, add a pleasant suggestion that supports you.

You do the same thing 3 times, then 2 times and then every sense only 1 more time. After that, you should be relaxed and in a pleasant trance. Stay in this state for a while and let the inner things happen.

3rd step

Listen to the suggestion text!

4th step

Getting back from the trance: Before you get into the trance, give yourself a command of getting you back to your awake state in certain time e.g. 15 or 20 minutes or how long you like.

You can add the suggestion: “Then I will open my eyes, wide awake, very content, cheerful, fresh and rested and feel very well.”

With a little practice that will work great!


My Self-esteem Improves Every Single Moment – Suggestion Text

You have the desire, to expand your self-esteem! And I have the desire to help you today to make that wish come true. My desire is to see you grow!

The self-esteem of a person has many facets.
It decides about the behavior that it chooses in many situations and is often crucial to personal success.
It can provide courage, strength, charisma, and verve.
Increasing your self-esteem will help you improve your overall quality of life.

You will be able to gain new strength and use existing forces even better. Maybe you will be able to manifest some dreams that you haven’t seemed attainable yet.


Can You Do It With Me Together?

I’m here and I can see you, even though I cannot touch your hand. You can trust the process.

Please describe three typical situations in which you lacked the self-esteem that you wish for.

Please, take your time to do it.
Put yourself in these situations as clearly as possible and please describe to me what exactly is going on inside of you. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel?

Very well! Good job!

Now please tell me, and this is a very important question:

What would change for you if you had more self-esteem?

Image: Audrey Johnson

How would your life look like if you had more self-esteem?

This is even more important!

Now go into three situations in which you have the self-esteem that you desire and describe to me how that feels now.

What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel?

Go into these situations and immerse yourself in the feeling of what it is like to have this self-esteem.
Describe to me as closely as possible how it feels. Go deeper into that feeling and enjoy it! Take your time!

Very well.

The fact that you can imagine these situations is already a first big step. It is the beginning of the change!
Because that shows that you will be able to live it. You are willing to change! You desire the change. You command the change!

Everything you can imagine, your subconscious can make possible.

Imagine that your subconscious is now beginning to release the blockages that have prevented you from feeling the way you want it to.

Like a belt that is loosened. Like a fog that dissolves.
Feel how your subconscious releases new powers in you and how it begins to make a wonderful change in you.

Feel it! See it! Hear it!

It examines countless situations and it may be that some memories are rising in you.
To times past. Situations that will be different in the future.

And it can also be very good that it gives rise to a few thoughts in you, which you can experience in the future.

With more self-esteem and with more inner strength.

Image: Cheryl Empey

Maybe a little curiosity and anticipation creep into you.
Excitement, as it will be if you have more self-esteem available.

Ideas on how to use your new powers.
Your subconscious mind is completing this process in you right now.
It starts the change. A metamorphosis. A development.

And you will see how this development is going on a piece by piece.
You will feel your self-esteem growing day by day.

How it gets stronger and stronger, and you feel more and more comfortable with it.
You will feel how you become more and more the person you want to be.
Because you can be.

This potential is in you, and I activate it so that it can fully unfold.

Your subconscious mind will help you with all its power because it knows that you will feel better about it, that it makes you feel better and that it will be good for you if it helps you. Your subconscious mind always wants you to feel good!

See yourself once in a few days or a few weeks. Set your own time frame.
See how much self-confidence you will radiate then.

Imagine your smile. And your posture.

Imagine how upright and full of inner security you will go through life.

Imagine how many pleasant feelings you will have and how many moments of happiness in which you will enjoy this positive change over and over.

Look forward to this process and enjoy it to the fullest.
Try it calmly.

Play a little with your new powers and you’ll be surprised how much you are and how easy it is for you.

All these words are anchored in your subconscious mind and they become true, exactly as you read it here.


The Change Is Beginning Right Now!


And when you open your eyes again, you may already feel that something is different, that something has already moved in you. And that feeling becomes more and more clear and clearer until you reach the state you want.

Enjoy this feeling for a while. As long as you like.

Then slowly stretch your arms and legs. Move your toes. Move your fingers.

Open your eyes. You are completely awake now, wide awake, very content, cheerful, fresh and rested and feel very well!

You can already feel the strong new feeling being great! Being awesome! Being special!

Enjoy your day with your great power of self-esteem!

I hope you enjoyed the process and gained what you desired to.

I would love to read your comment about how the process worked out
for you, and the experience you made. So, please take a couple of minutes
and give me feedback! If you have any questions, please, send them
to me also! I would love to support you on your way!

Please, join me in my next blog. Hypnotic suggestion text for manifesting desires, continue to read.

Until then all the best for you!

Aloha, Jenna

Live up to you!




4 thoughts on “Gain More Self-esteem Resting On The Couch!

  1. Dearest Jenna it was relaxing just reading. I took my time and read through very slowly. With me, I have the capacity to read my inner thoughts and hear what I am being taught.

    Some people need what you are teaching them because the world gets in the way and they need to unwind and let things go.

    I had an experience not long ago where I lost a fair amount of money that was totally essential to my lively hood. Most people would curse that person that placed you in that situation. But I found myself feeling sorry for that person and was able to forgive and let go.

    Although my situation has not changed but there where were other forces in place so that I will be able to climb out and replenish my self-esteem I was never be left alone. I know that for sure. it was nobody fault but my own in the first place. these are the thoughts that were going through my head as I read your post. Thank you for this post my dear friend Love always
    always a better way

    • Dearest Linda!
      First off you will receive triple-smile 🙂 🙂 🙂 for the three first experiences you shared with me!
      Thank you very very much for that!! I can observe my thoughts too and get the teachings 🙂 Reading your comment I became even more aware how special that is.
      I feel sorry for your experience. But this is only my first reflexion onto your experience. I have questions. I wonder if you have tested that situation or that person before it happened. And I wonder for what higher reason you let that person come into your house/life. How have those happenings brought you farther on your path? The beautiful gem of coping with that situation is indeed impressive!
      God who IS in our cells making us alive is always reaching out to us. We only need to listen and to feel. And I’m not sure about the word fault, dear friend! We are the creator and create things we do like and things we don’t like. We do this more or less consciously. Often we create situations to learn from. I observed on myself and my customers and students that the benefits were greater and the learning deeper and more intense when a person is consciously coping with a challenging situation.

      I hope some of my reflexions will serve you well and support you, dear friend!
      Sending you Love and Light!
      Live up to you!

      Aloha, Jenna

  2. These are great observations Jenna and I have reflected on them myself. Sometimes life gets in the way when we think you need something and are willing to get in the situation I got myself into. We overlook the power within and go for the shiny objects but as you said sometimes we need to go through things so they have a greater meaning or maybe a greater lesson.
    We have a tool for truth but itis not to be used for a financial gain this isn’t the purpose.
    Love and light to you
    always a better way

    • Aloha Linda!
      So glad you were able to resolve the situation fast and in such a great manner!
      Actually you turn a sh*t into a gem! Bravo! Very inspiring! Proud on you, dear friend!
      I know about the shiny objects. Sometimes I tend to get attracted to them too. I was mostly lucky with such adventures.
      However, if we get attracted to one we may learn something about what we think we miss or what we think we should possess.
      I also constantly experience and learn that the only way to a truly abundant life is to pass the eye of the needle of Your Own Inner Light. When you do you see that the eye of the needle is much bigger and easier to pass than you thought!
      Thank you so much for your time and experience you shared!
      Let me know how can I serve you in a better way!
      Sending you love and light dear friend!
      Aloha, Jenna

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