Image: Jenna Foster, The Cosmic Dancer

Aloha and Welcome to Insights!

On this page, I will share with you the insights and teachings I gained through animals and plants. There is such an abundance of opportunities to learn from our environment, our pets, birds or plants. We only need to open heart and to listen. I was surrounded by dogs for about three decades of my life but I didn’t listen for my head was always full of noise and thoughts, analyzing and digesting the past actions, preparing for the future actions.

As time passed by and I grew in my Spirit I learned a lot from trees and plants. But the absolutely amazing experiences and teachings I received from cats.

I had some early and quite sad experiences with a cat in my childhood. Not because of the cat that I loved. Because of my mother who abandoned the cat after he got sick. This left a deep wound in my heart for a long time and I didn’t feel attracted to cats. And of course, I had a dog for most of my life.

In my twenties, a very young straying cat was imposed on me and I accepted, though knowing that my dog – a German Shepherd – could kill it in a sec. I got them together but discovered that I developed a heavy cat allergy.

After that cat left me I never had a cat again and also avoided to visit friends with cats because of my allergy. That was until now. Now we have four cats and they are awesome. They are teaching me, challenging me, loving me. I love them back and learn.

Image: Jenna Foster, Our Honda

I love to share those teachings with you and invite you to be part of them, and also to take home a message that will support you with your own progress and self-growth. Enjoy!

Sending much Love and Light your way!

Aloha, Jenna



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