Are You Missing a Link for Your Great Breakthrough?

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Here You Will Find It! The Meditation Program, “The Missing Link”

Missing Something On My Journey – Prolog to The Missing Link

Have you ever felt or thought that you miss something significant, something very special that you need to understand, to move on, to be able to climb up the next level of your consciousness?

I guess most people do make such an experience of missing something important that would help them to find the meaning and enable them to make a sense of their life and their existence; to understand why they are here and which path they should go.

I experienced such “missing something” in my life for entire time-periods, and I have really suffered under it. When you think or feel – what is even worse – you are missing something substantial to your personal breakthrough, it is a big deal. It makes something with you.

My missing was created somewhere in the contradiction between what I have been taught to see and to believe and what I felt and thought how different life could be here, also my life.

It was as if I could sometimes see through the web-curtain of illusion that I have been taught to believe, and I began to untangle that web.

There was a certain dream that I had dreamt repeatedly in a period of almost two decades.


The Recurring Dream

I was hiking in the mountains. I was alone. The daylight was darkening and I needed shelter. It was early Fall and a little foggy. There was nothing out there and I got more and more afraid that I would have to spend the night outdoors in the cold.

Image by Totte Jonsson

Suddenly I could see a light shining through the trees and I heard some sounds. I ran in that direction and yes! There was a beautiful, big, dark-brown log cabin middle in the mountains. Yeah! In all windows was light.

I came closer and could already see people inside, talking, laughing, eating and drinking. Yes! They seemed about having a good time. This was such a release for me. I smiled and hurried to the door, pressed the latch to open it. Nothing happened. I tried again. Nothing. I knocked on the door! No response. I tried repeatedly, till – in great frustration – I started to hammer against the door. Nobody reacted.

Wasn’t anybody able to see or hear me?

The dusk was progressing. I was searching my mind what to do getting more and more afraid and tense. I needed to open the door!

Should I have a key? I thought that question and knew that it would be a miracle if I would have a key. Already in the dark, I touched the door and could feel a big old fashion keyhole. Yes, of course! I have a key!

I started to search my pockets. I looked repeatedly but there was nothing. I stood in the dark in front of a closed door and felt the tears running down my cheeks. So sad. I tried to scream but my throat was tight. No sound came out of it.

I woke up screaming.


Making Conscious Life-Changes

At the beginning of 2000, I got a position as a doctoral student and moved to a town that carries a key in the coat of arms.

Coat of arms, Bremen


After my move, I never had this dream again.

Bremen, this was the town where I blossomed and flowered! I learned a lot. I lived there for about 12 years. There, I graduated to a doctor of sociology, I developed and carried out my biggest research project, and founded my coaching business as a life coach with a focus on how to learn to improve whatever you want to improve in your life.

Most of that time I was very busy. There I experienced my first Burnout and almost my second one. I was always looking for something missing, a link that would help me to understand.

My life circumstances changed dramatically in 2015, after I came back from Hawaii where I visited for three months to serve as a volunteer in a Meditation and Yoga Retreat Kalani Honua – this place shut down recently – and where I met my future husband, Jeff.

I left Bremen almost suddenly – my immigration visa was approved after only six weeks – and unprepared for the future in Hawaii that became my presence.


What if You Cannot Meditate?

I was used to dealing with life challenges. Nevertheless, Hawaii offered me very special challenges that allow me to improve and purify myself at a much deeper level. One of the biggest challenges was not being able to meditate anymore as I was used to doing.

Any meditation methods I practiced didn’t seem to work for me anymore, not the Transcendental Meditation, and not the Holosync Brainwave Entrainment Program that I used for almost four years.

Most of the time my mind was in unrest producing lots of ideas and scenarios, rushing. However, there were also times when my mind was producing lots of negative thoughts, frustration, worries, and anger. I improved this state of mind with breathing techniques and especially with the Ho’oponopono Self-Healing method that I applied constantly over a period of nine months and during the time of the Kilauea Eruption. I did well with it.


Is There Really Something Missing?

At the beginning of this year there was a moment that I really experienced and deeply understood that there wasn’t anything missing. NOTHING. All was there already.
Little later, the program The Missing Link showed up in my life.

Well, what’s about The Missing Link if there is nothing missing, and all is there already?

Got curious? Then join me in the second part of the blog!

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Until then be well!

Aloha, Jenna





Live up to you!




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