Manifest Your Desire With Self Hypnosis!

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Welcome. Please, Join Me For Your Hypnosis Session!

You can apply the following hypnotic suggestions to manifest a certain desire. After you have learned and initiated a trance in self-hypnosis you will be able to use the self-hypnosis to manifest your desire whenever you want to.

Please, read the article about applying self-hypnosis first. You will find detailed guidelines that you can follow easily. It is indeed a very easy way how you can learn hypnosis at home. This method is your personal gate to manifesting dreams!


How To Use Self Hypnosis To Fulfill A Certain Desire?

You can record the suggestions in your own voice and listen to your recording while in the trance. Also, a person you trust can read the hypnotic suggestions out loud to you. Feel free to use the hypnosis music on this website as a background to record your voice.

You can also listen to the music while initiating a trance state and during your hypnosis session. The soft sounds will support a deeper trance and more relaxation.

To apply Self Hypnosis to manifest your desires is a very simple and fast way! It works easily. And you will be amazed how easy it is to activate the ability in you to manifest your dreams and desires.

I will now help you to program your inner life.
Your deepest interior.

You have a wish, and with the support of your subconscious mind, virtually every wish you have in yourself that is good for you can come true.

Your subconscious mind can activate energies for you that you may not even have known. It can give you strength and intuition.

Image: Pixabay

It can activate and transmit your inner “antennas” as well as receive them.

It can send everything necessary to the outside, to bring you closer to your desire.

It can attract the right people who can help you like a magnet, making contact with them and leading them to you.

It can receive and feel where you can find support and the right support for the fulfillment of your wish.

What do you desire? Please, give your desire a name. Do it now.
Please stay with your desire for a moment. How would you feel if your desire would have been fulfilled? What would be different? How would you know that your desire is fulfilled?

You will anchor this desire now so deep inside you, that everything in you will help to work toward its fulfillment.
That all energies within you awake, that can help you, and that your inner attitude also adjusts, so that you can be the person for whom this wish comes true.

Imagine other people who have already achieved this or a similar goal.

Or if you do not know a person who has ever achieved it, because it is a very personal desire, then just imagine what a person might look like – and how she would be, who has already achieved this goal.

And the moment you think of such a person, imagine them, your subconscious mind begins to analyze your inner self.
It looks around: Where are the differences between you and this person, concerning the fulfillment of this wish?

What could possibly make you even stronger, or what might it have to do a little bit quieter?

It takes away all the benefits and peculiarities of the person you may still be missing and integrates them into you.
Do not worry, it only takes the positive qualities that help you in fulfilling your desire.

What might keep you from it, and what would have to change?

Should it give you more courage?

Or more security?
More self-confidence, more drive, more ambition, more stamina?

More patience, more looseness, more intuition, more happy coincidences?

Or should it go back a bit?

Less fear, fewer doubts, fewer inhibitions, fewer blockages?

Your subconscious mind can let everything that keeps you from achieving your goal. It can remove every blockage! All you need is to decide to let it go!
Let it go of everything that keeps you stuck. Let it flow into your hands and from there out of your body and mind.


Let It Go Now!

Your subconscious mind will set everything in motion that it is optimal for the fulfillment of your desire. You may be surprised by what this can do.

How some things can suddenly change.

How seemingly impossible becomes suddenly possible and how seemingly intangible things suddenly become tangible.
Imagine energy floating all over the world.

Like the light that seems to float above the Arctic in the polar night.

Like gentle energy that envelops everything and unites everything.

Image: Painting, Author: Jurica Jonke

Imagine your subconscious now connects to this energy.
It sends a ray of light upwards.
Maybe from your forehead or from your solar plexus.
It sends a ray into the sky and connects you to the energy.

Through this energy, it can carry your wish anywhere.
Because energy is connected to everything.
A force field that unites everything.

Your subconscious sends this wish into the energy field, and it starts to spread.
This is very fast.

Just imagine how your subconscious mind seeks its goals. In seconds, its light finds the places or people that might be useful to you.
Your subconscious sends and receives.
It receives knowledge from people who have already fulfilled this wish.

Knowledge of people that could help you make your wish come true.
From specialists for your topic.
It moves people just as much as matter.
It makes coincidence come true and creates tendencies, a real climate for the fulfillment of your wish.

Imagine what it would be like if your wish would be already a reality and imagine it as comprehensively as possible. Visualize it!

In pictures and feelings. Maybe even in sounds, smells and tastes.
What about that? What would your life look like?

Please, see it, hear it and feel it! Take your time to do so.

Very well.
Now you will anchor this idea deep inside you.

Because the idea helps your subconscious mind to find new clues, how it can bring you closer to your wish.

By making the wish in the imagination a little bit real, your subconscious mind has begun to make it real.

Because everything that we can experience in our imagination, we can experience it in reality. I know that for sure.

Your desire is now stored deep in your subconscious, and it will do everything possible to make it come true.

All energies are activated and you will feel how everything turns out the way you want it to be.

Just let it happen. Receive it.


Let It Come To You!

Let it come to you. Accept it.

Just let it happen, and your wish will come true – with the help of the power of your subconscious mind.

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to be able to manifest your desires?
Enjoy it! Take a bath in your joy.
All of these words are now stored deep in your subconscious and they will come true just as YOU said.

From now on you can always use self-hypnosis to manifest your wishes. All you need is to come back to this blog and start a new self-hypnosis session for your new desire!

So, now is the time to come to the end of this session.
Take your time, then start to count.

Now count from 5 to 0 and arrived at 0 you are completely back in the normal waking state.
5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … 0 …


Now You Are Fully Awake Again

You are fully awake again. All your body systems are refreshed and ready to go.
Carefully stretch your body, shake your arms and legs.
Please, tell me once what you felt during the self-hypnosis session.

I hope you enjoyed the process!

I also would love to read your comment about how the process worked out for you, and the experience you made. So, please take a couple of minutes and give me feedback!

If you have any questions, please, send them also! I would love to support you on your way!
Please, join me in the next part of the blog. Continue with hypnotic suggestions here.
Until then all the best for you!
Sending you love and light!

Aloha, Jenna

Live up to you!



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