Super Simple Learning With Self Hypnosis

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Welcome. Please Join Me For Your Hypnosis Session.

!! This hypnotic suggestion text consists of two following parts. Please, read the instructions first.

You can apply the following hypnotic suggestions to improve your ability to learn. After you have learned and initiated a trance in self-hypnosis, you will be able to use the self-hypnosis to program your mind for the Superlearning.

Please, read the article about applying self-hypnosis first. You will find detailed guidelines that you can follow easily.

It is indeed a very easy way how you can learn hypnosis at home. This method opens for you the gate to learn easily and fast and become a Superlearner.


How To Use Self Hypnosis?

You can record the suggestions in your own voice and listen to your recording while in the trance.  Also, a person you trust could read the hypnotic suggestions out loud to you.

Feel free to use the hypnosis music on this website as a background to record your voice. You can also listen to the music while initiating a trance state and during your hypnosis session. The soft sounds will support a deeper trance and more relaxation.

To apply Self Hypnosis is a very simple and fast way! It works easily. In addition, you will be amazed at how simple it is to change your learning patterns and to become a deep and fast learning person.

Can you see already how learning will become simple super-learning?

What would change in your life if your learning skills would become so great that you would be able to learn as much you desire in a very short time?

That you would know how you learn in an optimal way? That you would be able to identify in no time what content is important for you to learn it quickly?

How would the ability support you to become the person you want to be?
To be able to do what you desire to do?
To live how you desire to live?

I will now help you to program your Inner Guide. Your deepest interior.


It Is Easy To Learn!

With the power of hypnosis, you will now adjust your inner self so that you can optimally learn and manage your knowledge.

The hypnotic suggestions will help your subconscious mind to set everything up so that you can easily take knowledge, and whenever you want or need it, retrieve it and play it back.

Learning will be easy for you now because your subconscious mind will activate all areas of your brain that are important for knowledge acquisition whenever you want to learn.

It will adjust your concentration so that the knowledge literally flows into you whenever you need it and want it.

You will find that learning is really fun at the same time. Fun makes learning to happen easily.

That you really feel like learning because it suddenly becomes super easy.

You can remember things much easier and whatever you want to learn – you’ll understand it very easily.


Image: Pixabay


Complicated Theories Will Suddenly Be Very Simple

Even the most complicated contexts will suddenly be very simple and understandable because your subconscious mind sets up everything in you so that you can really use the power of your brain.

The knowledge that you absorb in this way is stored deep inside of you, and your subconscious mindsets it up in the way that it is retrievable at any time if you want to retrieve it.

Learning with the help of the subconscious is a great thing because it makes many things much easier.

The knowledge is available as a matter of course.
It’s just there when you need it.
It is stored so that it comes to the fore when needed.
Brain research teaches that the brain assumes a particular state of mind when it is set for optimal learning.
A state of relaxed concentration. Easy attention.

Optimal learning works very easy.
And you want your subconscious mind to activate that state every time you start learning.

All by itself. And so it is.
It knows what it has to do with it.
It knows the controls exactly.


In a State Of Relaxed Concentration You Will Learn Easily

Whenever you learn, it automatically sets everything up so that learning is easy for you and you can optimally memorize the material.
By experiencing this optimal state of learning you will get more and more interested in learning.

Learning will suddenly be something really pleasant.
You no longer have to force yourself to learn. The opposite will happen. You will feel the desire to learn to come from within you.

In most cases, learning is also connected to a goal.

Classwork, an exam or a test.

Your interior knows your goals, and it can perfectly match your learning.

It knows which material you need to know and when you need to know it.

It can tune your learning behavior so that you are always optimally prepared for each exam or test.

It controls your desire for learning so that you are always well prepared.
If it is necessary to learn, to get used to the knowledge, then you really feel like it.

Then it motivates you and leads you to your books, computer or whatever you need to learn.
And when you learn, time flies by.


Image: Pixabay


There Is an Optimal State Of Learning

It does not stress you; it does not annoy you, but it does just happen.
And just as there is an optimal state for learning, there is an optimal state for rendering knowledge.

A relaxed concentration in which the knowledge is easily retrievable.
In which it is simply available, just, as it is needed.

And that will also set up your subconscious mind as it is optimal for you.
It makes your knowledge available. It makes it closer and easier to access for you than ever.

In exams, you will find that you are relaxed like never before and that the knowledge flows out of you, exactly as it is asked.
It will seem to you that all questions and tasks are very simple.

As soon as you read or hear a task, the answer is already available.

As if someone in your interior would answer the question immediately and you would just have to write down or say the answer.

In written exams, it is sometimes as if someone just leads your pen. Or your fingers over the keyboard.

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