Stage Fright Free With Self Hypnosis

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Welcome. Please Join Me For Your Hypnosis Session.

You can apply the following hypnotic suggestions to decrease your stage fright. After you have learned and initiated a trance in self-hypnosis you will be able to use the self-hypnosis to improve your performance while on a stage.

Please, read the article about applying self-hypnosis first. You will find detailed guidelines that you can follow easily. It is indeed a very easy way how you can learn hypnosis at home. This method is your gate to your confidence on stage, speaking in public, acting on the stage, passing verbal tests and exams, especially high-performance exams!


How To Use Self Hypnosis?

You can record the suggestions in your own voice and listen to your recording while in the trance. Also, a person you trust could read the hypnotic suggestions out loud to you. Feel free to use the hypnosis music on this website as a background to record your voice.

You can also listen to the music while initiating a trance state and during your hypnosis session. The soft sounds will support a deeper trance and more relaxation.

To apply Self Hypnosis is a very simple and fast way! It works easily. In addition, you will be amazed how simple it is to activate the ability in you to be calm, focused and confident in high-performance situations and to perform in the best possible way. What would it mean to your profession and career?

I will now help you to program your Inner Guide.

Your deepest interior.


How Does It Feel To Be Fright-Free On Stage?

Image: Pixabay

You desire to be fright-free on stage. You want to be sovereign in high-performance situations on stage.

You have chosen the support of hypnosis to do something about your stage fright. Hypnosis has helped many people overcome their stage fright.

And today you will give your subconscious the opportunity to finally reduce or even erase your stage fright. How does feel for you to perform completely stage fright-free? Wouldn’t it be awesome?

Stage fright is usually the worry that something could go wrong on a particular occasion. They worry that one is not doing well enough, is behaving wrongly or is even entering something that could be overwhelming.

Stage fright is actually there to protect you, to alert you and alert to be good at what you want to do.

But unfortunately, it often works in exactly the opposite direction. Then it makes you so alert and nervous that it prevents you from getting in the way of inhibiting rather than promoting.

Then, in important moments, it releases so much inner energy that it lays over the thoughts and slows them down. Then it gets uncomfortable.

It can steal one’s sleep, can cost an incredible number of nerves.

Your subconscious mind can do something about it.

It controls all the functions inside of you, and it can move the knobs.

It can make feelings stronger or weaker.

Image: Pixabay

And with the help of hypnosis, it can do all that very effectively and often in a very short time.

For many people, a single hypnosis session has been enough to put an end to their stage fright once and for all and to give them a new level of security in situations that were previously uncomfortable.

Please tell me where your stage fright is most intense.

Describe it to me. How does it express itself? When does it express itself and what bothers you?

Please, take your time.

And now please tell me how you would wish that your interior should react?

What would you like to do differently?

How about if everything would be optimal?

What if you had achieved the perfect form of change that you seek support for?

Do you know someone who has no stage fright in such a situation?

How about if you could pick up this person’s strengths.

Take your time.

Very well.

Your subconscious mind uses all this information and thoughts to make your wishes come true.

The fact that you have an idea of how everything could be or how you would like it shows that the potential exists in you to make your wishes come true.

The thought of people who are free of stage fright allows your subconscious mind to take on the characteristics of these people.

Image: Pixabay, On Stage

They allow you to incorporate these qualities into you, helping to free you as well.

Your subconscious mind will now do everything possible to stop your stage fright.

Imagine how it wraps you in pleasant energy.
Like a protective cloak, it envelops you with this energy and creates you a space of security.

A place of security in which you are completely protected, above all, what made you nervous before. You will experience a completely new feeling.

The situation that caused stage fright in you will now feel completely different.
Much more relaxed. Much more relaxed.

Even in advance, you will notice that no more nervousness arise.
If there is an occasion where you have previously felt stage fright, you will now feel serenity.

You will be able to sleep wonderfully and in the situation itself, you will have all the strength you need to master this situation brilliantly and with a good feeling.

From now on, a completely new experience begins for you.

You will get to know how it is without living stage fright.
You will get to know how it is for the people who perceive such situations without stage fright.
You will be completely free from stage fright.
Completely free.

All these words are now stored deep within you, and they come true as YOU said.

From now on you can always use self-hypnosis to calm down even more and perform in the best possible way.
All you need is to come back to this suggestion text and start a new self-hypnosis session!
You can choose a new challenging situation and work on it. You can improve yourself more and more, step-by-step.

So, now is the time to come to the end of this session.

Take your time, then start to count.

Now count from 5 to 0 and arrived at 0 you are completely back in the normal waking state.
5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … 0 …


Now You Are Fully Awake Again

You are fully awake again. All your body systems are refreshed and ready to go.
Each system is working in an optimal way.
Carefully stretch your body, shake your arms and legs.

I hope you enjoyed the process.
Please, take a few minutes and tell me what you felt during this self-hypnosis session.

I also would love to read your comment about how the process worked out for you, and the experience you made. So, please take a couple of minutes and give me feedback!

If you have any questions, please, send them also to me! I would love to support you on your way!
Please, join me in my next blog.

Until then all the best for you!

Sending you love and light!

Aloha, Jenna

Live up to you!



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