Growing Myself!

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My Money Blueprint – Insights About Attracting Money and Abundance, Part III

Dr. Jenna Foster

The Self-Growth became very important to me in the last 25 years. Before that, I quite often thought about finding a psychologist and talk. But I never did. There wasn’t any pressure to do it, even though I felt that something is missing in my life. I felt that I need to think more about me and that there is something wrong with me because I was so different than others. (Please, click here if you have missed the second part of this blog.)

There has been especially three important waves of self-growth in my life. The first one came in 1999 and flooded my mind with depressive moods and thoughts when I was ready to finish my studies.

I started my master thesis and shortly after that, I split from a boyfriend with whom I was together for seven years. We built a house together and had a beautiful German Shepherd. He was a nice person who drank too much and didn’t show much interest in self-development. And there was a moment that I understood that I never will be able to grow with this man.

Coming out! Image: Pixabay

How hard I tried to find THE love, I wasn’t able. I went from one relationship to work on to another one. I learned and improved myself where I could, I waited on the partner doing the same, often felt that I wasted my time and eventually I left.

The second wave started in 2009 after I had got acquainted with the Law of Attraction and the movie The Secret. But the real wave came to me with an offer to conduct a workshop for scientific writing in English in 2013.

That time I worked as a life coach for private clients and as a coach for learning in science on universities and schools. I trained students in scientific and personal skills. My training was booked out with long waiting lists. Moreover, the clients and the students – most of them – were very successful with what we worked on together.

I also gave training in scientific writing for students and doctoral students. Therefore, you may think that it wasn’t a big deal for me to do it in English. No. It was a big deal especially for I never learned English at school and what I learned as an autodidact was just good for a low-level conversation. In short, my level of English qualified me for not more than the low B2-Level.

Getting Nourishment! Image: Pixabay

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) that is widely accepted as the global standard for grading an individual’s language proficiency defines six reference English levels: A1 and A2 for beginners, B1, and B2 for advanced speakers, and C1 and C2 fluently speakers, C2 as a native speaker. Of course, a low B2 level wasn’t appropriate for conducting training in English in front of an audience.

I thought I was crazy to accept this offer. It stressed me out. I was afraid. I couldn’t sleep. But I did it. About seven months after I signed the contract and conducted a two-days-workshop with international students, who were graduating to Ph.D. in Physics.

My new English was a GIFT! It connected me to a completely new world. I started to learn from American Coaches like Leslie Householder, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, and last but not least Bill Harris from whom I learned more about NLP and many others.

The third wave of self-growth came to me through the Kilauea Eruption. This one seems to be the most powerful one that connected all the learning pieces with each other I collected until then and brought me into my feelings.

I started to feel in myself, to feel into nature. The energies of the eruption and the numerous earthquakes were overwhelming, but I didn’t fear them. It felt natural for me to work with those energies, with the wind and rain, to ask God but especially Hi’iaka and Pelé for assistance, and to work with their energies. Pelé is the Goddess of Hawaii, and Hi’iaka (Click here if you like to learn more about Pele and Hi’iaka.) is her younger sister.

Ho’oponopono Prayer was that prepared me so greatly for the time of the eruption and beyond. In the Winter of 2017, I became a Ho’oponopono practitioner with way bigger understanding of Ho’oponopono than I used to have before. End of November 2017 I started to meditate with the Ho’oponopono Prayer and continued it over nine months until mid of August 2018. I was in constant prayer every day and all waking time for over nine months and this cleared my memories and issues in a profound way.

What the Prayer also did for me, was, it supported me to be connected me and grounded in the present moment. I deeply understood that there was nothing else than a present moment.


Do You Feel Significant?

The second last value I want to talk about is the Significance. This I can handle in very short: I never wanted to gain significance because I always felt significant and unique. This was given to me. And it is a great gift for it allows me to look at me and only at me.

I never had the desire to compare with other people. Looking up to the great American coaches, I “somehow” knew in my inner that I could do and be like them. I desired to find the way there and I knew there will be a way, once.

I petted this desire in my heart and did what I could to improve. Especially, I always kept my awareness as conscious as possible. Of course, with the progressing self-improvement, my level of consciousness grew exponentially.

Becoming more and more Aware! Image: Pixabay

The last value that was highly important to me for my entire life was to make a difference in the world. To make our world a better place. Even though I didn’t have a clue how to do it, the most of my life I carried that idea in my heart and I desired it to become true. I simply always wanted to rescue the world. At some point, I understood that I didn’t have to save the world. The only thing I have to do, is, to rescue myself. Rescuing myself means to improve and purify in a way that I am able to see, understand and feel the truth about this three-dimensional world.

Harvesting! Image: Pixabay

Understanding The Big Picture

Orienting on my values I created a certain foundation, a matrix for things to happen in my life. This is the basis and the first step I like you to comprehend. In the next blog, I will share with you more insights I gained on this basis, working with Colette’s book. I hope you are curious and will join me there. You can also purchase Colette’s book right here.

I also hope you enjoyed this piece of my process! Please, let me know what you think about it. If you like to try this process too, please, let me know!

In every case, please take a couple of minutes and give me feedback on what do you think right now, and if you already have some interesting finding regarding your own manifestation process!

If you have any questions, please, write them down and send them also! I would love to support you on your way!

Sending much Love and Light to you!
Aloha, Jenna





Live up to you!





6 thoughts on “Growing Myself!

  1. Aloha Jenna
    What a story and what an amazing journey you are on.
    Our lives shape us, our studies shape us.
    Your earthiness and strength is incredible and I love this sire Jenna and You, my friend are an amazing, gifted woman – Mahalo

    • Thank you so very much, Vicki! I feel sooo honored!
      Yes, I feel the same. It is an amazing journey full of adventures and teachings. There will be one or two more parts of this blog series where I put the main puzzle-pieces together to a synopsis, and show what I’m doing with it. You may like to subscribe to see them. You can easily unsubscribe anytime. Or I send you a link to this blog if you like.
      Thank you very much for visiting my website! Mahalo!
      Sending much Love and Light!
      Aloha, Jenna

  2. Aloha,
    Ahhh yes constant growth is LIFE!
    Understanding your growth and accepting it is extremely important.

    I love how you related to the Hawaiian gods! That must have been an awesome experience to say the least!

    Rescuing yourself is a great way to look at it! I see it as understanding to a point to be able to rescue yourself! I teach Rescue Scuba and have had students complain half way thru the class ” when are we gonna rescue somebody we keep doing it ourselves” my answer “if you can’t rescue yourself you can’t rescue somebody else”

    It is great that you have the gift of being you and being able to feel and share!

    onward n upward

    • Aloha captdennis!!

      You made me goosebumps, as usual! 😉

      Absolutely! It is true! All starts with oneself and within oneself! There is no other way.

      I feel so blessed and honored sharing my journey with you, Dennis!

      Sending much Love your way!
      Talk soon!
      Aloha, Jenna

  3. Hi, Jenna, my friend you are amazing in an abundance of ways. Yes, I share my stories also and through sharing them you are giving a gift of life lessons.

    Not that you want others to follow your footsteps but being honest with yourself helps others to be honest with themselves.

    Life experiences how to overcome the world and come out on the other side a better person. it takes time and courage to do so.

    I have followed much of your work and we have interconnected websites. I am honoured that you hold me in very high regard.

    I am now working on bringing all my work together in an ebook. I will be making references to other websites and would like to us yours Live Up to you especially in energy fields as an example for others.

    Why? because I don’t want to be jumping all over the internet I feel that energy is a very important part of the spiritual side of all of us. I will be coving my 4 pet essentials to life. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. that is a big mouth full. And I feel I can cover all this by examples.

    I could like your very important opinion and your permission to use Live up to you. With all the research that I have done, we can amplify it by sharing our work.

    An E-book is very versatile because you can make links to other parts of the web and at a push of a button take people on a journey much further and wider than just a book. So let me know Ok always a better way Linda

    • Aloha dearest Linda!

      Heartfelt congratulations on your new book project!!! It is gonna be a huge success! Your offer honors me, and I’m looking forward to reading it!
      Yes, please, use Live up to you!
      Stories and examples are a great way to show how it is possible to resolve obstacles and barriers on the way. Others can imitate it or lean on it and create own solutions.
      When I trained students at universities I always was aware to be a possible model for them. It doesn’t matter so much what you teach them. It matters how you are with them, and if you apply what you are teaching them! My training sessions had long waiting lists and this already a few months after I started. When you connected the knowledge with experience you gain wisdom, and so do others when they follow their heart and purpose of life.
      I learned a lot from you! You were the first person with whom I shared my very fresh idea to conduct group sessions online teaching how to use the power of emotions to manifest desires. Little later you sent me Colette’s book with the ready to apply recipe and more …
      You have a big place in many of my posts, and I love to lead my website visitors to yours, for I know they will learn an grow on your experience as well, as they can on mine. And you have a big place in my heart!
      I’m planning to publish the Reiki Chronicles as a book, and also have other good book ideas calling and awaiting me to begin. However, this needs to wait until I have more room. I need to focus on the MAP school right now.
      I will talk to you more soon!

      Thank you very much for taking time and visiting my site! I greatly appreciate it!

      Sending you much Love and Light and HIG’s!
      Aloha, dear friend! Jenna

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