10. Reiki Chronicles

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“Everything I Did Today After Our Reiki Session Was Positive and GOOD!”

In the following part of Reiki Chronicles, I would like to introduce to you the Cho Ku Rei Symbol, also known as a Power Symbol. Subsequently, you can enjoy Dennis’ ongoing Reiki Healing journey that is recorded by him in Reiki protocols, completely authentic and unedited transcripts streamed and written down after each session.

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Image: Digital Art by Cristina Velina Ion, Cho Ku Rei Symbol


Cho Ku Rei Symbol

Cho Ku Rei is the first symbol, known also as a Power Symbol, used in Usui Reiki. Its meaning is “placing all the powers of the universe here.” The Power Symbol increases the ability to channel Reiki Energy. It draws the Reiki Energy and focuses it on the required purpose.

The Power Symbol is mainly used to connect with the Reiki Energy while starting a session, to boost the Reiki Energy, and to boost all other symbols. But, it can also be used for all kinds of purposes.


Usage of Cho Ku Rei

Cho Ku Rei can be used to focus the Reiki Energy on a particular spot, where it is helping to heal injuries, symptoms and (also chronic) conditions.

It adapts to the purpose a Reiki Practitioner has chosen, and therefore it can be used to enhance a mental and emotional clearing, and remove stagnated energies. Drawn on the walls it clears the negative energies in rooms, or in the air to cleanse the particular area.

The Power Symbol can be used for protection on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Drawn over food or water, it helps to remove negative energies and make it healthier. Drawn over your medicine increases its effectiveness.

Image: Pinterest

Cho Ku Rei can help to improve professional and personal relationships, and to attract desirable things, events and persons into your life. It also helps to prevent misfortune and negative events.

My answer to Dennis’ protocol from 7-31-19

Thank you!

That is it, Dennis! That is it! Your Jackpot!

I read and listened to as you told me. Then I walked out of the office to get my tiny gecko a piece of papaya. No thoughts. No words. Then came back, got goosebumps all over, strong! And those only words came to my mind: That is it.

So proud of you! So so proud!

If you like to work with I AM affirmations.

I AM Health.

I AM Unconditional Love.

I AM Peace.

I AM Balance.

I AM Harmony.

I AM Abundance.

I AM Clarity.

… add more if you like to …

Absorb the energy for the next three days. Drink a lot of water. Schedule the water around your events so you get at least two or better two and a half liter or 5 x 16.9 OZ of water every day. You may need to reduce other drinks if necessary. The water helps you to additionally cleanse your body.

If it is ok with you we will repeat the cleansing on two days Sunday (8-4-19) and Monday 8-5-19) our usual time.

Let me know!

Deep joy and gratitude, this is what I feel! This is fantastic news, Dennis!

Sending much Love and Light and Gratitude! Aloha, Jenna

Dennis’ answer on 7-31-19

“You are so sweet, thank you!

That’s google mails automated response lol if I couldn’t talk or type LOL

It is after 11pm here and I am still walking on air! Everything I did today after our session was positive and GOOD! BRAVO KUDOS!

Should I use the frequencies while in session?

And I just looked at your weather situation! Hang in, my prediction is lot’s o water from the sky and the sea. I would suggest 50 ft above sea level at a minimum due to surge but at this writing I believe it is there now so

So we (whole family, me Shirley n Caitlyn) will spend a moment gathering light love and energy and sending to you to help you thru !

Keep me updated! onward n upward”

My response 7-31-19

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 

This is good! This is as it should be! Yeah! Wooohoo!

Yes! Use the frequencies!

Eric isn’t there yet, lazy sock haha. We with our temporary structure are very sensitive to wind.

However, I’m very cool with that.

I put already an energy shield over our lot and also over Big Island. A great reminder to boost them! Thank you.

We had some showers, the ocean is pretty calm. I think Eric will slow down and drift down south. We will still get some downpours but nothing serious. This is how I’m dealing with. One needs to work with the hurricanes. J

Thank you for the Light and Love energy you sent! Received with a warm feeling in the belly and goosebumps J

Thank you, friend!

Sending Love and Light back to you amplified!

Much Aloha with a gentle wind back to you guys! Jenna

Dennis’ protocol on Sun 8-4-19

“It’s an amazing day. ! Previous right now within the background turn on LOL SORRY

I had to clear the room of people because they were talking and I was streaming and the computer was getting both, lol but they all understand LOL

The whole session was consumed with Let It Be and Cleansing this Time with easy this time it was so calm and so I don’t know or whatever and all during the cleansing I was feeling thankful and grateful for being able to be able to get to that place where I could just become calm and it was the same vision of my Silhouette with the smoking extremities in the smoking ground and everything and it was easy and I just drifted through it today I never stopped.

Image: Pixabay, Let it be!

The Reiki part just appeared like a light pin in the darkness just rolling with let it be playing in the background amazing but true it was easy to stay focused on the light as a drifted  Into the Blue alive Vision that I’ve been having but the music was there and I immediately felt guilty and tried to move the music out of my mind but then I immediately got a feeling that this let it go let it be let it be there it was in the background for the rest of the session.

Visions as my parents slipped thru and they were really happy this time and my mother was telling me it’s okay and my father was actually patting me but with that smile on his face when he was sure that he either accomplished something or taught me something I remember that and I never really thought about it before but that’s what I wanted from my father was that pat on the back that I understood him and he understood me and I was happy and I was feeling the love and acceptance coming in and it was amazing and I actually was doing the commentary in my mind and tried to stop that and then let it be came it to my mind I let that roll too.

Image: Pixabay, Cleanse out the past!

It was beautiful and I felt tears rolling down my cheeks but I was happy and could feel myself smiling I reached for my face again and felt the kerchief was moist lol so I lifted it and it was 12:01

I burst out laughing and out loud (kinda loud) I guess as when I came out of the bedroom, Shirley had that big smile that I just love. lol THANK YOU LORD THANK YOU JESUS THANK YOU JENNA THANK YOU SHIRLEY AND MOST OF ALL THANK ME !!!!!!


All I can say is WOWZA!

When I took over the living room. The boys were early we are going on a flea market adventure to find parts for the drum set, I have found a guy with a horde of used parts all the fittings and assorted parts, off we go!! Thank you thankyouthankyou!”


I hope you enjoyed this part of Reiki Chronicles. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Please, leave your opinion below! Please, contact me, if you have any questions or would like my assistance.

Sending much Love and Light your way!

Aloha, Jenna



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