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Welcome, Dear Reader!

I am happy to see you here looking for more information about Healing and Self-Healing.

The information included at Live up to You! site is not a piece of abstract information about methods, their history, structure and how they work. On this page, you will find authentic, first-hand information gained in real, progressing healing processes.

I will introduce you to methods I use for Self-Healing and to support the healing of others. Right now you can find articles about Energy Healing, especially about Distant Healing with Reiki and my Self-Healing experience with the Self-Healing-Method, Paida Lajin. Soon more articles will come about Hydrogen Peroxide Cure I applied to detoxify my body and to raise my energy level, and about successful cure of allergy symptoms (hay allergy) with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).


Image: Pixabay, Progressing Neuroplasticity of the Brain – Change your mindset, change your body, change your brain – change your life!


Here you can practically witness the healing occurring and learn what you can expect from those methods and how the application of those methods can support you on your own way of self-growth and development. You can learn what does it really means to be self-aware and how to effectively improve your self-awareness and personal development. But you can also learn how to use different methods (see my blog page) to decrease anxiety, recurring depressive moods and raise your energy level. Enjoy!

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