Deepening the Trance

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Intensify Your Self Hypnosis Experience!

In the former blog, I introduced to you a very easy four-steps-method how to go into the trance and apply self-hypnosis. After you gained experience with the basic method (to see the basic method click here!) and are very comfortable to use it, you may be curious how to intensify the trance.

In this blog, you will have the opportunity to learn how to intensify and deepen the trance.
Also, this trance intensifying method is very easy to follow.

My recommendation is to read about the five steps first off and play and experiment a little bit with each step and then apply the deepening after the fourth step of the basic method.

First Step
Imagine standing in front of a staircase that leads over twelve steps down to a door. This door leads to your personal, magic room. This room allows you to completely relax and release every problem that is on your mind.


Image: Pixabay


Second Step
Now imagine going down the stairs.
While you go down the stairs, count backward – from ten to zero. After each step, you can suggest yourself sinking even deeper into this beautiful state.

Something like this: “And I sink even deeper into this beautiful trance” or:

“I sink deeper and deeper, my relaxation increase more and more.”

Keep breathing deeply and calmly. Feel your hand touching the handrail that runs alongside the stairs.

Before you reach the bottom of the stairs — between the numbers one and zero — suggest again:

“And when I arrive at zero, I sink even deeper — twice as deep — into this beautiful trance.”

Third Step
After you count to the number “zero”, you are at the door to your magic room. Look closely at the door and open it.
Enter your magic room … this space is beautifully decorated, just so that it is absolutely perfect for you!
Take a deep breath and taste the air in the room. Let this peaceful silence take over.

Fourth Step
Scan your body and find out where you feel the happiest. Then imagine this happiness as a beam of light in your favorite color.
Turn up the “light switch” neatly and immerse your whole body in this beautiful light. Just let it happen and experience how your whole body is permeated by a feeling of happiness.

Fifth Step
After some time, go over to and discover your couch that stands in your magic room.
You walk to this couch. You know that it is magic and that anyone who sinks into this couch will instantly fall three times deep into that wonderful sleep.

Breathe deeply again and let yourself sink into your magic couch!


Image: Pixabay


Immediately, a beautiful feeling enters your body and you can sink a little more.
On the magic couch, your subconscious mind opens up and limits disappear. You can make the impossible possible on this couch! What do you desire? What is in alignment with your soul and your way?

From this couch, you can travel to distant places, or see yourself exactly as you always wanted to be …
Your subconscious mind will save all these pictures and soon manifest them in your life. So be aware of what you are visualizing and asking for.

Enjoy this state for as long as you like!

After the first self-hypnosis, you will notice a dreamy, relaxed feeling in your body.
The more often you work with self-hypnosis, the more intense this feeling will become.
So, it pays off to stay on the ball and practice the technique regularly.

It’s best to start with steps 1-4 and keep the more intensive method (steps 1-5) until you have a little practice with self-hypnosis.

To exit the trance, do the following steps.


Exit The Trance

First Step
Prepare for waking up:
“I’m going to wake up slowly from the trance.
I’ll be counting from one to three soon.
When I’m at three, I’ll be wide awake and feel fit and fresh. ”

Second Step
Count from one to three.
Tell yourself in the mind:
“I’m getting more alert and alert. My pulse and my blood pressure reach optimal values for my body. Everything feels wonderful.”

Third Step
At three, open your eyes.
Stretch your arms and legs. Take some time before you get up.

Again! Just let the process happen and free yourself from any compulsion to control the process!

Here are two variations of positive suggestions that you can profitably incorporate into self-hypnosis:


Use the described basic and deepening techniques to enter and deepen the trance state.
Then make your favorite vacation place vital in your mind’s eye: see the surroundings, smell the air, listen to the environment.

It does not matter if it is a real existing place or if your holiday place is a complete fantasy.

For example, you could lie on a beautiful tropical beach in the warm sand. You can hear the ocean waves beating softly against the beach as you watch the sun sink into the sea in a glorious glow of red.
It is wonderfully warm, and the light breeze that touches your skin gives you an enchanted feeling. You breathe the air deeply in.


Image: Jenna Foster, Green Sand Beach on Big Island

Enjoy and relax.

Take 5-15 minutes or as much time you like to enjoy your favorite place. Of course, if you want, you can also go for a walk there and explore the landscape.

The highlight of the matter:

Your subconscious makes no distinction between actual experiences and things that you imagine doing during your self-hypnosis session.

When you exit the trance again, it’s just as if you’re just coming back from a refreshing getaway. If that is not a true luxury!!


Hypnotic Suggestions

In the state of trance, you can implement your own suggestions. Make sure that you only work with positive and encouraging suggestions.


Do not lie to your subconscious mind. It knows better!!  Phrases like: “I’m beautiful, slim and healthy” will not work if you are clearly overweight and are recovering from the flu – even if you keep reading it in some “Think Positive” literature.

Instead, suggest, “I’m ready to do more for my health, to get slim and healthy.”

Set a course for the future as well: “With every day, my joy in maintaining a healthy diet is growing. I’m getting leaner and slimmer until I reach my absolute dream figure – and I feel absolutely comfortable with it at all times. ”
Not only does that sound good, but it also does you good – and works! Try it!


I hope you enjoyed your self-hypnosis session.
Please, take a few minutes and tell me what you felt during this self-hypnosis session.

I also would love to read your comment about how the process worked out for you, and the experience you made. So, please take a couple of minutes and give me feedback!

If you have any questions, please, send them to me! I would love to support you on your way!
Please, join me in my next blog.

Until then all the best for you!

Sending you love and light!
Aloha, Jenna





Live up to you!



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