How to Attract Money into Your Life?

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My Money Blueprint – Insights About Attracting Money and Abundance, Part V

At the end of the process with Colette’s book, I was surprised, astounded and grateful. To understand my own creation of money flow in my life on that deep level felt moving to me. I knew that there was so much more to understand and to know, and the idea to have this tool available to see what was there, felt great.

Would you like to know how to get more money in your life? Continue to read! If you didn’t read the former articles, please start here.

By the way, this process works for every issue that you want to fix in your life. All you need is to identify and define that issue, define the trigger message – a short positive sentence like the “Money comes easily to me” – to activate the grid of memories connected with this issue, and you can see the web, and all those sticky trajectories you created.

The second gift for that I was deeply grateful was the knowing that this method, MAP (“Manifesting All Possibilities®”), was a real, true thing. I knew this tool works.

Reading Colette’s book I saw that I found already many of the steps required for the manifestation on my own. I knew I can manifest consciously and I did it already. I will give you two examples of my most incredible manifestations.


Manifesting an Alfa Romeo

The first awesome manifestation I created was a car. Not simply a car. This was THE car. I was in my early twenties, worked as a Pizza courier and was in love with Alfa Romeo, especially with the Model Alfa Romeo Sud Sprint. This one was that I could afford from my salary as a pizza driver.

The thing with Alfa Romeo of this type was that they weren’t so expensive. But they mostly were rusty and in poor condition. That time I drove a Volkswagen Polo that I bought from my friend that wasn’t fun at all to drive.

My desire was – and this is amazing what happened – to get a beautiful Alfa Romeo Sud Sprint in a great condition, with a full-length safety check of 2 years, for the price of €2500.

Image: Pixabay

The desire was strong in me. However, I didn’t do anything than to wait. And then one evening I came back from a pizza ride, and in front of the pizzeria I worked for was parked an Alfa Romeo Sud Sprint, fresh painted in black and red, with aluminum wheels and looking awesome.

After looking at that car for a while, I entered the pizzeria, grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, and wrote down: “If you ever want to sell your car, let me know.” I added my telephone number and put the note behind the wiper blade. Two days later, I got a call.

To make a long story short: I bought this car a few days later with a refreshed safety check and new brakes in the front for €2600.


Manifesting a Scientific Project

The second amazing manifestation of mine happened in my thirties. I was a doctoral student at that time working for the University of Bremen. My project agreement was close to expiring, I wasn’t done with my doctoral thesis – far away from it actually – and I had this intense desire to stay in the science, even though I felt deep in my heart that my scientific career is close to its end. My desire was though to acquire a big scientific project. I desired it and forgot about it working hard on my doctoral project. One day I received an announcement of the Federal Ministry of Science that day call for proposals for research on female entrepreneurship.

Image: Pixabay

I have to admit that I didn’t know almost anything about it. I worked in the field of Sociology of Labor and was aware that I would need to research every single piece of theory and research done in that field of entrepreneurship. I forwarded this announcement to my colleague and she was interested. I drafted the first proposal, only one page, literally sucking everything out of the blue. We went to my supervisor asking him if he would sign for it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do the research on our own, we needed a scientific worker who would sign the contracts. Later on, this led to many complications and struggles within the project organization.

However, even though I wasn’t an expert in this field – no one of us was – what is actually a requirement to get such a project, I got the project for three years creating two full positions, one three quarter position, one half position, and several student’s jobs with financing of about €800K.

Both manifestations I created with a strong conscious desire, similar to Colette’s manifestation of her soul mate. But I didn’t use either visualization techniques nor repetition as Colette did. I simply wished it to come, trusted that it will show up and more or less forgot about it. Howsoever, it came to me.

There is more of such manifestations, I created in the past, and I will share them with you in one another blog. For now, I come back to Colette’s book.

Image: Pixabay


The Five-Steps-Manifestation Method

Colette has developed a five-steps-manifestation-method and explained it in the book. The steps are the following:
1 Choose your abundance goal effectively
2 Train your brain to rewire itself on command
3 Discover and neutralize your sabotaging beliefs and memories in your money blueprint
4 Create new powerful beliefs using the Magnetization Technique
5 Adopt 5 key-daily-habits that will accelerate and empower your new, supporting beliefs
What is the Magnetization Technique?
The Magnetization Technique is a visualization based on very vivid and strong emotions.

The Key-Habits

What are the key habits?
The key habits are habits you need to develop to empower the process and manifestation.

1 Exercise the Magnetization Technique for five minutes every night
2 Take an inspired action
3 Feel good all the time (or most of the time)
4 Feel good about yourself
5 Celebrate the first moment of being awake again in the morning, saying thank you. “Thank you” is the very first thought you think every morning. You wake up with a grateful heart.


Image: Pixabay

Regards to the steps I noticed that I’m good already in three steps. I need to work more on step two and three.
Regards to the five habits I was happy to see three of them already included in my life. Some more work left over for the steps one and two.

I instantly started to apply the Magnetization Technique and my second goal for the following weeks was to make sure that when I do something that I am inspired to do so.
What is inspired action?
An inspired action is when you listen to your heart before you act and feel that this is the right thing/action to do it NOW.
I was happy to see that I was already applying three of those habits a long time before reading this book. I knew it is THE method for me. It wasn’t necessary anymore to develop a method and training myself that I would offer online. This method came to me in a magic way, and all I needed to do was to say YES. And I said YES.

I hope you enjoyed to read this post so far. On which of your own manifestations are you proud?

Please, let me know what you think about it. If you like to try this process too, please, let me know!

Please, join me to the last part of the series to the success recipe for the perfect money flow.

I would greatly appreciate if you would give me feedback, and maybe some interesting insights regarding your own manifestation process!

If you have any questions, please, send them to me! I would love to support you on your way!

Sending much Love and Light to you!
Aloha, Jenna





Live up to you!




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