PaidaLajin! Stretch & Heal Yourself!

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My PaidaLajin Experience

All started with a blog on the website of my good friend, Linda Frankson. Two miracle methods were mentioned at the beginning of her article.

I continued to read, but there was no more information provided about one of those miracle methods. I went back to the top and found a link that led me to this video. Pause the reading, please, and listen to Master Hong Chi Xiao for a while.

I watched the video and knew that I HAVE TO TRY IT!

I will provide more information about the PaidaLajin Self-Healing Method soon. Right now I want to share with you my experience and encourage you to try this method as well. As soon as possible!


PaidaLajin Means Slap & Stretch

Explained in short, PaidaLajin means SlapStretch. The method incorporates the two activities Slapping and Stretching.

In this blog, I will focus on the Lajin, the Stretching, only.
After watching the video, I was electrified to try the stretch! I looked around on our lot to find a corner where I could place a bench or a table to try the method. I ended up using a massage table borrowed by a friend and a scratch tower of our cats.

You may laugh about it as my husband and I did. Right now we are preparing for building on our lot and live in a temporary Living-Unit, that I love. There is a lot going on on our lot. Nevertheless, there wasn’t a right corner to try. How good!

The massage table was comfortable the stretch easy.
After trying, I knew I need something real! A real bench! And suddenly the desire was born. I decided to build the PaidaLajin bench. Soon after, my husband, Jeff, took over the construction of the bench. See the result below.

Image: Jenna Foster


Jeff built the bench in one day in the early afternoon. I heard him sawing and hammering. I was doing my work and when I walked over, curious about his progress, the bench was already there. I was surprised and only I said was: WOW!


Image: Jenna Foster


At this very moment, I recognized that I have to use my bench also professionally in my healing business. Below my PaidaLajin Bench sanded, flamed and oiled.


Image: Jenna Foster

We are using the PaidaLajin Bench for a week now. Time enough to share some awesome results.

If you do Yoga, I can tell you that the bench allows you to work on almost every stretch you practice in Yoga postures in the area of your back, arms, chest and belly, and LEGS. If you don’t do and even don’t know Yoga, know that Lajin will help you to stretch everywhere you need to become healthier.

Let us focus on the legs first. I will not use any special terms and long explanations. Let us simply see and feel the legs.

Especially the upper legs – the muscles and tendencies in the front and back of the leg – are often tricky to stretch.

I am pretty sporty and trained a lot and played basketball every week. However, when I started to do Pilates, I often had to cope with cramps in my back and front legs. Some exercises were very challenging. This happened to me doing Yoga at the beginning as well. After a few sessions, this improved a lot and the cramps were gone.


Our Body Stores the Stress in Muscles

Our body tends to store stresses in the largest muscle groups. Anxiety, anger, and disappointments are taken out of our way and hidden in large muscles.

Especially the muscles in the back of the upper leg need more appreciation and attention, for this is the favorite place where the body stores stress we experience during our lifetime. If the area right in the middle of your back leg feels tender and sensitive when you press into it with your fingers, this is the reason why.

Original Image: Pixabay

Lots of stored stress causes muscle tension, aches and can lead to persistent pain. Because of pain, the muscle gets tight and often even refuses to relax … and it cramps if you start to force it.

However, the stress goes also into the muscles of the back, the top of the chest – where it feels like a big stone lying on there – and also shoulders, neck, and arms.

The PaidaLajin bench forces you to stretch exact that areas and more. You will also stretch the muscles of your buttocks, known by some as a seat of power. And this special muscle looks good after the Lajin too. Isn’t it good?!
Of course, it is!

When I started with Lajin a week ago my posture looked pretty poor. My knee was bent, and my calf didn’t lean at the board.

This morning I was able to completely lean both of my legs against the board while the lower legs could touch the surface of the bench soon after I started the exercise.

If you wonder how often I apply the Lajin, here is the answer: My bench really pulls me to it. I practice in the morning and evening. In the morning for about 10 minutes. In the evening it can be 30 minutes or longer. It is so much fun lying on the bench under the sky full of stars, watching the Milky Way passing by slowly.


What Is My Reward from Doing Lajin?

What is my reward beyond that?
My body feels better, longer, bigger, more flexible! I think I released a lot of stresses already. I love my bench. I love to spend time on it. And especially I love the moments of relaxation between the Lajins.

Usually, you don’t get any breaks doing Pilates or Yoga. This is often like exercising only slower.

Being mindful with the body, take a break and feel in how the body feels, I learned from my Transcendental Meditation and Yoga instructor, Gerd Schmitz ( We used to do a very special Yoga developed by himself. We did every posture slow and mindful focusing on the breathing for about two or three minutes and after that, we paused listening to sounding bowls and teachings and stories from his life.

Thank you very much for all those evenings, Gerd, and going home feeling kind of spacey.

When you do the intermission, you will feel the energy tickling along with the tendencies. You will feel it in your entire body pulsing and vibrating. Do you know something comparable beautiful you can experience in your body? I guess you do. And this feeling is very similar.


How to Do the Lajin?

You will place your body as close as possible to the board at the end of the bench. You can pull yourself there using the openings in the bench. You choose the leg to start – I mostly start with the left leg cause it is easier for me to do and I achieve better results on this side.

You will leave the lower leg in the hanging position and put your hill against the board. Get your upper leg as straight as possible and hold as long you can. It can be 30 seconds. It can be a minute. It can be 5 minutes or longer depends on your body and the stresses in there.

If you can, add the arms to this stretch getting them behind your head. Let them hang there as long you can. You will stretch the muscles of the belly and the arms. You will stretch the entire spine and open your chest widely. Your heart will get so much more room!

Apply the Lajin as long as you can then take a break and feel in.

Now another side. And after that, enjoy your reward, the awesome relaxations and feeling the life energy pulsing and vibrating in your body.

And while you are lying on the bench, your health and your life become better and better, and better.


This is from me for now. I will continue to practice and to share with you. I really hope you became curious and try it yourself!! If you heal yourself, you simultaneously heal a piece of this world.


I hope you enjoyed to read about my experience with PaidaLajin Bench! Please, let me know what you think about it. Maybe you like to try? In every case, please take a couple of minutes and give me feedback!
If you have any questions, please, write them down and send them also! I would love to support you on your way!

Sending much Love and Light to you!
Aloha, Jenna

Live up to you!




10 thoughts on “PaidaLajin! Stretch & Heal Yourself!

  1. Hi, Jenna, I enjoyed very much your experience with Lajin as you explain your experience I am visualizing it is so true about the muscles. But there is an aspect that is very important.

    Ancient Chines practitioners work with the Meridian energies that flow through the body. When the body has aches and pains this indicated there is, blockage.

    In my writing I have used the example of chronic inflammation it seems to run up from the feet back of the legs lower back and center back when we feel like every muscle in your body hurts and we have a tendance to pamper the body and it gets worse instead of better.

    So we go to the doctor so that he prescribes pain medication and we pamper the body more. Before you know it, you are not able to walk and use a walker to get around. The doctor diagnoses you, so you go home with more pain medication and live a miserable life.

    I see it all the time. All you ligaments have seized up I have seen people totally bent over in pain when they started the Lajin then after only 5 minutes on each leg they are dancing around. Why? Because the Lajin permit the easy flow of energy and unblocks the arteries and the inflammation dissipates. But if you take notice of the position we are in the body is flat out with the arms stretched over the head.

    Every single meridian is in alinement this is a total exercise one like no other. When I started I couldn’t do more than 3 seconds. My legs couldn’t stretch out and the lower leg felt like it was on fire. I knew that I was in a bad way but up till then I had no idea how bad.

    I persisted until I could do one minute and the most incredible happened. I had no more pain in my back or my legs just with that one minute. I was not looking forward to getting into that position again because I knew how painful it was going to be.

    The next day the same and the next 3 minutes I was in excruciating pain the most I could do was three minutes for a whole week then it started to get better and better until I could go for 15 minutes on each leg. Know my leg is straight up plush flat against the Lajin board.

    I was doing this with two chairs put together in an open doorway. I found a weight lifting bench on the side of the road brought it home and cleaned it up. It is not as good looking as your bench but it serves the purpose.

    As did this the pain dissipated but my arms were still hurting badly I would have brought my arms back very slowly. Know I have total control over all my body. So some might say for how long do we do this for.

    My experience is that you should never stop because it is a total exercise one that anybody can do no matter how old we get. And it will keep your body limber and toned. It sure beats going aerobics.

    Words can’t describe all that this exercise accomplishes, only by watching the videos that PaidaLajin has and listening to why this is a total healing technique. And it is free it doesn’t cost you anything other than persistence and good healthy eating habits. People have known to be able to get out of a wheelchair and walk again it is so powerful.

    Jenna, I am so glad you are a do, girl this help to spread the word.

    Sending my love and appreciation
    always a better way Linda

    • I love your comment, Linda, every single sentence of it!! Feel so blessed reading!!
      Yes, all is about the energy. We, humans, are master in blocking it and creating problems for ourselves. I loved to read how much your health improved! To get rid of pains! How awesome is that!!
      I’m a very healthy person so I didn’t have such great noticeable results. Since I do Lajin and this is now for a little less than two weeks, I got both of my legs leaning straight against the Lajin-board. For two days I really enjoy the Lajin. The pressure is gone. The stretch feels natural to me. The tickling energy pulsing in my body is connecting me with the energy around me. All is One. I know it is but in those moments between the Lajins I can feel and experience it. I will add more information as I go and practice more, and I know already new insights are awaiting me 🙂 Looking forward to it!
      🙂 Thank you, dear friend! Yeah! Let us spread the word!! Let us do the Lajin – it is so easy – and get healthier and healthier and healthier. With good health, many other things in life will improve too!
      Sending my Love and Light back to you!
      Aloha, Jenna

  2. Awesome, Jenna. Your bench for Lajin really looks great. It looks like your bench is somewhat much more than a mere bench, it’s a place where you can unite with the Universe, and that helps you get the harmony of physical and mental bodies and healing effect in your body much faster. I feel that you advanced the idea of Lajin to the next level; you are not only stretching the parts of your body but meditating, relaxing mentally, it’s a kind of a corner of intimacy with yourself.
    Keep up with your work! I love what you are doing, spreading the word about PaidaLajin.

    • WOW, your comment really got me, Makhsud!! What I felt, you brought to the point in a few sentences and now tears of happiness are rolling down my cheeks! Thank you!
      It is indeed the Union with the Universe, with God in us and all around us!!

      And this is why this Self-Healing method is true. It is simple to learn, to apply and it heals instantly. And if you allow it also removes the feeling of separation. This is true healing!

      The Master Hong Chi Xiao claims to explain it in one minute. And he does. I got it right away and knew I WANT to do it. I literally burned for it. I wanted to build a functional bench. But my husband built a jewel of a bench for me. And I know this bench has to be this way, serving us but also catching the heart with its divine beauty and connecting us back to the Light.
      Thank you, Makhsud! God bless you!
      Sending Love and Light your way!
      Aloha, Jenna

  3. Hi, Jenna,

    This is a powerful and inspiring article about PaidaLajin exercise, thank you for sharing.
    Like you, I too have read Linda Frankson’s article about this healing method and after I watched the video, with Master Hong Chi Xiao, I certainly felt the urge to try it out for myself.

    I had only one little problem, I couldn’t find a free existing wall in our Bungalow no matter how hard I searched and contemplated how to find a spot.
    However, I am always very resourceful and find an alternative since I further strongly believe that even though we can’t take something 1:1 it still has huge value the way we do it with the heartfelt intention to succeed.

    I finally have found a way to practice Lajin by creating a wall, stable enough so I can put my leg up and dig my heel into it. It works beautifully and the first time I so felt the stretch in my lower leg, the back of my knee through the back of my thigh right into my buttock.

    To put both of my arms behind my head increased the stretch even more. I only could keep, each side, in this stretch position for only a minute but, it was already enough, at least to me, to feel the reaction and to feel the new energy flow through my whole body.

    I am doing it once a day using as a warm up the 5 Minute Energy boost from Donna Eden and her Energy Medicine, the video can be found on YouTube
    This seems to work well for me too waking up my Meridian system and let me have even a longer stretch duration for each side.

    I am still in the beginning and will observe closely how it goes for me. The only part I won’t perform, and this is just me, is Paida the slapping, but the Lajin is already powerful on its own and I only can recommend it to everyone who wants to increase its overall health.

    Jenna, I certainly love your bench but I wouldn’t know where to put it at my place. 🙂

    Thank you for this wonderful review on PaidaLajin, looking forward to your progress as well.


    • Aloha Sylvia!
      I loved to read about the experience you shared. I recall doing that myself too, looking for a substitute on our lot but didn’t find any I would be in coherence with it. Then I knew I need to build my own bench. I thought about what you said about the time we spend in Lajin. I think time doesn’t really matter. I remember Mater Hong Ci Xiao saying the longer the better and the more health benefits will occur. Yes. But the time is a dimension we humans constructed to structure and synchronize our experience in the world.

      In healing – I think – the most important aspect is the intention, the burning desire to improve, to heal, to be happy.

      When I started my knee was bent and stayed on about 2 or 3 minutes using my willpower and a breathing technique I learned in Yoga. Using that technique you breathe in slowly and consciously and exhale very slowly making a sound. You are releasing the tension and the pain via this sound.

      I stay in the Lajin for about 8 minutes each side, in the evening mostly longer, and about 30 up to 40 minutes on the bench. For a body with lots of issues, a minute can be a huge deal. While a body in very good shape is craving for improvement, extension, and fulfillment. The matter isn’t less than the Spirit is. I know you know that, Sylvia!
      I love your suggestion with Donna’s Energy Exercises. I will add some cleansing of the neuro-lymphatic points and the Three Thumbs.

      Thank you very much, for sharing your experience with me, Sylvia! I’m looking forward to your progress too, and would love to hear about it soon!
      Sending Love and Light!
      Aloha, Jenna

  4. I think I know what you mean by “feeling of separation” from the source. It’s because of that feeling, we feel so unhappy and suffer. I didn’t think about that before, but yes, the exercises on the bench, as you are doing them, allow you the best way to feel your inner body and its connection to the Source of Being. I really loved how you are using the bench and believe many and many people are in need it.
    Hope you will continue your PL practices and share your experience with us.

    Have a great day!

    • I LOVE what you added, Makhsud!! Being separated and sick is something that we learn growing up and most of us keep it this way for the entire life. The healing is happening in the present moment in the union with the Source. The healing is always there, the Blue of the Sea, the Blue of the Sky, the Yellow of the Sun, the Green (and other colors) of Nature and so on, so on. The “only” we need to do – and I’m aware of how tricky the “only” can be – is to see it and be willing to receive.

      Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me! I learned a lot!
      Namaste Makhsud
      Sending Love and Light your way!
      Aloha, Jenna

  5. Good afternoon Jenna,

    It is so important in life that your partner, or in your case husband can share your passions and also really likes to participate. Trying something new together makes it a much better experience and easier to talk about.

    Great that your husband made a PaidaLajinBench. I showed the photo on your post to Michael and perhaps he will do the same. He has installed his carpenter’s corner in the garage. Until that happens I will try with 2 chairs

    I read about these methods on Linda’s post but it did not really sink in. Now reading your post it kind of refreshed my memory and I must say I like it. The fact you can do it yourself does appeal to me as I am anyhow not a person who runs to a doctor. I am happy as I am in good shape but a bit less flexible than 40 years ago. I do not suffer aches or pains so actually I am very blessed at the age of 69.

    I followed the video of Master Hong Chi Xiao with interest. So special that on his journey he fund so many healers. From Acupressure to Acupuncture and more.

    So true what he said, do not wait for somebody to heal you, you can do that yourself. Activate your own healing system with your hands and the right mindset

    Finding the 2 easy methods to heal is a real miracle. It has a great effect, it is super simple, it is safe and has no side effects, and it can heal multiple diseases. All this with stretching and slapping. I bet that Big Pharma will not be happy with this as the sales of harmful drugs could drop considerably when this news spreads the world. I hope it does also thanks to your good post.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Aloha Taetske! Good morning from Hawaii!

      I love to hear that the spark of inspiration became a flame for you two as well. May the flame burn high. Yes, I absolutely agree that it is essential being able in relationship to share interests, to share experiences, to learn from each other and grow together.

      I will post soon about Jeff’s Lajin experience for it is completely different from mine. He got already so much better. However, when he has started he complained a lot about how painful the stretch was, and how uncomfortable he felt doing it. I kept him in doing Reiki, Ho’oponopono, and Energy Medicine Techniques by Donna Eden. Just last night he didn’t complain at all doing the Lajin. For the very first time.

      Linda Frankson’s post inspired both of us, and we our partners! Yeah! I’m so thankful! She is a great friend! And there are more inspired people! I know that. I’m also thankful that we actually do experience the healing methods and not only read and write about it.

      Not the simplicity of a method convinces others to take action. The RESULTS do!

      YES, Taetske! Let us spread the word, let us spread the results!
      Sending much Love and Light your way!
      Aloha, Jenna

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