11. Reiki Chronicles

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Just for Today, I Won’t Worry, I Will Be Happy and Full of Trust!

Aloha Dear Reader! Thank you for being here with me! In this part of the Reiki Chronicles and before you will dive into Dennis’ Reiki Healing Journey, I would like to introduce to you the Reiki Prayer and the Reiki symbol of mental and emotional balance, Sei He Ki. Click here to learn more about Dennis. Click here to read the first part of Reiki Chronicles.


The Reiki Prayer

The Reiki Principles, known also as a Reiki Affirmations or Reiki prayer is very simple and very powerful. Especially when you pray it each morning at the very beginning of your day, it will help you to harmonize for going throughout the day. The following version is my personalized Reiki Prayer. I call it also the five reiki goals.

Image: Pinterest, The Reiki Prayer

The five Reiki goals, best spoken out loud just after you woke up, will support you to adjust and harmonize regards the most common negative emotions, negative thinking, and poor acting. The prayer is meant for each day, and only for that single day cause we might fail that day, and become better the next day. 🙂

This is my personalized Reiki Prayer.

Just for today, I won’t be angry, I will be peaceful and calm.

Just for today, I won’t worry, I will be happy and full of trust.

Just for today, I will work honestly.

Just for today, I will love every living being, especially my husband and my neighbors.

Just for today, I will be grateful for the countless blessings I receive every day.


Just for today, I won’t be angry, I will be peaceful and calm.

Very common human emotion is anger, which is leaning at fear in its background and causes intense arousal in the entire neural system, fight and flight response, stress, exhaustion, decrease the ability to think clearly and to find good solutions. To name only a few. You will be so much better without it!

Just for today, I won’t worry, I will be happy and full of trust.

Another very common emotion is worrying about things that not happened yet or that something negative will happen.

This emotion can be a huge burden, sucking on your time and energy, and keeping you away from what you want to do or to become. It can also cause emotional freezing and not being able to respond properly in social situations.

Just for today, I will work honestly.

This is a big one! To do your work honestly means to do what is good to do today, best you can and without overworking – using your time and energy wisely! It is also about using your abilities in full! Not using your full potential is cheating on yourself.

Just for today, I will love every living being, especially my husband and my neighbors.

Especially when other living beings, first of all, other humans are challenging you, it is hard to love them. Do it though. Every quantum of Love you are not giving, you are also not giving to yourself! Spread your love!

Just for today, I will be grateful for the countless blessings I receive every day.

Gratitude and appreciation of what you are, have and achieved is the key to happiness and to receive more blessings. God and God’s creation, the Universe including all of us, shower us in bliss every single moment of our life. Unfortunately, we are so busy complaining about things and others that we barely notice. This goal will help you to be grateful and to express gratitude towards the creation. Welcome and be grateful for each and every blessing and expect more blessings coming your way.


Sei He Ki Symbol

Sei He Ki Symbol is known as a mental and emotional harmony symbol for it is associated with the healing of emotion and mental state. It helps to channel energy to heal especially psychological and emotional pain. It is useful to clear negative energy that causes emotional and mental distress like anger, fear, grief, or resentment.

Image: Pinterest, Sei He Ki Symbol

This symbol can be used at the end of the session to lock the Reiki around the patient and keep the negative energy away. When drawn around the body, it will protect you from bad vibes and negative energy. This symbol also helps with memory and is good for learning.


Dennis’ summary protocol of a few following Reiki sessions

“Anyhooo Thursday 8/8 at 8 p.m. wow that’s a connection

So Monday’s session was definitely a struggle I’m not sure exactly what it was but I went back and forth between struggling and remembering to focus on the good in the light and I kept bringing myself back into it. In the cleansing, I focused on the same vision and even the vision went from white smoke to dark smoke but I kept breathing and accepting (“Let It Be”) the light and finally it was there. I came out of it and peeked It was 11:25 musta be good housekeeping!

The Reiki was the same struggle but the music was there I had my Dai Ko Myo symbol awash in the sparkling electric blue, alive but I struggled to hold it even breathing deeper and sometimes I would find myself allowing to let my mind ride and if I didn’t struggle the light came back ALIVE.

Finally, I felt like I had had it not sure about timing again but I popped awake. it was  12:15!

It seems so short writing it down this way, I WILL stream it right away because I would likeyou to hear the fresh story!

Thank you so much and everyday I think of you and I prayer and channel love to the Pacific so it calms down!”


My email from 8-13-19

“Aloha Dennis! Good morning!

Things went a bit crazy here for a while, still are therefore I didn’t manage to connect via email. But I was boosting your Reiki Stream three, up to four times a day except for yesterday.

I read about your experience with goosebumps and I’m deeply grateful and happy, and so proud of you for all you let happen and heal in your life! It is absolutely amazing and special!

You had now several days without one on one Reiki session. How are you doing right now?

Reading your experience I would suggest continuing with the cleansing. There are several layers of energy and you go now deeper and deeper into it. White smoke is a very good sign! Proud of you!

Let me know if you can proceed with Reiki sessions from tomorrow, Wednesday (14th) till Friday (16th), three days Chakra and Aura cleansing and regular Reiki after that at our usual time?

Additionally, I’m continuing sending you Reiki every morning just after you wake up and every night shortly before you go to sleep and I boost the Reiki stream three times a day.

Thank you for sending me all the Energy, Love and Light! I used every bit of it and I’m deeply grateful! I really needed it!!

I also saw yesterday that you sent a package again! THANK YOU! Looking forward to it!

Sending much Love, Light, and Healing to you and your family!! Aloha, Jenna”

Image: Pixabay, Sending Love and Light to you!

Dennis’ answer from 8-13-19

“Things got hecktick here and I do feel the energy. Without it now ??

I had some major emotional and physical problems that have turned almost comical. I am writing about them because you can’t make this shit up!

I appreciate every gram of energy you send and I can feel the caring and love that you put into it. I am eternally grateful!

And I am all up in the air about doing Reiki and cleansing. We just got the real Frankincense and Myrrh and will be proceeding with the smudging or cleansing Shirley is in charge of that! She did one cleansing 2 yrs ago when I moved in. Right now she is blaming the odd things happening to Imps and Demons phew~~~

Got any info on that ?

The package is just a small token of my appreciation please enjoy it as it is meant from the bottom of my heart for you and 🙂 !

I will be ready at 11am for you! wed thur fri onward n upward to the light”

My Answer from 8-13-19

We will cleanse it out, Dennis! It takes some time because the memories are saved all over the physical and the energetic bodies in those layers, not only in the brain.

I learned in my Energetic Healer Course that I’m attending right now that we choose all of our terrestrial experiences we need to fulfill our purpose and to evolve spiritually. ALL OF IT. This is our ticket to higher spheres and the awareness of it shows up especially when one feels the call to heal. Knowing this may ease for you a little bit the “almost comical” problems you experience right now. So, during the Reiki, you may ask the problems one by one (best focus on only one at the time) what they want you to understand and learn, and then listen to the answers that may come instantly or later.

I never got in touch with Demons or Imps – this is a matter of beliefs and I don’t have this approach at all, for I’m very grateful. But I did read and heard about such encountering. In my approach, I would rather call it stuck or negative energy that I would ask to leave and I would feed it with Love and Light. Everything is hungry for Love, Dennis. Love is about pure connection like a body cell give birth to another one.

But, if Shirley’s approach is identifying Demons and cleanse them out, so it is fine. Go with her and support her, or if you don’t like that idea, send her your faith in her and your Love as support.

I will see you tomorrow, on Thursday and Friday. Looking forward to it, dear friend!

Sending much Love, Light and Healing your way! Aloha, Jenna”


I hope you enjoyed this part of the Reiki Chronicles. Additional topics open since we started the Reiki Distant Healing Treatment. Stay curious for more! More will come.

Could you tell me what do you think about it? Please leave a comment below!

Contact me, please, if you have questions or would like to have my assistance.

Sending much Love and Light your way!

Aloha, Jenna



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