3. Reiki Chronicles

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Decreasing Pain, Increasing Energy Level, Focus

Reiki Energy is invisible. However, Reiki is a Universal Energy that is everywhere and always there. All you need to do is, to access and use it. In the following article, you can enter the visible realm of Reiki studying the authentic Reiki protocols of Reiki at work. My friend, Dennis Darragh, here you can learn more about him and his amazing healing story, is the author of those protocols.

When we started this beautiful work together, any of us had the tiniest idea where this work would lead us. One Reiki session after another, a very interesting and highly effective healing process evolved. Together we created a healing path that also you can go!

The unique blog series about how Reiki works changed its character and became a Chronicles of Reiki Distant Healing. Thank you, Dennis, for the tip with the chronicles.

Image: Pixabay, Exchanging Energy

We will present to you a Reiki Healing Process that we started at the end of May and that will continue until the healing is completed, and done.

Thank you, dear reader, for being here with Dennis and me on this journey with Reiki. Reiki Energy can also change your life as it is changing Dennis’ and mine.


Where Pain Was, Is Peace, Where Maze Was, Is Clarity – REIKI

Enjoy the following protocols of sessions between June 8th and 17th. The protocols are usually streamed right after the session with many details fresh in the mind. You can study them here completely unedited as they got streamed. Please, pay attention to the changes and improvements occurring after each session.

In this early phase of the treatment, I established the continuous stream of Reiki in the morning and evening. In addition I got the feeling that channeling one-on-one Reiki in the same time on a few days in a row could have beneficial effects on holding up the higher frequency and this became the strategy of the treatment: Channeling Reiki for up to four days, a break between two and five days, and then channeling Reiki again.

Image: Pixabay, Root Chakra


Dennis’ message 6-8-19: “Aloha,

YES YES YES! Live today and sunday at 11 and the waking and sleeping helps too.

I am still struggling to figure out whats wrong at Isodiol. It took 13 days to get my order this week. Unbelievable. I am being more calm and Shirley has noticed it. I am still having trouble with motivation and i think that is a side effect of the heart meds.

Gonna have Shirley massage me! Great idea. I use the Body balm and there is not a lot of cbd in there. It is an ancient east asian formula. Just didn’t think of it LOL thanks for the tip! Shirley likes Tiger balm!

onward n upward!

Dennis’ message 6-11-19: “Aloha,

I have been more focused than usual this weekend.. I feel the calm and the only change at the moment is the Reiki.

I am able to evolve and I must remember that. My pain level is definitely manageable at the moment. For the amount of physical activity I have been doing I feel pretty good.

The heart medication has some side effects that are throwing me off a little I think. Lack of focus (which you are helping to change), Lack of motivation, not really despair or anything just general, i don’t give a fuck and will sit and do nothing. Then a I get a burst and do a couple hours of work and am beat LOL

I have been doing cardiac rehab twice a week for an hour and that is starting to feel as I get advanced and I am doing retail at the habitat for humanity Restore (community service for being civilly disobedient oops) three days a week so all in all I believe you are helping me tremendously so I am a willing patient/student/follower/friend/associate, whatever label u think fits.

I do feel the physical energy and am so excited it amazes me. The adversity level socially isn’t anything new to me and i think my calm is helping with that. I am letting my thoughts drift then along the way i try to gather and let the calm take over and sometimes it takes a couple go rounds but I am finding that if I don’t try to force it i feel it more. When my anticipation is grinding I have to slow myself and accept it. Lately I either fall a sleep or just drift daydreaming till something just pops, or I get called back to real time, lol, then the physical buzz phew!

I have one customer that is going to try a tincture from DrGanja this week and i am going to order something for Shirley to try as I am holding off on the CBD(cardiologist and i agree), that is part of my motivation problem LOL I am using more heavy Indica for the pain lol and they call it Indacouch, lol

Thank you

love and light back to you

onward n upward”

Image: Pixabay, Sacral Chakra

My response: “This sounds awesome, Dennis!!

Thank you so much.

I missed answering yesterday. We lost our little Nani kitty. She was run over by a truck on Sunday. We came home from the market I needed to pick her up from the side of the road and bury her. Was / still is heartbreaking. So, I tried to clear up, also wrote about it and got lost in the comments which on the other hand were very healing!

However, this morning I sent you Reiki out of my own Reiki session that was long, from about 5:30 am until 6:50 am. You might have felt it, even though we didn’t schedule it.

Awesome results!!!!!! I’m proud of you! And I want you to know that you are an amazing self-healer!! I’m sending the Reiki Healing Energy but you are the one using it! Not necessary to add that you gave me goosebumps all over my body 🙂

Wonderful!! Thank you!

Your package will arrive tomorrow, the stamp notification said.

So let us continue what we did. I will send you Reiki tomorrow and on Thursday, same time, 11 am for you, 5 am for me … let us add a third session. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, at 11 am for you.

You also get Reiki flow every morning and night until June 16th. Right after you wake up and before you go to sleep, and the boosters I send during the day.

Sending love and light and healing dear friend!

Aloha, Jenna”

My message to Dennis, 6-17-19: “Aloha Dennis!

Thank you very much!!! Your messages are immensely helpful to adjust!!

I will answer in blue into your email.

But first off, I want to thank you so much for the care package!! It came last week Thursday or Friday. But I opened it on Saturday and was so happy! Jeff loves the t-shirts! He said that he finally gets some nice t-shirt in his size. 

I just took a sip from the energy bottle and I felt it. Even though it was only a sip, not a half bottle as they recommend.

Such a bummer they gave the company in bad hands!!! I just started but really sorry for you! However, I know this entire situation will benefit you.

I move now to your message.”

Image: Pixabay, Solar Plexus Chakra


D: The three live sessions were all different this week and i do believe it was me. lol each day something else different was going on.

J: Accept all that happens!!! Welcome it and allow it to pass through. I also noticed some short breaks in my focus sending. So, I reloaded. 

You are an amazing self-healer = healer, brother. I’m very fortunate to send healing to you. But you do the healing job! Right now goosebumps are covering my body, so it is true 🙂

D: Wed I was rushed and a couple minutes late and as usual as soon as I laid down my mind started to race. Took a while but I did get calmed down and drifted a little but couldn’t hold it. lol something always pops in…. no tingles but got up refreshed and ready.

Thurs I was ready and had worked out at cardio rehab in the morning for 1 hr. My brain still did a couple laps around, lol, but I was able to get to a real calm place, drifted in the big blue, calm, cool n warm, refreshing. not sure about the timing but thunder brought me back to the cold reality lol tingling and thankful

Fri was another struggle to clear my mind and I did but was unable to hold it. I still felt the calm and the energy.

J: WONDERFUL!!! Healing is about intention. I focused Reiki, that itself knows what is the most important, on pain release, clearing up the business situation and improving the relationship with your children and grandchildren.

All three sessions, and also, the one long session that took about one and a half hours – must have been on Tuesday last week or the Sunday before, not the last one, I added Ho’oponopono for you and your family (Shirley, your children, and grandchildren). This might also have caused some distraction by both of us. However, it is good whatever happens.

And, we are working on the cause, not on the symptoms.

D: All week I felt better physically. My pain levels were manageable even with working out 6 days straight! That is a plus! Today is a day off from the workin out. Have to have at least 1 day in 7 recovery.

I am conditioning not muscle building and am monitoring pulse and heart rate before, during and after exercise. If I warm up correctly the intervals should not raise my pulse over 150 and my BP over 180/140. My pulse never reaches 135, BP never more than 140/100. I have a goal to get all my 5 machines to 10 min and my weights to 10 reps. I don’t increase a level or wgt till I can comfortably complete 10 minutes or 10 reps, If I can’t do 5 I go back for a while then try increasing again.


D: This is a tough week for me as I doubt I will hear from either of my children or any of the grand kids, lol that story is all too long! But your light and love is helping, I know it!

J: Please, take some time, 10 minutes or so, think of your children and grandchildren and say the four phrases of Ho’oponopono Prayer:

I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

See how it works for you. Emotions may occur.

Plus or alternatively, you could call your children and say that on Father’s Day you desired the gift of hearing their voices. Or something like that. Only an idea.”

I hope you enjoyed this part of the Reiki Chronicles. Please, let me know what you think about it! If you become more curious there is more! Please, join Dennis and me in the next post.

Sending much Love and Light your way!

Aloha, Jenna





4 thoughts on “3. Reiki Chronicles

  1. Good Morning Jenna,

    I also have Tiger Balm in the house. Michael sometimes has a bad hurting muscle in his back and a good massage with Tiger Balm really helps to loosen this spot.

    I remember when you lost Nani, so sad. 2018 was a sad year for me as I lost Cindy and a few months later old Missu, it seems like yesterday and I still miss them.

    Great to read that Reiki has such a positive effect on Dennis. It is a beautiful story.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Aloha dear Taetske!
      Yes, Tiger Balm is a must-have. So useful for many issues. I use it for painful muscles and joints too, but also after bites by fire ants or mosquitos.
      The healing work with Dennis is a journey and a big discovery. Also, an adventure going to unknown places, courage, and faith. I learned and grew exponentially!! I guess, I otherwise would need years to gain the knowledge, skills, and wisdom, I gained on this path.
      Thank you so much for visiting my site! I appreciate it a lot! But you know that 🙂
      Sending much Love and Light to both of you at the beautiful Costa del Sol!
      Aloha, Jenna

  2. Aloha,
    All I can say is WHOA!
    I haven’t read back at the beginning phew. There have been some changes for sure!
    I feel the light and love and I am dealing with the acceptance mystery. I was raised Catholic and I am eternally guilty by birth LMAO. oops sorry I am a christian and I believe in Jesus’s message of love!
    My new adventure into the universe is teaching me that everything is connected!
    I have spoken with 2 priests, I have had Tarot card readings, I am doing ancient oracle readings and affirmations ???? WHAT??? Yes I am it’s amazing and it is all connected to being able to accept love and forgiveness. Just accept that it is there for you and then you can give!

    ahhh thank you many times over and love and light from me to you and all that you love

    • Hey, hey hey! Yes, there are changes, Dennis! I’m so so glad that you recorded the details of your healing experience! We, humans, are very adaptable. We get used to the new fast and cannot see the MAGIC anymore. I’m always amazed by reading your protocols. BtW latest next week I will release two new parts of the Chronicles. You can be curious and look forward to reading them! 🙂

      I was raised Catholic too but turned my back to the Church for I didn’t find there what I was looking for: the Truth and Unconditional Love. But I followed Jesus words in the New Testament and built the Temple of Love in my heart. Actually, it was already there. I never understood the guilt idea, and there isn’t such a thing. Religions have their belief constructs, models. This is good and helps many people to orient in this world.

      With the time you will recognize at the very deep level that there is no guilt and that the Truth is in you, in your inner Temple of Love.

      Sending much Love and Light, and Healing Energy your way!
      Aloha, Jenna

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