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The Power of Self-Hypnosis

Increasing potential, activating resources, healing and growing — for many people hypnosis is like a magic word. A magic word that is also associated with a variety of prejudices and often totally misunderstood.

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool.

In this blog, you can find out what self-hypnosis really is and learn to use it to your benefit. You can do self-hypnosis and gain many benefits from it!

And another good thing is: It is a completely free online self-hypnosis! And, it is instant self-hypnosis — just take it and do it and feel so much better!

Did you ever try to do self-hypnosis? If not, maybe this technique I will introduce in my following blog (“Self Hypnosis – Magic Mental Training You Can Do too!“) offers you the easiest way to enter the trance?!

Maybe it is even the best self-hypnosis technique, and the best self-hypnosis you ever did!? Please, check it out!

Can hypnosis help you to achieve your goals? Yes! 

“Sea” 100×80 cm; Painter: Jurica Jonke

Can hypnosis help depression? Yes!

Can hypnosis help anxiety? Yes!

What about fatigue? Yes!

Anger? Yes!

Can hypnosis help you find an alignment of thinking, feeling and doing? Yes!

You can achieve self-improvement through hypnosis in many areas of your life. Maybe even in all of them?!

Following you can learn more about a trance and that a trance is an absolutely natural state of being human. The trance is the basis of self-hypnosis. Check it out, please!

Hypnosis or Hypnotic Trance?

Hypnosis or hypnotic trance is a state of consciousness in which attention is focused on the inner experience. To go into a trance is a normal, completely natural human process that we all know from everyday life: A drive on a quiet long stretch, and suddenly we realize that we have dreamed away for quite a while, in natural harmony, perhaps even so absorbed in our inner world, that we missed the right exit.

Or maybe you have ever experienced that you were so busy that you did not notice that you have already spoken to someone three times.

“Kale in the Landscape” 70×50 cm; Painter: Jurica Jonke

Or do you know the elevator trance? You want to go to the 6th floor, get in and press the button.

The door closes, and you look up at the numbers. One … Two … Three … Four …

The elevator stops, the door opens and you get out. Outside, you doubt a little and look around. Is this the 6th floor? Of course not, it’s the 5th! You were in a little trance.

So there are many examples from our daily lives where our mind suddenly slips into the relaxing state of a trance. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are merely methods to deliberately bring about and creatively use this condition.

You’ll soon realize that this is not about convincing you what you think is worth pursuing. It is not, as sometimes happens in autogenic training or by often misunderstood positive thinkers, to replace or mask a negative belief with a positive one.

Rather, modern therapeutic hypnosis is about initiating a highly creative process of your unconscious mind that supports you in such a way that your true original nature agrees that your goals are congruent with all sides, from all important aspects.

Simply replacing negative thoughts or inveterate behaviors with superimposed positive thoughts is like hiding a lazy apple from a healthy one or diligently asserting that you have no weeds in the garden, and over time it overrides everything else.

In self-hypnosis, you enter the realm of the unconscious, the realm of your deep inner wisdom and creativity.

In the state of trance, our subconscious mind is particularly susceptible to positive messages that we send to it in the form of sentences, images, and sensations to achieve our goals.

This may be the ability to relax more easily, overcome harmful habits or, for example, support physical healing processes. Because our unconscious prefers metaphors, images, and emotions, combined with current physical experiences, it is important that we learn to communicate in his language.


Instead of Hackneyed Autosuggestions

Instead of hackneyed autosuggestions on a purely linguistic level, you should learn to bring your goals to life and immerse yourself in them with all your senses. This is true mental training that can really lead to results.

Self-hypnosis, like all things in life, is a matter of learning and practicing. The more often and regularly you use hypnosis for yourself, the easier, faster and more effective the process will be for you.


And of course, you can do hypnosis!

“Dora Mar” (homage picasso) 60×40 cm; Painter: Jurica Jonke

Any average person who is capable of imagining things and letting his imagination play a little is capable of doing so. Self-hypnosis is in a certain way a relaxation meditation technique.

Self-hypnosis is like a meditation, and to be more precisely: It is guided meditation hypnosis where YOU are your own guide.

I would like to introduce some preliminary methods that will allow you to put yourself in a trance.

Trance is the common term for the state in which one stays during hypnosis. In this state, you can simply enjoy the relaxation for a while or give your subconscious an assignment for a specific job that will help you achieve your goals more easily.

You can also support your goals by actively imagining them. This is also called visualizing.

The more vivid your mental images the easier for you to manifest them in your life.


We are at the end of the introductory part of self-hypnosis. In the next blog, I will introduce to you a very simple method to enter a trance and to actually do the self-hypnosis.

I hope you enjoyed this information and became curious to learn more! I highly encourage you to do the process and to experience the benefits! This is the only way you can what self-hypnosis is about.

If you have any questions, please, send them also! I would love to support you on your way!

Please, join me in the next part of the blog.

Until then all the best for you!

Aloha, Jenna

Live up to you!


The beautiful images are included with the permission of their painter Jurica Jonke. Thank you, Jonke!




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