A Life-Changing Decision

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My Money Blueprint – Insights About Attracting Money and Abundance, Part VI

Five weeks passed by since a received Colette’s book from my friend, Linda. I was on my way to make a life-changing decision. After a few days of working with that book, I answered to Linda’s email. Please, click here to learn more about Linda Frankson and her work.

Please, click here to read the first part of the blog series.

“You may remember that the first time we met online in December 2018, I wrote to you about working on developing training to the topic: How to manifest your desires using the power of feelings. This is what I wanted to do after completing my second website.

Colette developed that training already. She put the clearing and neutralizing of beliefs, and renewing the blueprint on top. And much more. It is awesome!

I want to become certified in the MAP Program. Last November I went to L.A. to attend a two-days-workshop about how to develop a coaching business online.

You see, one piece of the puzzle fits in another! Awesome!

There is an investment necessary for the MAP Certification Program. I do not have the money available yet. Anyway, today I contacted Colette asking her if a payment plan could be an option for me giving her a lot of information about me and my work. I scheduled a call with her for the next Tuesday.

My job now is to manifest the money I need. And, I will see how she answers.

All this feels awesome!!! I’m so grateful you sent me that e-book!!!!! Thank you, dear!!”

I talked with Colette that Tuesday. It was a wonderful encountering. She had questions and she signed me in for a coaching session to try MAP, and she also offered me a payment plan. I jumped into the air.

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Changing My Blueprint

A few days later, I experienced my first awesome MAP coaching session with Earline. A couple of days later, I received information about the Academy of Energy Healing and a 50 percent discounted Certified Program to the Energy Healer. I knew that this would complete my skills portfolio. I opted in.

Two more MAP sessions with Earline followed in the last two weeks. I observe how things start to change. I gained more clarity about my life situation. I gained willpower to make the changes and make the life I desire to happen.

I’m feeling great! I was able to manifest MAP in my life, a magic coaching program that is in perfect alignment with me and training to an energy healer showed up recently on my way as well! I could not stop smiling for many days. Every time I thought about it, I smiled from ear to ear. This was better than a Jackpot!


The Success Recipe

You wonder probably when I eventually will deliver the success recipe for the perfect money flow I promised to you.

Two pieces of the recipe you received already in the former article. It is the Five-Steps-Manifestation method and the five Key-Habits. If you want to bring into reality what you desire you have to practice every day.

I estimate that I fulfilled about 80 percent of the requirements for efficient conscious manifesting. However, there is still 20 percent to go and I am still improving my daily practice. The Pareto Principle doesn’t work here.

Image: Pixabay

To manifest once whatever you want to, requires a strong desire, vivid imagination, and trust, that it will come true. This is what I did many times in my life going in circles and experiencing setbacks and turmoil.


“Manifesting All Possibilities®”

If you desire to create every day what you want to and to enjoy the perfect life exact in a way how you want to live, you have to decide to change your life, and commit to it. That process requires a clarity about your blueprint, complete awareness about your thoughts, feelings and acts, high-frequency emotions, like joy, love, empowerment, enthusiasm or passion, strong desire, vivid imagination, trust, a reliable method you are committed to applying every day (MAP) and people who support you on your way (Map Coach or/and Map Community).

I feel that my life is coming to a completion, that the loose strings, which were hanging around for so long, are finally coming together to an amazing painting, and that my entire journey to this point was a preparation for happenings to come now. It is right! I could be way more efficient on my way. Anyway, I do not regret anything.

Image: Pixabay

How I mentioned, MAP is not only good to create a money flow. MAP is good to create anything you want to. I deeply comprehend the way MAP works for I walked on a similar path.

I love my life even though most of it was hard work with times when I worked a volume of 18 hours a day. I created a very challenging but also very interesting and adventurous life.

I live in one of the most beautiful and magic places on this planet. Moreover, I completely and fully understood the process of creation. Can I ask for more?

Yes, I can. I ask for the life in perfect alignment with my purpose, first off helping myself to leave the illusion of a false blueprint and false programming, and then helping others to do the same –being in alignment with God and the Universe, where God is the Magic Source of Life and Creation, and the Universe it the life and creation itself.

All is One.

Image: Pixabay


The Journey Continues

In my next blog, I will share the story of how I came to Hawaii. It is one of my magic manifestations. I hope you are curious!

Please, join me there.

Please, let me know what you think about my journey. Could you relate to some of my experiences?
Please, let me know if you like to try this process too. In every case, please take a couple of minutes and send me feedback, and maybe some interesting findings regarding your own creations!

If you have any questions, please, send them too! I would love to support you on your way!

Sending much Love and Light your way!
Aloha, Jenna





Live up to you!



4 thoughts on “A Life-Changing Decision

  1. Hi, Jenna, I wish you well on this amazing journey and look forward to hearing all about it. I know you will do well you have an inner sense of truth that not many people have. When we hear something that is true it has it’s own vibrations and resonates with you. You hear the bells and whistles go off.

    Some people hear this but do not take action. You are one of those that take action. I know I have this also but each and everyone is different and is on different levels of there own realization. With all your knowledge in natural healing, you will be able to bring it all together just as Colette has done and all your training will come together in one, a oneness with the universe.

    God is great and will walk with you every step of the way. May he bless you and keep you always Linda

    • Thank you very much, Linda! I felt very moved reading!
      Yes, I have read a lot and forgot a lot. But some questions stayed unanswered, hanging like a loose string. They never went away.
      To purify the inner and to take action – Colette would say “inspired action”, the doing is the only way to change a life. I know and feel that my life will change even more dramatically very soon. It is already changing massively.
      And this feels so good cause it is in alignment with my purpose, God and the Universe!

      Sending Colette’s book to me, you immensely helped me to make all those changes happen very fast. I’m lost for words to express my gratitude.
      But you know that I’m there for you, and soon with new knowledge and experience.

      God bless you!
      Sending Love and Light your way!
      Aloha, Jenna

  2. Good evening Jenna,

    It is so nice to read about your life journey, how, as you say, the strings come together.
    With all the acquired knowledge and experience you will be a big help for your community and beyond. I will follow you from a distance but be close in heart.

    Your friend from the south of Spain, Taetske

    • Aloha Taetske!

      Yes, the strings are coming together! Thank you very much for being a part of my journey. My journey is so much better, deeper and much more enjoyable with you, dear friend!
      Thank you for visiting my website and for your support!

      Sending much Love and Light to the Costa del Sol!

      Aloha, Jenna

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