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Do YOU Want to Be the Part of It?

The following blog is focusing on the details about bUnited. The following questions will be covered:

  • What does bUnited want?
  • What are the goals?
  • How are structure and policy?
  • What is your role?
  • How do you benefit being a member?
  • Who is behind the bUnited platform?
  • A & Q and more.

All information provided is based on the bUnited website. Click here to join.


Image: bUnited.com Join! Make our planet sustainable!


What Are the Goals of bUnited?

bUnited pursues three main goals: **

  1. Stopping climate change
  2. Supplying the poor with food and good drinking water
  3. Making companies more sustainable


1. Stop Climate Change Now

At bUnited, joining companies must immediately finance one of bUnited’s climate change initiatives as soon as they make a sale to a bUnited member. Companies are paying bUnited to support international NGOs that plant trees and save rainforests.

In addition, many companies will finance additional programs such as cleaning the oceans, providing food to poor and ensuring health care where it is most needed.

A recent example: bUnited saved more than 1,000,000 square meters of Amazon Rainforest in 2018 with one of its German partner companies, Deutsche Telekom.

Image: Pixabay Dying Earth

1a. Saving the Rainforests

The main goal here is to save 1 billion square meters of Amazon rainforest per year.

bUnited supports the Rainforest Foundation to save the rainforests. It works with the local communities. Extensive land purchases in the rainforest ensure that it is protected and respected as a permanent resource for all of us and for the future generations.

1b. Planting Trees

The main goal is to plant 1 million trees per year.

bUnited supports The Nature Conservancy to plant trees and offset CO2 emissions. Trees not only absorb carbon, but they also store it in the wood, keeping the air we breathe free of CO2.

Image: Pixabay, Dying Earth

1c. Eliminating Plastic from the Seas

The main goal here is to remove 1 million kg of plastic from the seas.

To clean up the oceans of plastic, bUnited supports The Ocean Cleanup. With a huge facility, plastic can be removed from the oceans and recycled.

Image: Pixabay, Pollution of Oceans

Marine plastic pollutes, poisons and kills fish and other marine life. It is extremely urgent that the amount of plastic in the seas be greatly reduced.

Image: Pixabay, Tons of Plastic in our Seas. We eat it consuming fish.


2. Food and Drinking Water for Poor

bUnited stands up for the poor of our society pursueing the following goals:

2a. Providing Clean Drinking Water

The main goal here is to provide 1 million families with clean water every week.

bUnited supports The Water Project to provide clean drinking water to families in need in Africa, Asia, and South America, preventing waterborne illness.

2b. Providing Meals

The main goal is to provide 1 million children with food each week.

bUnited supports Feeding Children Everywhere to provide children in need with free meals. This is bUnited’s contribution to reducing the number of children suffering from hunger and malnutrition.

Image: Pixabay, Childhood in the Trash. Don’t look away, please!!

And, that is just the beginning. Of course, more children worldwide are affected by hunger and disease.

2c. Providing Health Care

The main goal here is to vaccinate a million children a month.

bUnited supports UNICEF in the health care of children. The current program offers free, life-saving vaccines to protect children who cannot access medical care, providing them with a better chance of a healthy life.


3. Making Companies More Sustainable

While bUnited continues to grow, it will use its influence to work with partner companies to introduce fair and sustainable business practices to themselves, their suppliers and subcontractors. bUnited will call for far-reaching, operational changes to tackle climate change at the corporate level.


Image: Pixabay, Industrial Pollution

Companies will want to do that to please “us,” their biggest customer, and make sure we buy more products and services from them. We, the largest consumer community, reward the companies for becoming fairer and more sustainable by staying loyal to them.

The bUnited plan to make the planet more sustainable:


Image: bUnited.com Desk Plan


Do Good and not only Save Money but also Earn?


“We call it the Consumer Revolution.” bUnited


How Does It Work? A&Q

In Which Countries Is bUnited Active?

The more people join bUnited, the faster partner companies in different countries could be won. With your help, bUnited can become the biggest customer also in your country. In addition, you get paid for inviting your friends.

At this moment, in the following countries bUnited is active:

North America: the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Europe: All EU countries, including the UK, Norway, and Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Bosnia, and Montenegro.

Asia / Oceania: China including Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

South and Central America: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Uruguay.

Middle East / Africa: Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Uganda, Angola, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Madagascar, Cameroon, Qatar, and Kuwait.

Even if your country is not listed yet, you can still sign up and get paid for invites. However, it may take longer than a year for bUnited to become active in your country to negotiate discounts.


“bUnited is growing to a size where all companies will have to partner with bUnited to stay in business.” Professor Stephen S. Cohen, University of California, Berkeley


What Can You Buy via bUnited?

As a bUnited member, you will save money on most of the products and services you already purchase. bUnited is currently actively negotiating with various large companies.

These categories of assortment are planned to be offered in the future:

  • Telecommunications – Mobile Communications
  • Entertainment – Netflix, Disney, Concerts
  • Supply – electricity
  • Travel – Airlines, Hotels
  • Automobile – new car, fuel
  • Insurance – car insurance
  • Food – Supermarkets, restaurants
  • Household appliances – electrical appliances, furniture
  • Health – pharmacy, medical care
  • Electronics – mobile phone, computer
  • Personal products – clothing, cosmetics
  • Finance – Banks, Loans
  • Other products and services

Not only large companies are invited to cooperate. bUnited wants to also connect the small businesses to support the local and regional economy and to bring more balance between the large and the small companies.

The goal of bUnited is to give its members the lowest prices on day-to-day products and services they already buy – prices that are much lower than anywhere else.


How Much Can You Save?

On average, members will save about 20% to 30% on items they already buy regularly.


Do You Have to Buy Something?

No, no one is required to buy anything at bUnited – but most will do it anyway, because it would be foolish to forego discounts and good prices, and where else to buy non-sustainable products more expensively. Right?


How Can You Generate a Passive Income with bUnited?

To be successful, many have to join bUnited. Therefore, bUnited offers payment for invites. If your family members and friends join and invite more friends, your earnings will be multiplied.

Image: Pixabay, Save Gaia and Earn


How Do You Do the Math?

You will not only be paid for the people you have invited. You will also be paid for each person connected to you within five degrees of separation from you.

Image: bUnited.com

An example:

“Let’s say six of your friends are involved. And, on average, these friends invite four other friends to bUnited. Then 2046 people join bUnited because of you. bUnited pays you $10 for each person. As a result, your potential revenue is $20,460”.

Sounds good? I would say YES. Where else do you have this potential to earn easy money?


Image: bUnited.com Calculate your earnings!


More Questions – bUnited Answers


When Get You Paid?

Your earnings will be immediately reserved for you. The payout will be made progressively with the progress of the platform.

Where Does the Money Come from?

The money comes from the companies that partner with bUnited. Currently, bUnited’s partner companies such as Vodafone or Deutsche Telekom spend billions for advertising on Google, Facebook and elsewhere to win customers. It is common for companies to spend 20% to 30% of their turnover on advertising. At bUnited, this money will flow directly to you.

In the current phase, bUnited’s main goal is to gain as many members worldwide as possible, and that’s why you will get paid if you help with the invites. It means, at the moment you get a lot of money for a little effort. However, that will change, as more and more people join bUnited, and it gets harder and harder to find people who didn’t join yet.

Is bUnited a Pyramid or a Chain Letter?

No, bUnited is not a pyramid or chain letter and as a member, you do not have to buy anything. It’s also not about consuming more. It’s about paying less for the things you already buy, like a cell phone contract, car insurance, hotels and much else, for large groups get high discounts, and bUnited has the potential to become the world’s largest group of consumers.

bUnited promises not to ask members at any time to pay bUnited or any bUnited member.

Also, your earnings have no expiration date!


How Can You Make the Most of It?

With a little effort, you can earn much more money than an average person. Invite everyone you know. The more you invite the more chances you have to earn. Act fast. The faster you tell your friends, the greater the chance they will join bUnited. Invite friends who have many friends or followers.

How Does bUnited Pay the Revenues?

You can arrange withdrawals at any time. Currently, you can use PayPal, PagSeguro, WeChat, Alipay, PayTM, PhonePe, ACH and SEPA transfers in Europe. All payments will be made in the local currency.

Who Is Behind bUnited?

bUnited founders are like you consumers from around the world. They are aware of problems the humanity created especially in the last four centuries. They also know that those problems are connected to our current economic system and that this system needs to change.

Image: bUnited.com bUnited Founders

They believe and do something about it, that the superiority of the financial markets must be shifted back to the ordinary consumers and people like you and me.

Why not write history together and save our planet together?

bUnited TEAM

Image: bUnited.com Part of the Team


Why am I part of bUnited?**

“Very few ideas can really change the whole world in a positive way, this is one of them.” Jim Jorgensen Chairman & Co-Founder, bUnited Palomar Park, CA, USA

Why am I part of bUnited?

“We, the consumers, shall have the right to decide how big business treats us and our planet.” Johannes Pohle Co-Founder, bUnited Florianópolis, Brazil

Why am I part of bUnited?

“By empowering millions, even tens of millions of consumers bUnited shifts the balance of power from giant corporations over towards consumers — that is a huge change. And when bUnited gets up to 100 million and beyond, it will hit corporate power like a tsunami, revolutionizing economies. All to the good, and desperately needed these days.” Prof. Stephen S. Cohen Professor, University of California, Berkeley, USA

There is more room for your picture 🙂 All you need to do is to follow my invitation and register on bUnited platform. The requirements are your email address and a password. That’s all.

Image: bUnited.com edited by Jenna Foster Let’s save the Earth together!

Let’s join forces! What do you say?

Sending you much Love and Light and Pono! (Pono means in Hawaiian doing the right thing)

Aloha, Jenna


** Source: bUnited.com website



18 thoughts on “bUnited Can Change the World

  1. Thank you for this interesting article.

    It’s nice to see an organization working to make the world a better place, etc.

    To simplify, bUnited gets it’s clout/power based on it’s membership right?  The more people it has, the more enticing it is to companies and the more willing they are to offer the discount and be more planet friendly.

    Can items be purchased as one-offs or is it more of a, we all order and then a bulk order is placed type of thing?

    Sorry, I just want to understand exactly how it all works.

    Thanks again.  I think I’m going to sign up.


    • Aloha Scott!
      Thank you very much for taking time, reading and commenting! I appreciate it a lot!

      Yes, the clout is membership-based. Right now bUnited has about 1.3 million members. This seems to be a lot but it is not enough to bring off what we aim to achieve. I can say WE for I’m a member and glad my friend, Taetske, sent me the invite.

      Right now the bUnited organization is in the process of growing, gaining members and sponsor-companies. The goal is to activate about 500 million people to become a member. It shouldn’t be too difficult based on the population of 7.7 billion people on Earth. But it is a process. It is stage one.

      With increasing numbers of members and participating companies, members will be able to buy products and services via bUnited they already buy. Right now you cannot buy there anything. In accordance with the idea “to purchase cheaper what you already purchase on a regular basis,” I think that we once will use the bUnited ID to purchase individual products and services. Bulk-orders wouldn’t be in alignment with this goal. A bUnited marketplace could be stage two.

      I really hope that many people understand what bUnited is about and join to get closer to the aimed number of 500 million members. I really hope that many people discern this absolutely awesome opportunity for themselves to help in this process. When was so easy to share in to rescue our planet?

      Thanks again, Scott, for taking the time to comment and considering to join. Every member counts. Each invite counts for it could lead to one more member 🙂

      Sending much Love and Light your way!

      With Aloha from Hawaii, Jenna

  2. Thank you for educating me that this exists! I am definitely going to look into this. Following… I would be more than happy  to come back and give your readers my own personal review once I am in! What an amazing organization that does such great charities. Sounds like a win-win-win! You help others, you get discounts on products you already use, and you get paid when your friends and family join!

    • Aloha Dr. Baker!

      Thank you for investing time in reading and commenting on my post! I appreciate it. I also recently learned about the bUnited platform even though bUnited was founded around 2015.

      Yes, please, come back and share your own experience!! The platform is in the stage of growth and needs every single voice to become stronger and louder!!

      Yes, bUnited creates a win-win-win situation. We, members, especially win for we take part in something very special! We become aware of what is going on this our planet, take responsibility and help to save our planet, shake up our society and can be proud of ourselves to do something of such immense importance!

      Sending much Love and Light your way!

      Aloha, Jenna

  3. Thank you for sharing such an uplifting message of hope for our planet’s future. It is refreshing to see so many countries getting involved, especially in a time when the climate seems to be changing so rapidly. 

    I will most certainly join the effort and I will help spread the message! Thanks again!

    • YES, Shan, please, join and spread the message! You can do more – what doesn’t take much time either. You can also sign the petition against the 5G technology

      If this technology spread around the planet – and this started already for test towers were built in several big American cities – everything will die. This technology is worse than all the pollution and damage humanity caused already on the Earth! Please help, Shan!

      Click here to get more information about 5G.

      Please, let me know if you have more questions!

      Thank you for taking the time for reading and commenting on my post!

      Sending much Love and Light your way!

      Aloha, Jenna

  4. Hello Jenna,

    This is a very interesting article. I am sad to say that I have never heard about bUnited organization before I read your article. May be I should be more attentive and knowledgeable about the the world’s sustainability and the foundations like bUnited. 🙂

    Thank you for this article Jenna. I would like to read more about bUnited organization since you have managed to cought my interest. I will get back to you once I read some more. Hope that is okay?

    • Aloha Anjali,

      Thank you very much for your interest and your comment! This is completely ok! Please collect more information! As I know bUnited is the only initiative/platform with a big heart of founders who invest time and resources to help our planet, nature, and humanity to shift the way on that we are marching right now. 

      The idea is brilliant.

      Don’t worry about not have known about the platform. bUnited is founded 2015 and also I learned about it via friend only a few months ago.

      Important is, you act, Anjali! You can do more than joining bUnited! You can spread the message! And you can sign the petition against 5G technology. Please, click here to learn more about 5G technology. The impact of the latter will be worse than all together what we did to our planet to hurt her until now.
      Thank you for taking the time for reading and commenting on my post!

      Sending much Love and Light your way!
      Aloha, Jenna

  5. Thanks for sharing review about bUnited. I’ve heard about it once but just bother to check it now. They have good cause and the payment scheme for referring other people to join sounds interesting. Is there any fee to join as member, eventhough we didn’t buy anything? I’ll need to check it further before deciding to try it. Thanks 

    • Aloha Alexander!

      Thank you very much!  Now it is your turn, Alexander! 

      You not only can help, you can also earn helping!! You will receive 10 bucks for each invite of yours. AND, you will receive 10 buck for each of the invites of your invites up to fifth grade. I explained it in my post. It adds up pretty quickly when you get active. Please, do your part and sign up!

      There is NO FEE – and never will be, this is the founder’s promise and I believe them. For the sign up you only need your email address and a password. You also can set up withdrawals instantly as money for your invites comes in and get your earnings paid out. I know this for two of my friends covered with the founders about it.
      Yes, bUnited isn’t an automated, computerized platform. There are engaged guys behind bUnited whom you can send an email. You can expect a response in 48 hours.
      Thank you for taking the time and reading and commenting on my post!

      Sending much Love and Light towards you!

      Aloha, Jenna  

  6. Hi! This is a very good platform. I never imagined that a platform like this existed. The goals of this platform are very noble.

    Concerning climate change, there are a lot of small things many of us can do changing our habits that will have a direct impact. Concerning food and drinking water for poor, its a matter of contentiousness. We can all help (if we want to). 

    • Aloha Henry!

      Yes, this is an amazing platform! However, it is nothing without their members. The members, only, will lead this great idea, this great platform to success and make a difference in how our future unfolds. You completely right, we all can help if we want too! If you want to help – and it never was easier to help by this HUGE task of saving our Earth for all of us – than sign up and spread the word!

      Thank you for taking time for reading and commenting on my post!

      Sending much Love and Light!

      Aloha, Jenna

  7. That sounds like a great company. So, as a customer you can buy products at a lower price. Does bUnited have the funds to realize all their projects from the money from customers and people who sign up, in that way involving everyone in helping in these humanitarian projects? I have never heard of them, but I will look more into this. It’s wonderful that they support organizations like UNICEF and Ocean CleanUp, and many others. 

    This post should be shared on social media. Everyone should know about this!

    • Aloha Christine!

      Actually, bUnited isn’t a company. It is an organization with an online presence, a platform where you can sign up as a member. There are no customers of bUnited. The sign up is free and takes only a few minutes to put in your email address and a password. There are only members and sponsoring companies. 

      But bUnited members constitute a huge pool of potential customers that is very attractive to companies, especially when bUnited is growing. The companies will save money for advertising for the potential customers who are already there, in the bUnited pool. 

      A company that wants to be a part of bUnited must become a sponsor in one or more fields bUnited is supporting. It must do something to improve the situation on our planet, and either provide the money for already existing projects or start-up own projects. 

      Yes, please, get more information! Suggested reading, click here to read about the threatening 5G technology, click here to sign up a petition agains 5G technology, click here to go to bUnited website.
      Thank you very much for taking time and reading and commenting on my post!

      Sending much Love and Light your way!

      Aloha, Jenna

  8. bunited, very cool

    I just put this on my website…I like this site. The only thing is the first picture should be above the “Do YOU Want to Be the Part of It?” I think it invites people in more. It makes them want to look in the website more.

    Doing great

    Jimmy G

    • Very happy, you like bUnited, Jimmy! I hope you join and use the opportunity to become active and help save our Earth! It never was easier to do so! Only when we, consumers, become active, the bUnited platform can be a success! So, please join!

      Thank you very much for your suggestion, Jimmy. I will check out how it does look like on the post.

      All the best to you!

      Aloha, Jenna

  9. I feel so happy landing on your site. I love these worthwhile goals of bUnited because it is clear that something must be done to stop the negative climate changes that we are witnessing these days. I also love the idea of providing food and drink water. 

    Your idea of helping your members generate passive income is fantastic. It’s will be wonderful when consumers unite and shift the balance of power. 

    I will join straight away with my family and get online and start inviting people. We need to grow from 1.3 million members and hit that target of 500 million. Thanks for this  great article.

    • Aloha Chris!

      Wow! This is a powerful statement! Yes! 

      When I go to my bUnited account, first off, I look at the green button at the top. I would love to see 1.4 million and then 1.5 … My desire is to not only hit the target of 500 million members but to go beyond, way beyond.

      The idea of bUnited founders to offer an incentive for joining to attract more members faster is great. Cause we need to act fast. This wasn’t known 2015 when bUnited got founded, but at the very moment, the 5G technology is spreading around its invisible radiation over several American cities. The test towers are already poisoning our environment!
      And there is money, Chris. But the money is accumulated by the few and we are the consumer feeding them.
      We need to shift it! And we need to consume more wisely.
      I’m looking forward to your signup and all other signups! Together we can!

      Sending much Love and Light your way!

      Aloha, Jenna

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