Would You Like To Live In a Microwave Oven?

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Now Is The Time To Get Active!! SOS!!! Help Gaia!! Help Life! Help Us!




The following blog based on two shocking videos that also YOU really need to watch: “Scientists’Warning” by Stuart Scott and “Ex DHS Employee Reveals All In This Interview On This Coming Technology” by Dana Ashlie.

I have included both videos into the blog. The images I use are mainly shot screens from those videos.

5G is also about you and your life. If YOU won’t get active, your life may change soon in a dramatic way for the very bad. Now we are still at the point of return.

In 2004 I started successively to reduce the impact of news in my life. Why? Because it made me sick, angry, sad, hopeless and helpless.

When Fukushima happened, I cried for days. But what could I do? Me, a single individual? But together we could move mountains. We are billions of individuals. And there is a new technological threat I want you to be aware of it!

My dear friend, Taetske Guillaume, blogged an article that roused me. Taetske also wrote letters to the leaders of this world, first heads of countries like the U.S., Russia, China, and others and asked them to act before it is too late. She is an active friend of Gaia, and I adore her for her engagement and work! MAHALO Taetske!

Let me take you several decades back in our time.

First World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity – 1992

In 1992 a group of scientists published the first “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity” to raise our awareness and consciousness how poor we treat our home – our planet Earth, our Gaia, how reckless we utilize the resources Gaia presents to us.

This world could be Paradise! But instead of becoming a Paradise, it became and is a Hell at so many places. And the things are getting worse.

Did we change our trajectory as Humanity? Do we take care of Gaia as Gaia takes to care of us? NO!


That time The New York Times has dedicated an entire magazine section of 60 pages to this topic and stated that the environmental movement failed.

In 2017 William J. Ripple said that if you remove the keystone predator from the ecology, the entire ecology starts to fall apart. When you remove the wolf from the ecosystem, the trees start to die.

William J. Ripple is a Distinguished Professor of Ecology at Oregon State University in the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society. He is a widely published researcher and a prominent figure in the field of ecology.

In 2017 the scientists published the World Scientists’ Warning to The Humanity – a Second Notice. Second? To be precise it could be actually not a second notice, it could be the FINAL warning when we don’t act NOW!

That publication was signed by over 15k scientists from 184 countries. Later on, about 8k scientists signed that notice. However, the public wasn’t involved very much, and the paper was rather known in the scientific community.


What Is Wrong With Us?

The following terms describe very concisely what we do to Gaia, how we are destroying Life. You have heard all those terms many times.

Main Ecological Stressors:

Biodiversity Loss
Food Systems
Fresh Water Scarcity
Marine Life Depletion
Ocean Pollution
Forest Destruction
Air Toxification
Soil Degradation
Population Increase
Climate Change

Between 1970 and 2012 we lost 58 percent of biodiversity! 58 %!! That means that almost 60 percent of different species is gone forever!


Our climate is changing – here on a small island in the Pacific we really can feel and observe significant changes in the weather patterns. Also, whales don’t visit us so frequently anymore.


It is predicted that in the next couple of years the Arctic will be ice-free! (University Corporation For Atmospheric Research).

Please look carefully at the following maps! The red marked areas are UNUSUALLY DRY areas of the world. They become bigger and bigger every day!


Consider that:
There will be a desert soon where right now is still food production.

When the forests get dry, they will burn. Last year we had huge fires in

United Kingdom

to address only the biggest ones.

The media love to report bad news, so we can watch the fires on TV all day long. However, the media ignore, don’t see or keep quiet about the BIG PICTURE, on what we are really looking at!!

What Is 5G Technology And Why Is It So Dangerous?

What is 5G? One answer could be faster internet speed, faster downloads!
Would you like it? Probably. Me too. For what price?

Would you like to be grilled in the microwave oven? No?

5G is a new (the fifth) generation of wireless technology using millimeter waves. The former generations of the wireless technology utilized waves working on long(er) distances. And already they were not good for us and the research on them was poor if there was honest research at all.

I always avoided using a cellphone and a wireless connection. I wondered if the information sending over the waves and the waves themselves were penetration or affecting my body. Living off the grid in Hawaii you don’t have many options for using the internet. Right now I have cable again in my office. However, we use an antenna and router, and our system is working wireless.

5G technology works on short distances and you need lots of towers – practically on every building or place where you want to access the internet. 5G is working as a microwave oven is working!

There is NO RESEARCH DONE on this technology even though, this technology is planned to be launched next year (2020) and there are already existing test towers in some cities in U.S. 5G technology is untested for any biological impact at all!!!

Do they know what they do? No!!


Though we have no studies and no research, we have already collected some scaring results of the impact of this technology on humans, real human bodies, from an involuntary experience of airport employees who work close to the body scanners.


The body scanners use the 5G technology, they are millimeter waves machines. You know them well from your travels. The millimeter machines are used to scan our bodies at almost every larger airport in our world!!

For us passengers it takes only a minute and is already bad for you!

The airport employees are exposed to that technology for many hours a day, and they get sick! Very sick!

Why the media doesn’t report about it? Why don’t they ask???

The following video will show you what the machines are doing to us. Please, please watch it!!

An anonymous witness (airport state employee) reveals what happened to her after 18 months of direct contact with the machines.

The early symptoms occurring already after a few months are:
Feeling dizzy
Lost balance
The perception is unclear.
The coordination of the body fails.
Suddenly occurring nose bleeding.

Later on, the witness experienced:
Heavy joint pains
Blood in urine

After 18 months around the machines, the witness experienced a huge impact on her brain and nervous system. She wasn’t able to work anymore and stayed home with doctor’s bills and without a regular paycheck due to Government shut down.

During those 18 months, she witnessed 28 coworkers coming down with sickness, cancer or dying!!!

After she had left, she wasn’t able to take care of herself on her own. She needed assistance!!

Scaring? Yes, to me too! And this is only the beginning if we don’t get active stand up for Gaia and ourselves!

Do you desire to experience it on your own body, the body of your child, or pets, or any living being?



Please check out more information about that topic that my dear friend Taetske researched and provided in detail.









Please sign up on this website!

Please connect with each other, share the information and become active!!!


Please, comment and let me know what you think about that! Please, make suggestion of what could help! Please, share your experience with 5G! Thank you!

Sending you Light and Love!

Aloha, Jenna

Live up to you!


8 thoughts on “Would You Like To Live In a Microwave Oven?

  1. Dear Jenna,

    Thank you for writing this detailed post and spreading this news. Just like you I am upset and worried as the human race is definitely going in the wrong direction.
    We live on this planet, a beautiful planet and what do we do? We destroy it. We do not seem to realize that these actions are harming our own habitat. Soon the place where we live will be so harmful to our health and the health of our children and future generations.
    What would these future generations think of our actions? They will not understand we have destroyed Mother Earth.
    I hope a lot more people will put their name on the manifest to stop 5G.
    If we unite on a Global Level we can stop this.

    Sending you warm greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

    • Aloha Taetske!
      Mahalo dear friend for your warning and reconnaissance! It is three to twelve now! Late, but still not too late!
      Thank you you took me with you on this journey!

      We need to understand that those things are happening also because of us, because of our decisions! The companies wouldn’t sell that technology if we woudn’t buy products operating by this technology!! Also WE need to be mindful how we utilize the available resources and buy only what we REALLY need and use it wisely. Not only the companies. Remember Brent Spar? The public – US – was able to stop it and Shell’s reputation got bad for years. I very seldom bought gas there again, actually only in cases when I didn’t have a better choice.

      We are the consumers, the buyers, the customers, the taxpayers and the PUBLIC! WE ARE CO-DESIGNING THIS WORLD WITH OUR DECISIONS! And those are the results we get. With better decisions our world get better and Gaia can smile again!

      Sending you heartful higs to Costa des Sol!!
      In Love and Light!
      Aloha, Jenna

  2. Great job Jenna for this very informative post and helping to bring about awareness to the general public I think most people are not aware of the impact that this will have on humanity. We are so busy with our everyday lifestyle that we are not aware of the immediate danger that this technology is placing all the earth in, not just in isolated areas but all humanity.
    I have already signed the partition and I hope many more will follow.
    always a better way

    • Thank you, Linda dear friend!
      Do you remember the Brent Spar? The Brent Spar oil storage buoy operated by Shell UK? After Shell was done with the buoy, they wanted to damp the poisoning left overs into the North Sea. This happend in the 1990s. In Germany the Shell gas stations were completely empty for about four weeks. Nobody bought gas there! The financial damage was huge! We – so-called public – we have so much power. We only need to use it!!

      Thank you for helping Gaia, Linda!!
      Sending you love and light as always!
      Many higs
      Aloha, Jenna

  3. Hello Jenna,

    Yes, it is frightening what is happening around us. No, I do not want to live in a microwave oven. Therefore I have signed the manifest against this technology, the manifest you mention above. My husband has also signed up and I will forward this message to more people as well.

    I have watched the video with Senator Blumenthal. It is absolutely outrageous that no studies have been done on how the 5G effects us people, the animals and nature. People are worried about doing radiation scans in the hospital or like you said in your article at the airport, but they are not aware that wireless technology affects the body in a similar way, but we can’t escape it. 4G is around 24 hours a day, and soon even worse 5G. The chase for profit, convenience and laziness will kill us in the end.

    Thank you, Jenna, for fighting for a better and healthier world.


    • Aloha Pernilla!

      Yes, it is frightening and hard to understand how money greed can blind the peoples’ eyes. Scientists, engeneurs, computer specialists, board members who is involved in this technology don’t understand that they, their loved ones and their children will feel the same impact by the high frequency waves, that they sit together with the consumers – us – in the same boat.
      Thank you and your husband for being active and helping Gaia! So grateful, Taetske Guillaume’s article shook me awake!
      I’m sure more people will follow and we will stop 5G!
      Sending you Love and Light!
      Aloha, Jenna

  4. Hi Jenna,

    Thank you so very much for this detailed information on 5G technology and what impact it has on our health and the world as a whole.

    I personally wasn’t aware of all these details even though I would call myself being well informed on many matters, like climate change, money being (miss)used and more. However, it is an eye-opener to see and hear the testimonies from scientists their warnings to us to get off of our cushy behinds and do something.

    The mass-consciousness is changing and quite frankly, this is our only hope to awake the people of this earth.

    Jenna, thanks again for this information and I am delighted to share it with the people I know.


    • Mahalo Sylvia, for taking time and reading my article! I appreciate it a lot!
      Yes, indeed, only together we are able to stop that technology. And this could be so easy … however, one needs to slow down the own busy life and understand what is going on, and what is really important. Most people live in the bubble of being on top of communication technology. Between Smartphone, computer and TV, there is mostly no time to pay attention to how easy it is to manipulate the human brain and mind. Fast download means world to such a mind.

      Therefore, it is so important people who see stand up, political leaders stand up and use their influence, journalists, scientists, writers, public speakers, motivational speakers stand up and warn!
      I will continue to spread this information. I thank you, dear friend for sharing it with as many people as possible!!
      Aloha, Jenna

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