Breathe! With Pika Pika Never Go Crazy Again!

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Overwhelmed And Stressed Out? Do Pika Pika!

Did you ever experience such days that drive you crazy? I bet you did!

People, things and situations seem to have conspired against you? And you accelerate your actions to get the mess clean up again, and … the mess gets even worse?

And maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious not being in control. You are indeed not in control.

And maybe you don’t know how to deal with the anxiety and the negative thoughts which are bugging you.

And maybe you feel the anxiety as a knot in the pit of your stomach. And maybe you ask yourself already: “Why am I always sick in my stomach?”


Image: Pixabay

And maybe you don’t know how to let go negative thoughts and emotions out of your system.

I also was used to accelerating in such situations trying to do the right thing for everybody involved, except myself. It took me a while to understand that the clean up the mess took place in my mind, and not out there. I needed to make room for these questions:
What do I need to do right now? What can I do right now?

Let me ask you a question.

How do you let go negative thoughts and emotions when your inner and outer world is driving you crazy?

What is your answer?

Image: Pixabay

My answer is: You need calming down your inner world. Why? Because there you are in control! And only there!

If you are in troubles with controlling your inner world, don’t worry! I have good news for you! There is a simple and easy to use method coming from Hawaii that helps you to regain control over your feelings, the Pika Pika Breathing.


Hawaiian Huna Philosophy Of Life

Pika Pika Breathing is one specific method, I used in such situations to settle down my inner circus. Pika Pika Breathing is derived from Hawaiian Huna. In the Hawaiian, the word Huna means the secret. Max Freedom Long adopted this word in the 1930s to describe elements of his theory of metaphysics.

Later on around the 1990s, Serge Kahili King defined Seven Principles of Huna, which are very much under criticism of the native speakers and scholars, who consider his interpretation very peculiar. However, King’s analysis seems very useful to show here in short what Hawaiian Huna is about, and why it is important and helpful doing the Pika Pika Breathing:

Seven Principles of Hawaiian Huna

IKE (ee-kay) – The world is what you think it is.

Image: Pixabay

KALA – There are no limits.

MAKIA (mah-kee-ah) – Energy flows where attention goes.

MANAWA (man-ah-wah) – Now is the moment of power.

ALOHA – To love is to be happy with someone or something.

MANA – All power comes from within.

PONO – Effectiveness is the measure of truth

Taken together the Seven Principles of Hawaiian Huna express the Oneness of Everything existing: We are one with our environment, our loved ones, our neighbors, our world and society.

We are one with God and the Universe. Everything we desire is already there because we desire it!

The only thing we need to do, is, to find out the way to receiving it.

What does it mean?

Image: Pixabay

It means that every single moment, every single experience we have, is also made up by us. We are creating every one of them. I will go deeper into this topic at one another place. For now, I would like to bring your attention back to the overwhelming and stressful moments which we also create for ourselves.


The Magic of Breathing

Pika Pika Breathing is a powerful breathing method that allows us to manipulate and cleanse our thoughts and emotions using our breathing in a certain way. To breathe is the most important physiological process in the body.

Maybe you wonder right now for how long you would survive without food?

This depends on the condition of your body. But generally, it appears that a human can survive without any food for 30, even 40 days, as long the body is properly hydrated. Mahatma Gandhi survived 21 days of complete starvation.

How long you would survive without water?

Water is essential for the body to survive. In average, the body of an adult person contains about 65 percent water. The body of an infant contains up to 80 percent water. However, depending on the individual condition of the body we would make it up to several days without it.

How long would you survive without breathing?

Not long at all. The brain cells begin to die already after one minute. After only three minutes the brain damage is very likely. After 15min a recovery is virtually impossible. Experienced freedivers can extend the breathlessness up to twenty-two minutes. A German diver, Tom Sietas was able to hold his breath for 22 min and 22 sec.

I hope this short excursion shows you the incredible importance of breathing!

Usually, breathing is the only physiological process in the body that we can consciously influence. Only trained Yogis with lots of meditation experience are able also to influence the metabolism, digestion, heartbeat and more.

Image: Pixabay

The Breath is the connection, the link between the so-called outer world and us. It is the link between life and us. God and us. The Creation and us.

The Pika Pika Breathing means from peak to peak. It is a breathing method, and it is also a meditation.


How Does Pika Pika Breathing Work?

I wonder if you would appreciate some background information how does the Pika Pika Breathing work. Let me outline it roughly: Applying Pika Pika Breathing you are focusing at two opposite peaks in your body: the top of your skull and the bottom of your feet. This activity inhibits the activities in the sensorimotor cortex by alternately concentrating on two body parts as far apart as possible.

Sensorimotor cortex is the area of the brain that comprises the precentral and postcentral gyri. The gyrus is defined as a ridge or fold between two clefts on the cerebral surface in the brain and thus covers the primary sensory and motor areas of the brain.

Image: Pixabay

Sensorimotor skills involve the entire process of receiving sensory messages – so-called sensory input, and producing a response, or so-called motor output. We receive sensory information from our bodies and the environment through our sensory systems: vision, hearing, smelling, taste, touch, vestibular, and proprioception systems.

The vestibular system provides information through the inner ear that tells us about our head position and how or if we are moving. The proprioceptive system provides information to the brain about the body’s position concerning the environment.

The shifting of the focus from one extreme peak in the body to another is often experienced as very calming and relieving state of trance that is very similar to the hypnotic trance.

Pika Pika Breathing is not only useful for stress and anxiety management. It also helps you to fall asleep easier and improves the quality of sleep, and it supports muscle relaxation and inhibits acute or chronic pain.


How to Do Pika Pika Breathing?

Find a good place to do the Pika Pika Breathing, please. The place should calm and clean, and not too bright.

Sit, or lie down comfortably and close your eyes. Feel your body touching the surface of the furniture you sit or lie on it. Concentrate on your breathing. Notice as the air is circulating in and out of your nostrils. In and out. In and out.

Imagine and feel the highest point of your skull. Breathe in through this point as if there were a hole in it. Let the fresh air circulate in your entire body. See in your mind how your entire body is sucking in the fresh, rich air. Every single cell is filling up with the fresh air and energy.

Then exhale through the soles of your feet, focusing on your mind on the points in the middle of the sole of each foot. Consider them as exit holes. So, inhale and exhale through these points.

Repeat this process five times or until you achieve the desired state of inner calmness and tranquility.

Please breathe slow and deep. Take your time. Relax.

Image: Pixabay

How do you feel now? Ready to deal with whatever the world is asking you to?

Best results can be achieved with two or three sessions of about 5 minutes a day!


I hope you enjoyed the process and gained many benefits from it.

I would love to read your comment about how the process worked out for you, and the experience you made. So, please take a couple of minutes and give me feedback! If you have any questions, please, send them also! I would love to support you on your way!

Please, join me in my next blog.

Until then all the best for you!

Aloha, Jenna

Live up to you!




10 thoughts on “Breathe! With Pika Pika Never Go Crazy Again!

  1. I have always believed in deep breathing. I tried and liked Pika-Pika method. I personally have trouble clearing my mind to a meditative state. Any Tips?

    I have been a scuba instructor for most of my adult life so controlling my breathing has been very important. Yes I have run out of air as deep as m100 feet under the surface. For us divers it’s different than the breath hold. In our world “keep breathing” is the ultimate goal.

    Anyway I will try again as it was great to come across this article. I am your stucent! I will try this for a couple days then move to the method in the next post which the title of that one is what drew me in. lol

    • Aloha Dennis!
      Thank you so very much for reading and commenting my post! Stormy weather and poor internet connection kept me off responding. I’m sorry for the delay.

      Congratulations to your choice, Dennis!! It makes me extremely happy to hear you tried the Pika Pika method!! I love the Pika Pika method.

      Pika Pika Breathing is a very powerful and profound method that affects the flow of energy throughout the human system: physical, emotional, mental, astral and spiritual.
      During the Pika Pika exercise, you will establish a flow of energy between the sacral and the root chakra, involving the cosmic energy and the natural energy of the Earth. In this way, you are synchronized with the Earth frequency, the so-called Schuman Frequency, which is 7.83 Hz. This will help you to resonate your brainwaves to this frequency. This frequency occurs between the Theta (3-8 Hz) and Alpha (8-11 Hz) State and means a deep relaxation.
      To answer your question, Pika Pika is thus a wonderful helper to clear and enlighten the mind, and the method I recommend you.

      Using and exploring Pika Pika more frequently, best on the daily basis, you can also extend your ability “keeping breathing”! With some practice, while diving you could induce the state of calmness and emotional tranquility, clarity of mind and physical relaxation, which reduce energy and oxygen consumption!

      Persistent thoughts can also get released with the wind or waves that you can ask for transforming them. Or you can shoot them up into the clouds which will cleanse them in their white. Best, you create your own mental images which work the best for you!

      What you also could try for clearing your mind is a walking meditation. Simply go for a walk somewhere where you can stay mostly undisturbed. Walk slowly with open eyes focusing on your breathing as you did during the Pika Pika exercise, but less intense.

      Breathe in slowly through the top of your head and exhale slowly through the soles of your feet. Continue breathing slowly and consciously but bring your focus to your feet now. Explore every tiny movement, first off, of your left foot then of your right foot. How do they feel? How do you feel walking on them? How do you feel about them? Are you grateful for having them?

      Thank you, Dennis, for giving me a great opportunity to share the information with you!
      I hope it helps you to extend your abilities and live more up to you! Of course, I would love to learn more about your experience! So please, please, let me know!

      Please, feel free to contact me with more questions!! I’m here to serve you!

      Talk to you soon!

      All the best to you for the New Year, Dennis!
      May God bless you and the Universe provide everything you desire and need on your way!

      Aloha, Jenna

  2. Aloha!

    I always wanted to say that!

    I love the Pika Pika and am getting better with it every day. I am having trouble staying concentrated. My mind suddenly blurts in with thoughts lol It ain’t easy livin with this brain LOL But seriously it is helping me. can you recommend another exercise that might help with my concentration and meditation.

    I do walk in the early morning dew for grounding and will try to incorporate Pika Pika with that. It sounds like a great idea Thanks.

    I am the calmest in all my life when i am under water. i have always thought that controlling my breathing and that being central is what leads me into the calmness.

    I am a hunter also and have evolved to only hunting underwater for the last 30 years. Breathing becomes paramount in that exercise!

    Thanks for that ad about the socks too my wifes lookin for some!

    onward n upward

    • Aloha Dennis!
      I love to hear that! I also love Pika Pika Breathing! It is a very simple and effective method that you can apply everywhere in almost no time.
      Was your mind always that way?
      The brain follows a simple structure: It is searching for failures or dangers to avoid them, and it is looking for pleasure to reward you and provide you with joy. The mind has, therefore, the tendency to wander. It is always looking for something.
      A very active mind could be also an indicator for an over-active Third Eye. Don’t fight it!
      I have this “issue” with my mind too, for more than two years. Meanwhile, it was very extreme. Only a year ago I understood that it could have something to do with my Third Eye Chakra. In the past, when my mind flashed me with thoughts, I got easily overwhelmed. But shortly after this began, I learned to filter fresh ideas out of the thought soup, and this was a blessing. I was used to doing the Transcendental Meditation. But even by this kind of meditation where you use a mantra to dive into the silence, I needed to give up for a while.
      What helps me, and what I recommend to my students to concentrate better, is to focus on an image of the Flower of Life. You will find appropriate images online, and if not, let me know. I will provide you with one. You can use the black-white or colored image. It is up to you.
      One good and simple technique is to focus on a small item of your choice. It could be anything: your hand, a ring or a pen. You can also focus on a leaf or a flower. What you do is: You close your eyes, breathe three times slowly and consciously. Then, you open your eyes and look at the Flower of Life or another item of your choice. Defocus your eyes, sink into the item and allow your mind to surprise you what shows up. This technique will serve you excellent as a little break, especially if you work many hours at the computer.
      Please, let me know how you like the methods, and if they work for you.
      Please, let me know if you any questions. I would love to support you!

      Be blessed! Be well!
      Aloha, Jenna

  3. YOHO a pirates life fer me~~~~~

    Yes my mind has always been this way LOL
    I love your explanation! I don’t know anything about the Third Eye Chakra but my research juices are frothing!!! You know I have been diagnosed bipolar at one time, OCD another and when i was young my Mom just told everybody, “He’s fine, give him something to do.”

    I don’t subscribe to any of those diagnosis any more as I feel I personally am still learning and living and just fine. Maybe just a little different in my own way. LOL I have developed Captainitis lol I love to be in charge lol

    I tried that exercise immediately and had some interesting results. I did it a couple times and am having some trouble defocusing but I am in a working environment at the moment. I am heading for the Hot Tub for water therapy and will try it there and report back to you

    Can you point me to some good reading on the Third Eye Chakra?

    thanks for everything!

    onward n upward

    • Yoho back Dennis!

      Yes, I thought that already. You have a speedy mind, means your neural impulses are fast! Neural impulses travel at average about 120 meters in a sec. This is the speed of about 268 miles in an hour. It is a blessing! You can think and connect different contents fast. But it is also a burden.

      You are right not buying or following any diagnosis. Once they abstractedly made up a real living person needs to fit in. This happens to thousands of children diagnosed with ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Who would think that many children desire to be active and cannot stand to sit quietly at the desk listening? Salute to Captainitis!!

      Yes, keep doing the exercise! I would describe defocusing as stare holes in the air. When you look defocused through an object in front of you, you will see the object but it is unclear, unfocused. You can see everything around but unfocused.
      Do you exercise with the Flower of Life? You can use every image to do this exercise, but to do this with the Flower of Life, is special, because it is rooted in Sacred Geometry. After a while, you should see the image three-dimensional. Later on, you should be able to recognize a vast of three-dimensional patterns in the flower. And the good thing about it is also that you (de)focus on something and exercise your concentration in a relaxed state. This exercise is simultaneously also a break.
      Please, check out the link for The Third Eye. I like this website for they also offer solutions to balance.

      My pleasure, Dennis! Please, let me know how your exercising improves!! And please, let me know how I can serve you more!
      Love and light to you!
      Aloha, Jenna

  4. Awesome Thanks!

    You mention the ADHD and i have had md’s say that’s possible , My Mom just told me to DO something LOL.

    Anyway Blessings always come with burdens don’t they?

    I am continuing to defocus and yes I am using the Flower of Life on a flat screen with some meditation music and it works sometimes and not others. Maybe mood or anxiety at the time it doesn’t work?

    What reading i have done since you mentioned the third eye chakra leads me to believe you hit the button.

    I did a questionnaire on one site and it leans toward Excessive Chakra , on another site I got the result of needing to work on my sacral chakra. So i think my Chakra is out of balance for sure! I will delve into your link and get back at ya soon!

    Thanks for all the help!
    onward n upward

    • Aloha Dennis!
      Your Mom’s advice was very wise!
      Yes, blessings come with the burden — I think always — so we can appreciate the blessing more. And you enjoy the blessing but you learn from the burden!

      I know we live in a digital century. But you know what: Just print the Flower of Life on a regular size paper. Keep it in front of your face as you would read a book, about 12 inches or 30 centimeters away. You can play a little bit with the angle, so you get the optimum position to your eyes.

      See, how this works.

      My Third Eye Chakra is over-active too, since maybe three and a half years. I very successfully developed meditation routines; used to do the Transcendental Meditation. But since I live in Hawaii, I cannot meditate with my mantra anymore. I’m fine and calm with no or little thinking when I’m doing things. But as soon I sit and lay down to meditate, ideas, thoughts, pictures are flashing my mind. I take the ideas. They are a blessing.
      I know there is a reason why I cannot meditate as I was used to. But I haven’t found out yet, why.

      Very happy it helps you!! Please, please let me know about your progress!
      Love and light to you!
      Aloha, Jenna

  5. ALOHA,

    I have been crazy here this week sorry I didn’t get back to you quicker!

    I have had a lot of stress thus week and it manifested itself in pain. In my chest to be exact. So off to the MD it was. Everything looked good bit I have to have some tests. They didn’t know anything, lol but they did give me Nitroglycerin. I used it 3 times this week but it’s nothing like it was over last weekend.

    That link to the site about the Third Eye Chakra was great. I am going to try the Fire Breath exercise as I am still having focus trouble. Like you said while doing something I’m fine but stop and my mind is on a hundred miles an hour lol.

    I am getting more than a minute with the Pika Pika so that is improving. Last week I had pain in my hips which now that I think that was right around the time i did that online questionnaire and it said my sacral chakra was out of balance. That went away and it manifested in my chest and believe it or not now that the chest pains are subsiding my hips are hurting LOL and all thru this my back is not getting the fair time in to be high up on the pain list LOL ShirlTheGirl says it’s the Brick Theory. Drop a brick on your foot and you won’t feel your back pain LOL

    I’ll keep you updated as I slowly progress lol the golden years bwahahahahaha gold is hard to bend lol
    onward m upward

    • Aloha Dennis!
      I’m very happy to hear you are improving with the Pika Pika Breathing!! Also happy, the website is useful for you! Already curious how your Fire Breath exercise comes out! Please, let me know!
      Negative stress called also Distress is the most common (often hidden) cause of feeling bad, getting sick, having pains or even getting in accidents, breaking bones etc. Stress in the body blocks restoring, healing or even the digestive system isn’t working properly.
      We are so used to feeling stressed that we do not even notice it anymore how bad we actually feel! And how well we could feel without it! Also the positive stress, so-called Eustress can be too much at some point. The body channels out stress in body specific way. This can be cold, skin problems, body pain, pain in the chest, headache, back pain, joint and muscle pain and so on.
      I like the Brick Theory! 🙂 However, I would like you to take all your body signs seriously and communicate more closely with your body. With every health issue, your body wants to tell you something. First off, the body whispers, then the body talks, and finally, the body yells! Please, listen to the whispering!
      When you feel pain do instantly something. Acknowledge the pain and do Pika Pika to rinse it out of your system. While you inhale through the top of your head imagine fresh golden or white, blue or green light – please, pick the color that suits you the best! – streaming into your chest rinsing off pain and stress. While you exhale the pain and stress are flowing of your body through your soles. Do this minimum five times. Or as long as you like! You could also do the Pika Pika outdoor facing the sunlight and having your feet on the ground, on Gaia’s surface. Let go the pain and stress into the ground and give Gaia thanks for transforming it for the good for you and for every living being.
      You can also use Pika Pika to expand the veins and arteria! Do the breathing with light and imagine how good your cardiovascular system works, all veins and arteria expand. All is clean, free and beautiful! Mmm!
      Wish you all the best! I would love to hear again about your progress!
      If you have any questions let me know. I’m here to serve you!
      Aloha, Jenna

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