16. Reiki Chronicles

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“Don’t Struggle, Just Look for the Good!”

Aloha Dear Reader and welcome to the 16th part of Reiki Chronicles! As we moving on at Dennis’ healing journey, magic things start to happen in his life. Life is still provoking him with issues and problems. However, he is able to turn them around to challenges he is ready to master. The heaviness of life fades opening the rainbow bridge to the new beginning.

If you are a new reader, please, start reading here.

If you would like to learn more about Dennis, who is streaming his Reiki Distant Healing experience into protocols, please click here. The Reiki protocols are unedited and completely authentic. Here and there I changed the structure of the paragraphs for easier reading. Enjoy!

Image: Pixabay, Rainbow Bridge

Protocol from Thursday 8-22-19

I got caught up with some people who are friends and had every intention of being on time for Reiki. (keep in mind my mother said “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”) I looked at the clock and it was 11:05 and I made a conscious decision to not leave the room and try to be open and accepting while amidst my friends.

I personally believe it didn’t work well even though I could feel the energy but could not stay with it. I was trying to go to a place that no one would notice but that is impossible as after a few minutes a couple people noticed that I was drifting and wanted me to explain but they dropped it and I continued to do what I was doing but I never could get a clear vision with all the stimuli in the room.

I could feel the universe but felt like I couldn’t connect. Going into the meditative trance is so important I believe and I learned I need to TRY to remove the physical stimuli around me in the future.

Protocol from Friday 8-23-19

I had something happening at my house that I knew I didn’t want to try while people were even in the house because of my trial the da before.

I got the grand Idea of going outside as I have had a good experience outside before.

I rode the trike with Caitlyn in the basket over to the Tampa Bay Trail where we found a secluded hillside of green grass spattered with daisies. I laid down in the grass and tried to get into my accepting trance as I am now calling it. The sun was very bright and even though I was getting my cleansing vision it was bright and hazy I had the music let it be in my mind so very faintly and it was nice.

I held it! The vision drifted away and my eyes popped open, I immediately tried to close my eyes and meditate. I was breathing in the Pika Pika manner which does settle me, it’s a different vision and my breathing fuels the vision but my eyes kept popping open and I would lose it. I thought of looking for the good because that would help!

Don’t struggle just look for the good. 

Image: Pixabay, Cumulus Clouds over the bay

I was staring at the blue sky with floating giant white cumulus clouds that were friendly. (a cloud is friendly when the bottom is white, if it is angry and unfriendly it will be dark and ready to storm). So I just kept looking at the blue and the clouds were almost motionless and with my eyes wide open I drifted into my vision but this time it was bright blue, the color of the sky, but it was my vision cause it was full of the raining light and the Beatles were playing again in my mind and everything was good.

I slowly came back and at first looked around and Caitlyn was laying near me wide awake staring directly into me. Normally I have to wake her up lol I think. I wish I had a camera in my hand because I have a thousand pictures of her but can never really capture the look in her eyes of total devotion and unconditional love. I had to look at my phone which I had turned off but from my bed of daisies, I could tell the sun had moved! I was happy, energized and in love with life! It was 12:15 wowza

Image: Pixabay, Daisies

I want to mention that at this point in time I have cut down considerably on the medication I take for the disabilities that have caused me to leave my chosen career which are pain and anxiety. I was expecting that this would drive me down as it had in the past.

But I feel better than I have PHYSICALLY in 15 years.

I thank the Divine Mother of the universe for allowing this little captain to be guided to health and healing the right way by an actual stranger that has connected to me and given me the path to walk away into the realm of just being alive and feeling good because I deserve it and it is there! You just have to want it bad enough to just “Let It Be”!

Thank you Dr. Jenna Foster light love and happiness from me to you!


I hope you enjoyed this part of Reiki Chronicles and benefited greatly from it! I would love to know what do you think about Dennis’ experience. It would be great to read it in a comment below!

Please, let me know if you have any questions. You can also post them below or send me a message.

Please, let me know if you would like my assistance.

Sending much Love and Light your way!

Happy Thanksgiving!! 🙂 Give thanks for all you can think of, for the true life is all about gratitude!

Aloha, Jenna



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