Smile Yourself Healthy and Worry Free!

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Did You Know That Smiling Is More Than The Most Beautiful Expression of a Human Face?

Did you know that smiling is not only the most beautiful expression we can create in our face?
A smile makes us feeling more uplifted, enjoying our actions more, enjoying our life more and communicate better with each other?

Do you want to let go of negative thoughts and emotions?

The smile also has a huge therapeutic impact! It can easily shift your mood from desperate to calm in no time.

I often discovered and enjoyed the posture Smile exercising Yoga. We often started our Yoga class with a greeting and the Smile posture: While we were laying relaxed on the mat continuing breathing in and out consciously, we were maintaining a slight smile — just a touch of a smile — on our face.


All In One Smile

While we were maintaining the smile in a very relaxed position, our Yoga teacher had asked us to extend the smile into the entire body. Yes, I thought and let every cell of my body smile!

After that, we extend the smile beyond the boundaries of our body: The mat I laid on, other bodies in that room and the whole room was enclosed into my smile.

Continuing the Smile posture, the expansion of the smile grew. It enclosed the part of the town I used to live in, then the entire town was included into my smile. And the Smile still grew! It covered my country. It covered Europe. It covered all continents and oceans; finally, it covered the entire planet.

But we still extended the Smile beyond the Earth’s boundaries into our solar system, into the Milky Way Galaxy. Eventually, the Smile covered the entire pulsing Universe with all magic of creation.

After this long journey — that took place only in about one minute — the Smile crystallized to a tiny point of light that I found resting on my lips.

Every time we did this Smile posture, we were enclosing into the Smile, every person on Earth, the entire world created by us, human beings, our natural environment, Gaia, our planet with all of her natural treasures and all living beings, and the entire Universe. Every time we did the Smile posture we were enclosing God and ourselves into a Smile.

It was always a beautiful journey! I did it many times. But, it really blew my mind when I incidentally discovered for the very first time that when I’m smiling I cannot think any negative, frustrating or sad thoughts or hold on being upset with something or somebody.


Image: Samantha Villagran


Smile Is Therapeutic

I remember the first time using the smile therapeutically. I was going on
the trip to visit a girlfriend, her husband and their little daughter in Lübeck. The trip there took about four hours. For we wanted to have breakfast together, I needed to get up very early.

Because of huge frustration, I experienced a day before — I really don’t remember what it was anymore — I haven’t slept well, possibly only a few hours and wasn’t rested at all. I thought the best would be to cancel the trip. However, I decided to go and was willing to deal with the frustration the best possible.

I remember getting into my car. Memories of the images of the bad situation instantly popped up in my mind. I barely was able to think about anything else than that annoying event.

I left my town behind fighting with my memories. But suddenly a smile occurred in my face and the negative thoughts were gone immediately!! Wow! I thought and started to play with it. It worked!

I practiced the smile during the entire trip to Lübeck. First off, to get rid of all negative thoughts and emotions, and after all of them were gone, I smiled because it felt good!


Jog Your Face!

Following you will find some scientific facts about the smile which will help you to understand why smiling has such a powerful impact on us: Did you know that you use over 17 different muscles in your face when you are smiling?

Scientists claim that it takes about 17 muscles to produce a smile. That is already quite a bit! Some studies claim that there are even 26 facial muscles involved to bring your face and your entire body to emanate your light!


Image: Anissa Thompson

When we make a certain facial expression as for example a smile or worried face, we are instantly channeling a bundle of information that is addressed to ourselves and to others, possibly to our entire environment.

Our whole body responds to this facial expression. In case of a worried face, you may tense your shoulders, feel pressure in your chest or stomach. In case of a smiling face, you may feel tickling energy streaming through your body. It could feel like a gentle or a big hug depends on the intensity of your smile.

Also, other people in your environment are influenced by your facial expressions, doesn’t matter if they consciously receive, read, interpret them, and noticeably respond to them or not. Your smile will lift their energy up. A worried face will pull it down.

By contracting or expanding of our facial muscles in different combinations, we can create different messages about our emotional state, our feelings, our mood, our physical health, our mental state, our immediate environment, etc.


Image: Amir Rochman

Altogether, we possess about 43 muscles in our face. Most of these muscles are
controlled by a so-called cranial nerve that is also known as the facial nerve.

The facial nerve exits the cerebral cortex, come out of the skull in front of the ears, and then it splits into five primary branches which stretch out into different areas of the face causing contractions of muscles and allowing the face to show various
expressions. These expressions allow us to communicate with the outer world.

But all these expressions are also the basis for a permanent dialog with ourselves.

A smile created in the cooperation between the brain and the muscles is an expression of being content, joyful and happy. When you smile your message to yourself and your body is: I feel good, I’m good! I’m happy! I’m creative! Everything is good! More good will come to me!

You will deliver the opposite message to your entire system when you create a worried face: I’m worrying! I’m not sure what will come. I don’t know if I can manage what comes. I feel left behind. More of insecure feelings and thoughts will come.

Now, it is up to you to make the right choice: Smile or smile? Of course, smile!

So smile and, please, tell yourself you feel good and you will!


Exercise Your Smile

Here is a short exercise for you. It really takes only two minutes:

Please, find a place and a comfortable position, sitting or laying, it is up to you how you feel relaxed. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Do it five times slowly and consciously. When you exhale for the sixth time, please smile slightly. Take one more deep breath smiling slightly.

While you are maintaining your smile in a very relaxed position sitting or laying, imagine your smile extending into your entire body. Let every cell of your body smile! Feel your cells smiling and dancing around. Feel your body pulsing in that beautiful energy. Enjoy it for a little while.

Now extend your smile beyond the boundaries of your body. Enclose the entire room into your smile.

Let your smile expand and grow. Let it cover the part of the town where you live, then the entire town, then your country!

Let it grow even more! Let it cover the continent where you live, then all continents and all oceans, and finally the entire planet. Feel free to spend more time in places of your choice! Enjoy the beautiful state of smile for a while!

But you still have more space to extend your smile! You are not done, yet!

Extend your smile beyond the boundaries of the Earth. Extend it into our Solar System, into the Milky Way Galaxy. Eventually, extend your smile into the entire pulsing Universe with all magic of creation.

Now imagine the Universe with all magic of creation shrinking to a tiny shiny crystal of a smile on your lips. Place it in your mind. Place it in your heart. You are the Universe. You are the creator. Enjoy this state for a while.

When you have done, stretch your body! Stretch your arms and legs. Move your fingers and toes!
Now, you are ready for the rest of the day!


I used this smiling exercise this morning, and it made my day!

Thank you very much for taking time and reading my post. I hope you enjoyed the process and gained many benefits from it.

Did you feel the power of your smile? I hope, yes! And I hope your smile will serve you forever!

I would love to read your comment about how the process worked out for you, and the experience you made. So, please take a few minutes and give me feedback!

If you have any questions, please, write them down! I would love to answer and to support you on your way!

Please, join me in my next blog.

Until then all the best for you! And, could you give me a smile, please?! It takes only a second.

Aloha, Jenna

Live up to you!




6 thoughts on “Smile Yourself Healthy and Worry Free!

  1. Yeah. Smile always. Someone once said that when you smile always, it’ll make you live longer. It’s a common saying also that you use more of your muscles to frown and very less to smile, so choose to smile always. Smiling can also affect those around positively, you never know what they’re going through but your smile can make them calm. 

    • Aloha Dhayours!
      Yes, smile always! The smile makes a big chunk of longevity! Imagine your body as a connected system where every single cell is linked to a another one. The cells in the top of your head know what is going on in cells at the bottom for your feet.

      When you’re smiling every cell in your body knows about it! Your entire body is smiling!
      Yes, your smile affects your environment, other people around.

      Reading your post I recalled a situation happend to my many years ago. I received a bad messaage and my heart broke at this moment. I walked through the city of Hannover that was filled with pedestrians, trying to hide my tears. Suddenly a woman looked directly in my face. Even though so sad, I was able to catch her smile. She said: “Everything is gonna be OK.”
      I was so so surprised. I didn’t know her and she vanished in the crowd. But her smile was like a warm light would touch me in that cold morning. My energy shifted. Still sad, but I felt much better.
      Try the smile, David! All you need, is to think on it and to do it!

      Thank you very much for taking time for reading and commenting!
      I apologise for the delayed reply!
      Please, let me know if you have any questions or how I could support you! I’m there for you!

      Sending you a big smile!
      Love and light to you!
      Aloha, Jenna

  2. This is a very encouraging post! I think that more people should smile more! A genuine smile is so infectious and can literally change someone’s else’s day without even saying a word. A smile really is a powerful thing to humans considering that animals consider baring teeth as a threat. That really reminds us of how unique we are!

    It is great that a smile is universal as well because in most places in the world people understand and reciprocate a smile almost without thinking about it. A smile is really a great way to positively affect the world around you but also yourself as you said.

    I will remember to use the power of a smile more regularly thanks to to you!

    Thanks for or sharing sharing this! 😀

    • Thank you very much, Renton! It is so true! I don’t feel like to add anything else to your comment, than yes! Yes! Yes!
      When you are smiling your whole body is smiling too, and also your environment. A smile is such a gift. Please, spread it!
      Smiling and humming the song:
      “Every single cell of my body is happy.
      Every single cell of my body is good.
      I thank you God I feel so good
      Every single cell of my body is happy and good!”

      Thank you very much for taking time and commenting on my post! I appreciate it a lot!
      Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can support you in any way!
      Wish you all the best!
      Sending you a big smile, and love and light!
      Aloha, Jenna

      PS: My apologies for a delayed answer!

  3. Very well put, A smile can go much farther then one expects or realizes.
    I like how you continued into the universe of which we are all part of.
    I remember reading once of a gathering of people who thought only positive thoughts for the world and that year the crime rate dropped substantially!
    We need to spread the word more and share that smile on a daily basis. I know I do and I rarely run into trouble.
    Thanks! keep up the good work.

    • Thank you very much, Kevin! You made me smile! 🙂

      I love to think that everything is connected. All is one. Really all. We are the part of the Universe, and Universe is a part of us.
      So often we don’t realize it. We have forgotten that fact.
      When we act in a bad way, we ourselves are who get hurted first off. When we smile, we emanate beautiful energy in and out. Yes, when many people join a positive thought, a positive vibration, the entire Universe benefits from it.
      I started Transcendental Meditation four years ago and learned during my training that TM followers have organized (and still do) meditation summits in places with high demand on positive energy, like places of unrest, of war and high crime. The collective meditation was always able to calm down such places. You may still find scientific reports about such events on the TM-website.

      Thank you very much for taking time for reading and commenting!
      Please, let me know if you have any questions or how I could support you! I’m there for you!

      Sending you a big smile!
      Love and light to you!
      Aloha, Jenna

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