21. Reiki Chronicles

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“The Water Was Alive with All Life and I Was Part of It All”

Aloha Dear Reader! Welcome to the 21st part of Reiki Chronicles! Thank you very much for being together with Dennis and me on this amazing healing journey.

If you are a new reader, please, start reading here.

If you would like to learn more about Dennis, who is streaming his Reiki Distant Healing experience into protocols, please click here. All Reiki protocols are authentic and unedited. Here and there, I changed the structure of the paragraphs for easier reading.

Dennis is looking for a new home! Not an easy task with limited income! Join him and see how he will turn obstacles to opportunities and grow! See where his healing journey will bring him.

Enjoy and benefit too from the Reiki Chronicles! Thank you!

Dennis email from 9-9-19


I really don’t know what to say except THANK YOU!

I just got your email and I ended up crying! I just finished typing yesterday’s experience! Check it out!

It is amazing what I am going thru! But I do see the light and feel the love even though things close to my heart are crumbling. My heart does want to love just as my mind does!

I am eternally grateful and will have to research the Gate of Eternal Truth.

Image: Pixabay, The Mystery of Life

I do have the Will and the Power to accept the love and energy from the Divine Mother and Jesus Christ’s teachings of Love!

The boat deal is in the works, LOL you won’t believe what else good is happening. I am looking at a bigger better boat LOL just looking, dreaming, looking for love! I saw this boat and sent a FB messenger and when the broker got back to me ~~~~ He sold me a $90,000 boat in 1994.

WHOA So we have a deal working out for this bigger better boat LOL I cannot afford it but he says he knows something so at 1pm tomorrow I am going to tour the 1973 53FT Hatteras that has been Captain maintained all of it’s life for one set of owners who want to sell it cheap because their stupidly rich fifty year old children don’t want the boat LOL they want the money lol. So the 90 year old couple is gonna sell it cheap to a deserving individual which might be me LOL for a CHEAP price and then give the money to their 4 children to split.

It’s worth $350,000 from my research for sale for $75,000(I can’t afford that even and told him so) but the brokerman says go look and then he will talk to them ???????? It won’t hurt to talk LOL but either way the ketch sailboat is still available lol n I think I can afford that!

I will be available at our time! Thank you thank you!

Light Love Gratefulness abound in the universe for YOU!

onward n upward”

My response to Dennis from 9-9-19

“YES! J Wonderful!!

I will write back more next days.

For now, I want to ask you if I should implement the boat into our Reiki Sessions.

I have the feeling that this is YOUR boat. If it is your feeling too then get her.

Image: Pixabay, New Beginnings

If you have a chance to see this boat, do it. Let your broker talk to the owners. Open up for it even if this seems too expensive right now. There is nothing to lose and lots to win. You deserve this boat, I feel it!

It is worth to try!

Your job would be: See this boat – image is fine too – then envision having her. Touch the boat where you usually do it with a boat. Take it on your journey, feel it, smell it, hear it, see it and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy what you see, hear, feel and do. Make this dream as sensual as possible.

Oh wow! 🙂 🙂

Please, let me know if the boat should be included?

Thank you, Dennis, for all you sent!! All-Energy, Love, and Light arrived was felt and more than gratefully absorbed!! Thank you!

Sending lots of Love, Light and Healing your way!! Aloha, Jenna”

Dennis’ response from 9-9-19

“Yes yes yea include the boat I will be in Reiki with you before I go see the boat!


Pic of dream boat attached.

onward n upward to the brink of love~~~~~~”

Dennis‘ Protocol from 9-10-19

Ahhh it was easy, the first real remote chakra cleansing in over a week I think it doesn’t matter it was great. I slipped right in and the vision was clear and calm and was the same silhouette but the light was different. It looked like a beach or maybe not. I just knew it was a beach and the sky was a strange hue of orangy pink like a sunrise…

Image: Painting “Star of the Sea,” author J. Skarecky, source Pinterest

There was mkoe at the ground and extremities of what now was Mother Mary. The Mary I know from Catholic school. Her extremities were smoking, white at the hands grey at the feet and the beach was rolling in mixed smoky balls. There was a breeze, I could feel it!

Then I just felt like I was somewhere else and the vision went to a strange hue similar to the cleansing but different. The were shadowy things moving dark in the color. I just focused on how good this was to be really connected again and I was there. I could feel the energy and the vision was alive and sure enough the Beatles were there and I floated. The color changed to a deep blue and I could feel something different but good and the color was alive changing constantly but smoothly and calm and the band played on.

I was semi-conscious and I recognized the color LOL ~~~~~~ I was in the water lol I could feel it ~~~~ that was different! There was no electricity in the water but it was alive with life and I was part of it all. Awesome I got up and there was no clock and Caitlyn was snoozing, Life was calm and good!

I flipped on my computer and it was only 11:25 oops I jumped back on the cot and was instantly back with the energy as it was all around me and I don’t know what really went on but I came awake and it was almost 12 so I was in there and felt great!

Thank you thank you and I am trying to learn that the key is being able to accept the love and forgiveness that is given to me so that I can pass it on!

I can’t truly love till I accept that I can be loved if that makes any sense ~~~~~ Thank you!!


I hope you enjoyed this part of Reiki Chronicles and benefitted from it! Please, let me know what you think about Dennis’ experience.

Please, let me also know if you have any questions. You can post them below or send me a message.

If you would like my assistance, please, let me know. I’m there for you!

Sending much Love and Light your way!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Aloha, Jenna



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