17. Reiki Chronicles

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“Today I Was Ready and Willing and in an Accepting Mood!”

Aloha Dear Reader and welcome to the 17th part of Reiki Chronicles! Thank you, for being with Dennis and me on this wonderful healing journey that started in May 2019.

If you are a new reader, please, start reading here.

If you would like to learn more about Dennis, who is streaming his Reiki Distant Healing experience into protocols, please click here. The Reiki protocols are unedited and authentic. Here and there I changed the structure of the paragraphs for easier reading. Enjoy and benefit from it!

My email from August 26th, 2019

“Aloha Dennis!

Didn’t hear from you for a while. How are you doing, dear friend?

How was the Reiki for you on Thursday and Friday?

If you ready for more Reiki, let me know. We could restart tomorrow (27th) or Wednesday (28th) for three or even four sessions in a row.

To have Reiki treatment aligned at several days is supporting you to keep the higher frequency up in your energetic bodies and of course your physical body. This improves the healing results and accelerates the healing for the body learns to hold the higher vibration. This should also color your environmental experience! I hope you have good results there already too. Last week I added Ho’oponopono to one of the sessions.

I will continue today with the next part of our Reiki blog. Your experience descriptions are so wonderful that I can use all of them to show the process from the recipient’s perspective and expose some important aspects of the healing. So, more posts will come J This is a gift for this world, and I really desire that people get a taste of Reiki and learn and do Reiki for themselves. It is a pretty amazing journey, Dennis 🙂 🙂 🙂

Let me know.

Sending your way much Love, Light, and Healing! Aloha, Jenna”

Dennis’ answer from August 27th, 2019

“Aloha Jenna,

I didn’t see that email till just now as I unplugged yesterday!

I also apologize for not streaming last week and I will do it today! I would also like your feedback after you read what I did Thurs and Friday and I have an hours work before I can do that and I will send a quick note email that it is done!

I am with you about doing the Reiki back to back and am willing to be there. I am also very happy that I can help you chronicle this! I personally believe you are a gift from the universe and all IO have to do is accept that you are sending me the energy, light, and love. So I am eternally grateful for you allowing me to be part of it.

Let me know if you are on for tomorrow and at 11 today I was in a conversation with a close friend concerning another close friend. And both of us were concerned about him and how we could help. So if you were sending today I felt something as I was calm and open to discuss things and wasn’t opinionated at all. (I usually am)

love and happiness in the light

onward n upward”

Dennis’ Protocol from Wednesday, 8-28-19

It was easy to slip into the cleansing and it was different. It was mother Mary walking in the water at the edge of the waves and it was hazy or misty. She was picking up shells it looked like and then I noticed the edge of the waves lapping and smoke rising. The vision was still hazy and the music started way out silently and she turned to the sea and was a silhouette. The water calmed and receded to just in front of her and her outstretched hands and her feet were smoldering with smoke.

Image: Painting “Star of the Sea,” author J. Skarecky, source Pinterest

The smokes intensity and hue was changing with my breath and I noticed I was breathing rather heavy. The light around her and the smoke intensified on my inhale and turned dark on my exhale so I kept on doing it and eventually everything just subsided into darkness.

I was searching for the light and consciously decided to stop searching and wait for it to come and DANG sure enough slowly the light was coming like a sunrise but plain white. It seemed to be alive as I was breathing sort of pulsing with my breaths. The lower portion of the vision was dark but slowly as I was breathing the light was growing. Eventually, it was the whole vision and it just became the blue raining electric light and I felt good.

Then the rain stopped and the light was coming as waves, I felt myself reaching up with my arms and yes I felt like I could feel the waves of energy WOWZA

It got pretty intense and ended abruptly but I knew it wasn’t over so I just tried again to feel as though I was ready to accept the gift of light and love!

Sure enough, I was back there with blue raining light, the Beatles Let It be in the background. Then I remembered and thought of Dai Ko Myo.

Image: Pixabay, Dai Ko Myo – the Reiki Master Symbol

And the symbol was floating in the raining blue and I was really feeling the energy, tingling, my body was moving to the music, my toes in beat and fingers playing lol

Before I knew it I drifted away and woke up, Got up full of life, smiling and walked out to the living room and kissed my girl Shirley and hugged her!!!

I just want to mention here that I have had the tingling feeling before and I immediately recognized it! I have been at sea on a vessel in the rain holding the stainless steel rails looking out into the storm when lightning flashes and the thunder follows immediately. You know it’s nearby!

But even though the stainless doesn’t conduct electricity itself the water on the rail does! Once it knocked me in the water because I was sitting on the rail. Another memory is also on a fishing boat in the rain and fishing with electric rods and reels when something happened to the grounding on the boat and all the bait trays were lit up with static electricity LOL

Once again thank you thank you to my most lovable Reiki master and I send back every ounce of light and love into the universe for you and your loved ones!


I hope you enjoyed this part of Reiki Chronicles and benefited greatly from it! I would love to know what you think about Dennis’ experience. It would be great to read it in a comment below!

Please, let me know if you have any questions. You can also post them below or send me a message.

Please, let me know if you would like my assistance.

Sending much Love and Light your way!

Aloha, Jenna




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