13. Reiki Chronicles

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“I Fell into the Reiki” 

Aloha Dear Reader! I’m happy to see you here, joining the pretty astounding healing journey Dennis and I started in May 2019. Since May Dennis has received Distant Healing Reiki for up to five days a week. Lately, we schedule Reiki Sessions for four days in a row. Right now the duration of a single session takes about 30 up to 45 minutes, shorter than at the beginning where a single session could take up to two hours.

In this blog post, I like to introduce to you the Root Chakra, following by Dennis’ Reiki experience that is streamed into a protocol mostly right after the session. The protocols are authentic and not edited. Here and there I might have made some changes in the paragraphs for an easier reading.

Feel free to skip the Root Chakra and join Dennis on his healing journey. Click here if you would like to learn more about Dennis. Link. To start at the very beginning of this series, click here.


The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is the first chakra that is located at the perineum, between the genitals and the anus. Its resonance color is reddish to brownish. Its element is the Earth. The meaning of Root Chakra in Sanskrit is Muladhara for root or prop.

Image: Pixabay, Root Chakra

The Root Chakra resonates with the physical and etheric body and forms the basis for the development of the entire chakra system and spiritual development. The topics of Root Chakra are vitality, survival, security, life, and grounding.


What Is the Root Chakra Doing for You?

The Root Chakra is the basis for the connection between the energy body, the physical body, and the physical world, and it determines the relationship to material life. The Root Chakra is also the foundation for our existence and evolution as a soul in a physical body. Here it is a bridge between the Light Energy we are and the experience of being incarnate in a physical body.

Without a balanced Root Chakra, no sustainable spiritual evolution is possible. Only an open Root Chakra enables us to face life without fear, to flow with the flow of life, and to truly enter into the experience through which our soul can grow.

Only on this basis is it possible to have an authentic spirituality that otherwise is escaping a seemingly threatening and insecure life, turning to a spirituality that yearns for the Light, but can never integrate it into the physical experience.


Disorders of the Root Chakra

Disorders of the Root Chakra are often caused by difficulties and burdens that a person is exposed to as a baby and child in their first three to five years of life during those individual does not experience sufficient security. In later years, this chakra can be mainly disturbed by experiences of physical violence, existential fears, social fears and a lack of higher vocation and connection to Higher Self. Excessive attachment to the physical things is also often due to a disturbance in the Root Chakra.

Important! Most causes of blockages of the Root Chakra are found in the present life and not in past lives or karma. Accordingly, most people are born with a healthy Root Chakra.


Mental Effects of a Blocked Root Chakra

A person with a blocked Root Chakra sees the world through a filter of uncertainty and experiences it with the tension that something bad can happen at any time. The basic experience of life is negative. The person might be convinced that life is dangerous, hard and merciless. At the same time, she or he lacks any inner security. This creates a tremendous amount of inner tension and anxiety. Since the Root Chakra is the basis of our personal development, a personality structure is built based on fear.

Image: Pixabay, Unbalanced Root Chakra can cause anxiety and not fulfilled life

The person affected often feels homeless has little to no internal security and low self-esteem. Typical is little confidence in life and existential and/or monetary fears. Blocked Root Chakra can cause the person to rush, feel restless and becoming depressive for no apparent reason.

How to Balance the Root Chakra

The Root Chakra becomes more balanced when existential fears and mistrust are released. The following activities can help to balance the Root Chakra:

  • Improving/shifting the relationship to the physical world,
  • Letting go of the fear of pain,
  • Working up traumas,
  • Meditation and energy work,
  • Massage, yoga, therapeutic bodywork,
  • Physical pleasure like sex, good food, tenderness, cuddling,
  • Interaction with nature e.g. by gardening, working with trees, in the forest, exposure to the sun, the sea, and wind,
  • Support through gems, singing bowls, flavors, nutrition.


The Reiki Journey Continues

If you followed up on this journey, you have noticed that the character of the experience during a session has changed. The images became more clearly, the Reiki trance became deeper and it is easier to enter, and also the way how Dennis describes his waking time during this challenging period of life, has shifted to more calmness, trust, and solid foundation of Love, doesn’t matter what. Enjoy!

Dennis’ protocol from Thursday 8-15-19

“It was a very different experience today.

I was outside walking in the rain at the time of our Reiki. There was a situation that the best thing for me was to remove myself from the area. So I decided to take my dog for a long walk.

Image: Pixabay, Companions

it wasn’t raining when we left and we got a few miles away and I was heading for the Courtney Campbell Causeway which is on the top of Tampa Bay it’s about five or six miles walking.

When I realized what time it was like 10:30 10:45 and I knew there was a golf course along the way so I headed into the golf course and its course it started pouring rain but at 11 am I was under a tree with Caitlin huddled up with me and this is how it went.

I was sitting with the my back to the tree what’s Caitlyn huddled up at my feet. The downpour was intense there was lots of thunder not much lightning this is the lightning capital of North America.

There was a road nearby during the cleansing a guy came from the cough course out of little cart and chase me off toward the road because it’s private property which it is I understand that so during the cleansing was interrupted and had to run for another tree line the guy in the little golf cart had the big plastic stuff all around.

As it turned out we got a better tree there was less water coming through we were getting wet but I tried to pika pika breathing with my eyes closed in my head down now we are closer to the road so there was no noise during the cleansing my vision came and went several times and there was always smoke your name is there was smoke but I fell into the Reiki at the beginning similar to the last session easier than in the beginning.

From here on in it was different, I did have the vision of the blue again no music no Let It Be.

Image: Pixabay, Let It Be!

I’m not sure about time or space or anything about what happened but there was a big blast the Thunder and I open my eyes and it wasn’t raining anymore so I went for my phone and it was 12:15 I really don’t remember much at all except the beginning vision so we picked up and started walking again.

We walked to the Bay and actually got I got knee-deep in the water walking along and Caitlin goes about halfway, she doesn’t really like being in the water should rather be on the boat. So, we kept track and then we cross the Courtney Campbell Causeway to Clearwater which is about a Nine Mile Walk.

I hurt myself trying to carry Caitlin because she has a bad knee and about three-quarters of the way over she refused to walk anymore. So we sat there for hours under the full moon almost full moon getting rained on and watching the heat lightning after I don’t know how long we got up, and I tried to get her to walk and she did I could tell she was hurting so I tried carrying her we made the final 3 miles in about 4 to 5 hours so it was midnight when we reached the other side.

Image: pets4home.co.uk, Tired paws

Thank heaven for 7-Eleven  water for Caitlin on the house two for the price of 1 Gatorades for me.  It was a young kid he said I look like I needed it.  my phone was dead. so I asked them if I could use a cell phone and he let me call Shirley she tracked the 18 miles by road to get to me and bring me home blisters and bruises and I hurt my baby Caitlyn.

my bad”


I hope you enjoyed this part of the Journey with Reiki! And I hope you also benefited a lot!

Please, let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to leave a comment and questions below.

Let me know if you would like my assistance. I’m there for you!

Sending much Love and Light your way!

Aloha, Jenna



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