Learn from Excellence!

  Model Skills from Interesting People! Modeling is the primary discipline of neuro-linguistic programming (Short: NLP). If you look at the history of the NLP on the previous blog, you can see that all these strategies and techniques have emerged from observing and imitation of the outstanding people. The main principles are: Watch and understand […]

Transform the Adrenaline into Your Pure Power

  Resumption. Go back to the first part. At the start or just before the competition, you transform this adrenaline into pure power, and even during the competition, your subconscious mind always returns to this Adrenalin, whenever you need it.   It always dispenses it so that your body is optimally adjusted to the performance […]

Become a Champion Using Self Hypnosis

    Welcome. Please Join Me for Your Hypnosis Session. !! This hypnotic suggestion text consists of two following parts. Please, read the instructions first. You can apply the following hypnotic suggestions to support your preparation for a sporting contest. After you have learned and initiated a trance in self-hypnosis, you will be able to […]